Kent Proffit

Kent Proffit, a 42-year-old man who viewed himself as some kind of underworld mob boss, liked to associate with impressionable, drug-using teenagers – probably because impressionable, drug-using teenagers would be the only type of person impressed with Mr. Proffit.

Kent Proffit liked to have sex with these teenagers and didn’t want anyone to know, for obvious reasons. To keep his teenage boyfriends from talking, he kept them paranoid about the possibility of an informant in their midst.

Regardless, one of his teenage boys, Bryce Chavers, got tired of the sexual power struggle, went to the police and told them what was going on.

Kent Proffit was in the middle of a dispute with Chavers’ mother, his ex-wife Tammy Porter, over ownership of a mobile home when Bryce Chavers went to investigators to tell them about the sexual goings-on.

Investigators said that Proffit initially appeared comfortable when he was sure that investigators wanted to speak with him about the mobile home dispute – not the sexual assaults.

When police told Kent Proffit that they actually wanted to speak with him about a possible sexual assault, his demeanor changed from calm to “extremely angry.”

He then accused Tammy Porter and Bryce Chavers of conspiring against him to gain leverage in the dispute over the mobile home.

Charged with sexual assault of 16-year-old Bryce Chavers, Kent Proffit was able to get the cash together to bond out. With nowhere else to go, he stayed with his son Bubba at Bubba’s trailer park home.

Two other boys lived in this trailer as well, Christopher Hicks and Jacob Martinez. Proffit had helped them deal with a pot dealer in the area, getting the dealer off their backs – so when it came time for payback, Proffit told them that if they killed Bryce Chavers, the debt would be repaid.

So Hicks and Martinez drove over to Chavers’ trailer (seeing a connection here?), walked inside and shot Bryce Chavers to death while he was sleeping.

Those two are now serving long sentences for that murder.

Kent Proffit has been convicted of eight counts of sexual assault, and is serving life without parole for Chavers’ death, and has also been convicted of ordering the killing another 19-year-old.

This story is just crying out for a movie deal isn’t it?

David Michael Busby

28-year-old David Michael Busby was hired on as a nanny for a 9-year-old boy in Utah.

A charming, attractive, intelligent, sociopathic pedophile , David Busby slowly worked on his ward, distancing him from his family, warping his sense of right and wrong, and having sex with the boy at every possible opportunity.

David Busby controlled the boy so thoroughly that the boy would carry a secret cell phone with him to school and sneak into the bathroom to call and check in with the pedophile every 2 hours.

If he missed the check-in time, Busby would threaten to abandon the boy, which scared the child due to Busby’s effectiveness at making the youth hate his father.

In 2002, the boy’s parents fired David Busby after seeing Busby touch the child inappropriately and finding a love note in the boy’s lunch. Like any sensible parents, they sought a restraining order to keep him from their boy.

David Busby fought that order all the way to the Utah Supreme Court, where it was upheld.

Even though there was a restraining order, Busby somehow kept access to the boy. Last year several naked pictures of the boy were found on David Busby’s digital camera. The boy claimed that he had taken them in an attempt to protect Busby.

“He’s got game,” the father told the judge at David Busby’s trial. “It’s what you’d expect from a seasoned, world-class child molester. Please lock him up until he’s an old man.”

Busby pled guilty to three counts of sodomy on a child and received a 45-to-life sentence. In exchange for his plea, prosecutors dropped 31 other charges related to sexual relations with children, including a 13-year-old boy from a neighboring town.

During the trial, the boy that Busby had sex with claimed that the pedophile, “made me believe I needed him, more than my family, more than my dignity.”

The boy says that David Busby had warped him so badly that he didn’t realize what he was going through, “a living hell,” was wrong.

“I’m going to live my life now,” the boy told Busby. “You go ahead and rot in jail.”

Patrick Daniel Piceno

Patrick Daniel Piceno, a 21-year-old McDonald’s employee, didn’t have a very good night at all.

His co-worker Nick had taken him out for a night of drinking and picking up women.

Unfortunately, in California, McDonald’s employees aren’t considered hot prospects by most females, so the pair’s drive for sexual satisfaction was unsatisfied at the end of the night when Patrick Piceno drove Nick home.

Patrick Piceno was still really, really horny though, so he drove to an adult bookstore and looked at all the videos – which just made him hornier, so he left the shop.

Of course his car was gone when he came out of the store, so he called police. They told him it had been towed.

So now, broke, drunk, horny and carless, Patrick Piceno had to walk home.

Patrick passed some prostitutes and thought about picking one up for a while, but he didn’t have any cash so that was out.

Then, at about 3:30 in the morning, he saw a woman, walking alone, who turned off the main sidewalk and went into an area concealed by dumpsters.

I’m sure his first thought was, “Jackpot!”

So this modern-day Don Juan followed her.

What happened next I’ll give to you in his own words.

I followed her in there, and I, uh, she turned around, and I punched her in the head and face maybe three or four times and knocked her out. I saw blood, and it scared me.

The woman that Patrick Piceno hit fell down, unconscious, right in the middle of some garbage. Flies were flitting around, there was a disgusting stench from the dumpsters that were inches away – this was quite the erotic spot.

Later, after the woman was seen by doctors who held her in intensive care for eight days, they claimed that her face had the appearance of something put through a meat grinder and that because of her small size and advanced age, the beating Patrick Piceno had given her could easily have been fatal.

She had a rainbow of colors etched on her face – black, blue, purple and red. Her eyes were swollen shut. Her eardrum had been ruptured. Her vagina had been torn up. Three of her ribs were broken. Her brain was bleeding badly, and she had blood in her lungs, stomach and urine.

The blood and the garbage and the horrible smells didn’t deter Patrick Piceno from his mission, so he pulled off the 73-year-old grandmother’s shoes, pants and underwear and raped her.


Oh yeah, Patrick Daniel Piceno had beaten up and raped a 73-year-old vietnamese grandmother who was out looking for recyclable cans. Then, when he was done, he left her for dead in the middle of a pile of garbage.

Two hours later, the woman was found by a garbage collector, who called police and paramedics.

Patrick Piceno was found guilty. He is scheduled to be sentenced in the middle of July and he faces a possible life sentence.

Jurors often have interesting ideas. One of the more interesting thoughts I found was shared by 65-year-old juror Sheri May who said, after the trial, “When he hit her and saw how old she was, he should have just stopped.”

Oh, right. Because if she was 20, it would have been OK if he’d kept hitting her.

Our legal system, folks.


Now 23-year-old Patrick Daniel Piceno was given consecutive sentences of 15 years to life and eight years in state prison by an Orange County Superior Court judge.

Angel Jones

It’s always the bad guys that seem to get all the hot chicks.

Take Angel Jones, for example.

The day he paroled out of prison, his hot model girlfriend was waiting for him in her car.

She picked Angel Jones up and took him to her place, where she made him a home-cooked meal and then had sex with him.

Apparently Jones thought the sex was too good and thought she had learned new techniques cheating on him while he was in the joint.

Felon logic dictated that he should savagely bite her nose, which then popped off as Jones pulled his head back.

That’s right, he bit his girlfriend’s nose off because the sex was too good.

Her screams and cries alerted someone in the area, who called police while Angel Jones tortured his girlfriend, biting and slapping her.

Police said that Angel Jones’ girlfriend (probably now his ex-girlfriend) was trying to hold her face together when they arrived. To the officers, Angel Jones looked like some kind of predator chewing on the body of a dead animal.

Her nose was found but was too mangled to be reattached.

She’s had to undergo countless reconstructive surgeries, to the point where, when she comes across people she knows while walking on the street, she has to tell them who she is.

Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Philip Klassen and Dr. Julian Goger both agreed in testimony – Angel Jones is a psycho who has no feelings whatsoever for his victims and is very likely to do something like this again.

A good Hell candidate.

Judge Julian Hall

Judges serve an important duty to the community. They serve as the hand of justice, weighing evidence and passing sentence. Their decisions affect thousands of lives, protecting the innocent by punishing the guilty.

Some judges are influential enough that their opinions can change the course of history.

Judge Julian Hall could have been that kind of judge, but he didn’t study hard enough in judge school.

Keith Fenn, a 25-year-old window cleaner, had sex with a 10-year-old girl in a park.


In Judge Hall’s court, Mr. Fenn resorted to the “she didn’t look 10” defense. He claimed her frilly bra was too provocative and that her thong maddened him with desire.

Judge Julian Hall agreed, claiming, “She doesn’t look 10, she looks 16,” and sentenced Mr. Keith Fenn to two years with time already served counting towards the total.

Keith Fenn will be out of jail in…four months.

His accomplice, 34-year-old Darren Wright, served nine months and is now free.

This isn’t the first time Judge Julian Hall has been very gentle with a guilty pedophile. Earlier this year, he told a guy who stuck his hand down the pants of a 6-year-old girl and fondled her that he could go free if he bought the victim a bicycle to cheer her up.

Christopher Hughes

What went wrong with Christopher Hughes?

Was he just a bad apple, genetically pre-determined to snap sometime?

The youngest son of Laura Hughes Doyle, 17-year-old Christopher had been involved with the law for a while, stealing the family car, getting in trouble for drug use, and slapping his 44-year-old mom around.

According to a neighbor:

“Her son was always kicked out of school, in and out of schools, different schools. They sent him to military school from what I heard.”

It didn’t seem that the military school helped.

This 17-year-old wunderkind took the .22 pistol his dad had given him for his birthday and shot his mother, Laura Hughes Doyle, at least three times in the head and at least twice in the body.

After Christopher Hughes shot Laura, he dragged his mother’s bleeding body out of the trailer park home they shared and over to a convenient pile of trash, where Christopher set the person who had given birth to him on fire and left her.

Then he took her bank card and went on a three-week spending spree, buying pretty much what you would imagine a 17-year-old would buy – stereo equipment, paintball stuff, video games, car accessories.

Christopher Hughes spent about $7000 while his mother’s body decomposed within throwing distance.

When other family members noticed that she was missing and called police, Christopher told them she had moved out west – out to California.

After a search of the house revealed personal items of Laura’s, items that no woman would leave at home while they were on vacation for any length of time, police became suspicious.

Christopher Hughes was arrested a month after he killed his mother.

Michael John Devlin

Michael John Devlin was a lonely man.

Adopted into a large family of other adopted children, most of his family and friends were either married or had moved off somewhere.

He had parents that cared for him and a happy childhood, full of trips to places like YellowStone National Park and New York City.

Somehow, Mr. Michael Devlin just hadn’t found that special women yet. His boss couldn’t remember Michael Devlin mentioning a single girlfriend in the 25 years that he worked there.

A store manager for a Missouri pizza place, the 6’4″, 300-pound Michael Devlin somehow made time during his busy days to abduct and hold captive pre-teen boys.

In 2002, Michael Devlin was diagnosed with diabetes, which eventually led to the amputation of his toes. He was probably a little upset with this, because he was the outdoors-type, enjoying his hunting and fishing activities like many folks in Missouri.

He was upset enough that he used a gun and grabbed 11-year-old Shawn Hornbeck on October 6th of 2002, off his bike while Shawn was riding to a friend’s house in Richwoods, Missouri.

Shawn was isolated completely from the outside world and restrained with duct tape for about 30 days. Slowly, over the years, Michael Devlin warped and twisted Shawn’s mind, stripping his identity from him, rewarding good behavior with treats like video games and punishing bad behavior with sodomy. Once a month, Shawn would get sodomized.

Shawn broke, of course, as just about any 11-year-old would.

His family wondered where he was for 1558 days.

Michael Devlin passed Shawn off as his son. Shawn, brainwashed, played the role to the hilt.

On January 9th of 2007, Michael Devlin took a sick day, drove around with his “son” Shawn, and grabbed 13-year-old William Ownby off the street while he was walking home from where the school bus dropped him off after school. Stuffing William Ownby down onto the floorboard of the white Nissan truck, they drove off and took the boy to Michael Devlin’s apartment.

Fortunately someone had seen the truck and were able to provide a description of it to police, who used it to track down Mr. Michael Devlin.

Shawn Hornbeck and William Ownby were reunited with their parents.

Michael Devlin is in jail, waiting for his trial.

But…since the beginning of the investigations into Michael Devlin’s background, the places he’s been and the methods he used to kidnap these boys, officials are looking into other, unsolved disappearances that have some of the same traits and could possibly involve Mr. Devlin.

  • Scott Kleeschulte was nine years old when he disappeared while riding his bike near his home in St. Charles, Missouri, in June 1988.
  • Jacob Wetterling was eleven when he was abducted by an armed man in Minnesota, on October 22, 1989, while riding his bike with his younger brother and a friend.
  • Charles Henderson, then eleven, disappeared in 1991 while riding his bike on a rural road in Moscow Mills, which is a small town about an hour’s drive from St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Steven Kraft, then twelve, disappeared on February 15, 2001 from Benton Township, Michigan. Steven was last seen walking his two dogs in the evening, failing to return home to dinner. His two dogs were found, but Steven was gone.
  • Dalton Mesarchik, a 7-year-old, was kidnapped in March 2003 from his front lawn in Streator, Illinois, and found dead the next day on the banks of the Vermilion River.

Will Michael Devlin be charged in these disappearances? Time will tell. Would you be surprised if he was? I doubt it.

For now, Michael Devlin has been charged with many counts of forcible sodomy, a few kidnapping charges, some attempted murder charges, two counts of transporting a minor across state lines for sexual activity, and a count of armed criminal action. Oh yeah, throw “manufacturing child porn” in there.

We shall see.


On the 8th of October, 2007, Michael Devlin pled guilty to all charges. He was sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping a child. He also pled guilty to charges in different counties. Michael Devlin was sentenced to spend three lifetimes in prison for kidnapping and the other crimes he committed against Shawn Hornbeck, which will start after the life sentence is served for kidnapping Ben Ownby.

On the 21st of December, 2007, Michael Devlin was hit with an additional 170 years for making pornography of one of the boys while in captivity.

Michael Devlin has received more than 70 life sentences so far.


Robert Williams

Robert Williams is a 30-year-old homeless, ex-convict, ex-Blood, torture-rapist who also likes to steal things.

Robert Williams also goes by the name of “Pooh.” As in “bear,” I’m sure.

He has quite the past, Mr. Robert Williams, does. Williams has beaten up strangers he met in the subway, he’s shot a neighbor four times while trying to steal a necklace, he’s thrown feces at prison guards.

He’s a likable guy.

On April 13 of 2007, at about 9:30 at night, Robert Williams was in the apartment building of a 23-year-old journalism student attending Columbia University. He followed the girl into the elevator. When she got off on her floor, he confused her by asking for some imaginary neighbor, then pushed the girl into her apartment, slapping her cell phone out of her hands.

Over the next 19 hours, Robert Williams raped and tortured the girl. He sodomized her and forced her to give him oral sex several times.

He cut her hair with scissors, telling her that it got in the way. After he did that, the girl was able to actually grab the scissors and swing them at Robert Williams’ neck…but he saw it coming and knocked her down again.

After telling her that she had “disrespected him” by trying to stab him, Robert Williams forced the girl to stand in her bathtub, naked and with her lips Krazy glued and duct-taped shut while he boiled water in a teakettle in the kitchen.

Then, of course, Robert Williams poured the boiling water all over her.

He also threw bleach in her eyes, which would have blinded her except for the fact that she was wearing contact lenses.

He forced her to swallow several handfuls of pain medication, washed down with four glasses of beer, in an attempt to keep her sedated. During her ordeal, she slipped in and out of unconsciousness. When she passed out, Robert Williams would leave the apartment to take money out of ATMs using her bank card.

Towards the end of the girl’s ordeal, Robert Williams told her a second time to gouge her eyes out with the pair of scissors. She refused, instead trying to stab herself in the neck to kill herself and end the pain.

This really pissed off Mr. Williams, who hit the girl so hard with something – a television set, or a turntable, something – that he split open her scalp and knocked her senseless for the amount of time it took him to go boil more water, return and pour it over her.

She screamed over and over for Robert Williams to end it. “Just kill me, just kill me,” she cried.

After the girl passed out a final time, Robert Williams lost interest in his play toy and left.

On the afternoon of the 14th of April, she woke up to the smell of smoke. Robert Williams had, before escaping, set fire to the futon in the hopes it would spread, burn the girl’s body, and conceal any evidence linking the crime to himself.

With the fire raging around her, the student was able to use the fire to melt the cords that tied her to the futon Robert Williams had left her on to die. She also remembered everything, going so far as to take blindness so that she could remember and memorize distinguishing features about her attacker.

She was able to escape and worked with police to identify Robert Williams.

According to the prosecutor, Assistant District Attorney Ann Prunty:

She described this man to a T.

Robert “Pooh” Williams was arrested and charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, rape, arson, sodomy and a whole slew of other counts. 71 charges in all.

The DNA of Robert Williams was found on the victim and her clothing, and her DNA was found on his clothing.

ATM security cameras captured him trying to withdraw the money.

The now-31-year-old ex-convict refused to come to court on the 6th of June, 2008, but his victim did.

She testified against him, quite believably I might add. She told the jury about how her experience with Robert Williams left her with a scarred face, severe burns and liver damage from the pills.

He threw me against the wall. I couldn’t breathe very well. I was trying to fight.

When he put me in a choke hold and I started to black out, I thought I was going to die. I wanted to survive so I did what he told me.

People You’ll See In Hell will, of course, follow this trial closely.

Joji Obara

Born to a Korean family, Kim Sung Jong became the recipient of his father’s estate at the age of 17, inheriting a fortune his father built with a series of gambling parlors in the local area.

After graduating from college with degrees in politics and law, Kim Sung Jong became a naturalized Japanese citizen and changed his name to the more Japanese-sounding Joji Obara. He also had surgery on his eyes to make them less oriental-looking.

Joji Obara, using the money his father had left him, invested heavily in real estate speculation on the island of Japan up until the late 1990’s, when it collapsed and took most of his fortune.

He was also busy during this time, efficiently recording over 4000 video tapes of his sexual adventures and raping many, many women. Between 150 to 400 women, actually. Very efficient, about 10 a year, possibly more.

In some of the videos he wears a Zorro mask. Yi yi yi yi yi!

He also almost perfected a drug-em-and-rape-em routine. I say almost because the drugs killed 21-year-old Australian model Carita Ridgeway. The chloroform he used combined with other drugs he slipped into her drinks fatally damaged her liver. Managing to convince doctors that her death was a result of hepatitis and a bad oyster, he staved off suspicion for a while.

Joji Obara then met Lucie Blackman at a bar on one fine evening.

He drugged her, raped her, cut her body into 10 pieces with a chainsaw and stuffed the remains in a cave about 200 yards from his apartment.

Once publicity from the Blackman case started spreading, other girls came forward and mentioned that this guy named Joji Obara, had told them when they woke up in the morning in his apartment that they had passed out after drinking too much. They mentioned that they felt sore when they woke up.

Suspicions aroused, police arrested Joji Obara and raided his apartment, finding lots and lots of evidence, which was used to convict him in 8 rapes and the murder of Carita Ridgeway. Surprisingly, he was acquitted of Lucie Blackman’s murder because the condition of the body had deteriorated so badly, and he didn’t make a tape of her rape.

Joji Obara is now serving life in prison.

David Carroll, Liz Carroll and Amy Baker

Marcus Fiesel was born in 2003 and died in August of 2006. An autistic child, he had the mental development of a one-year-old when he was three.

He loved Bob the Builder, flowers and bubbles, much like my son.

In April of 2006, he was given up by his natural mother to the state’s care when she realized that she couldn’t care for him any longer. His life with his natural mother up to this point had been one mishap after another, falling off a roof at one point, and wandering through traffic another time.

The state, through a private foster care company, placed Marcus Fiesel with foster parents David Carroll and Liz Carroll.

David Carroll was bi-polar, and had brought his girlfriend, Amy Baker, into the household after almost breaking up with his wife, Liz Carroll, after a fight over whether they should be foster parents or not.

It was an interesting household.

On Friday, August 4th of 2006, David and Liz Carroll drove over to Kentucky from their home in Ohio for a family reunion. They returned on Sunday, August 6th.

They took the family dog.

Was 3-year-old Marcus Fiesel with them while they were gone all weekend? Did he get to feel like he was part of a family for a few days? Did he get to feel wanted for what might have been the first time of his life?

I think you know the answer to those questions.

David Carroll did not want little Marcus around. Marcus’ autism made him a challenging foster child, and taking care of Marcus took up a lot of Liz and Amy’s time.

David and Liz Carroll decided not to take Marcus Fiesel with them to the family reunion. David and Liz Carroll thought it would be a good idea to wrap little Marcus tightly in a blanket.

And seal that blanket together with packing tape.

Before he was put into a closet.

With no food or water.

In a house with no air-conditioning.

For two days.

It was later estimated that temperatures in the closet probably got up to between 105 and 110 degrees that weekend.

So this little three-year-old boy, who could probably barely understand what was going on, only knew that he had been left alone in a closet by the people who were supposed to take care of him.

He probably watched that door, minute after minute, hoping that they would return.

I’m sure he cried until he couldn’t cry anymore.

As time progressed, he undoubtedly felt the temperature slowly rising…while he could do nothing to relieve the heat.

He couldn’t move, he couldn’t get out.

He could only bake, slowly.

Until at last, mercifully, he died.

Upon the Carroll’s return to their house in Ohio on Sunday, I’m sure they took their time before they opened the closet and discovered the dead little boy.

Once they found the corpse, David Carroll and Amy Baker took the body and burned it in the chimney of a deserted house. What was left over that they couldn’t burn, they threw into the Ohio river.

On August 15th, Liz and David Carroll announced that Marcus was missing, that he wandered off when she blacked out in a park while watching three other children. When she woke up, she said, he had disappeared.

Things didn’t add up, lie detector tests were failed and Marcus’ remains were found.

There were deals struck and confessions made.

Liz Carroll was found guilty of multiple charges and sentenced to 54 years to life.

David Carroll was found guilty of murder and abuse of a corpse and received a sentence of 16 years to life.

Amy Baker got immunity from the state of Ohio for her crime in exchange for her testimony, but has been charged with evidence tampering by Kentucky, who has jurisdiction over the Ohio river.

Clever, clever Kentucky.

Amy Baker will probably serve a little time herself.

The little guy never had a chance.


The charges against Amy Baker were dropped. She’s now walking free.

Judge Lewis Nicholls issued a written opinion that said the apparent confusion between Mason County, Kentucky and Clermont County, Ohio prosecutors over whether an Ohio immunity deal with Baker extended to Kentucky had to be resolved in Baker’s favor:

However much Amy Baker’s crime may merit a stiff penalty of prison time, it cannot be purchased with a misunderstanding by two prosecutors and a play on words.