Judith Leekin

This is the house that greed built.

A nice 3100+ square foot two-story house, in Port St. Lucie. It’s worth about $358,000.

62-year-old Judith Leekin, the owner of this property, also owns a house in Sanderson, Florida that is worth about $242,000 and in 2002 she sold a house in Port St. Lucie under one of her five aliases – Judith Johnson.

Defrauding the government must be pretty good work, if you can get it.

This is the woman that tied up the teenagers that took care of the mentally disabled adults who were tied with zip ties and were not fed in the house that greed built.

On the fourth of July, police came across a malnourished girl who appeared to be about 15 years old wandering around a grocery store in St. Petersburg, Florida. She was taken to a shelter and questioned.

The girl claimed that she had been abandoned by her mother, Judith, who had adopted her 13 years ago. Judith had told her that they were going to go to an amusement park and ride some rides. Apparently they never made it, and Judith just left her on the side of the road and drove off, after telling the girl that she’d be killed if she told anyone where she had come from and what was happening there.

She said that Judith never let her go outside, see a doctor, or go to school.

Judith kept her restrained with zip ties daily and there were scars on her wrists to prove it. If Judith left the house, the girl would be tied to one of her brothers or sisters to keep them from wandering. Until Judith returned, they weren’t able to use the bathroom. Since Judith was gone for long periods of time, they often wet themselves.

Wait wait wait…brothers or sisters? How many people was Judith accused of abusing?

Well, Judith Leekin evidently had five teenagers and four mentally challenged adults that she “took care of.” By taking care of, we mean forcing them to sleep in a small hallway on the floor with one sheet and pillow – no blankets. Daily threats were made, warning the children that they would be shot or decapitated if they went outside or talked to anyone.

Food was scarce. All they were fed was Ramen.

They all had extensive scarring on their hands, wrists and arms. Some were burned. One was blind.

When police arrived, Judith met them at the door and claimed that the girl had run away a year earlier. The police, seeing just one child present and nothing immediately wrong with the house, left.

Then they came back with a search warrant.

A small hallway in the house, like the girl had claimed she had been kept in, was found. It had three doors, which all locked from the outside with deadbolts. Handcuffs, zip ties and other assorted items were found. The children, who had been hidden away during the previous visit, were found.

But Judith Leekin’s lawn was so well-kept!

Many neighbors in the subdivision explained how they really never thought there was anyone in the house at all, except for a boy who was out every day picking weeds out of the grass.

“He looked like a little China man picking weeds out of the grass,” neighbor Lisa Schubert said. “He was so thorough. I mean, he worked all day. We had no clue what was going on inside.”

“He was kind of like a slave,” neighbor Fritz Lang said. “There was no grass allowed to be on those lava rocks. Instead of getting the lawn man to blow it the other way, he had to go out with sheets and cover it with lava rocks. It was strange, strange.”

Police who are investigating Judith Leekin say that these children were adopted by Leekin, who used different names to confuse the New York Department of Children’s Services. With all the money she got for “taking care” of them, she was able to afford quite a few nice things.

Like the house.

Apparently, if someone did adopt this many children in the state of New York, and if they were classified as special needs children, they could make about $180,000 a year. Special needs foster kids are worth $55 a day, according to New York, and you don’t even have to live in the city to get your check.

After a thorough examination, the four adults (three men, 20, 23 and 26, and one 27-year-old woman) displayed a myriad of issues. They all had scarring on their wrists and showed extensive signs of neglect and abuse. One said that he had been with Judith for over 20 years. None of them had ever been in school. None of them had ever seen a doctor or a dentist. One was described as being brainwashed. They were all starving.

Police also found a camera system that Judith Leekin used to watch for the police.

Judith Leekin faces four counts of aggravated abuse of an elderly or disabled adult. She also faces five counts of aggravated child abuse, one count of witness tampering and one count of possessing a false driver license.


Judith Leekin adopted 11 children in New York City under four different names, and moved with them a decade ago to Florida. She pled guilty in May of 2008 in New York to a fraudulent adoption scheme that netted her $1.68 million in government subsidies, money that prosecutors say she used to support a lavish lifestyle.

Ms. Leekin has admitted deceiving child welfare officials but has denied abusing or neglecting the children.

In court papers, the children’s lawyers provided a detailed account of the children’s mistreatment. The oldest known victim, who was 5 when he was placed with Ms. Leekin, was a “sweet autistic young man” who spent a lifetime being hit on the head with an iron, regularly beaten for any transgression and tied up at night like a prisoner.

A girl, who was about 7 when she was placed with Ms. Leekin, was profoundly retarded and autistic, and remains unable to describe what happened to her, the lawyers wrote. Her siblings have described her “pulling her decaying teeth from her own mouth, the result of a childhood of no dental care.”

Yet another child, also profoundly retarded and autistic, was placed with Judith Leekin when he was 5. According to lawyers, his disabilities also prevent him from expressing what happened to him but his trauma is evident: He is missing teeth, and he is now blind.

According to written statements:

His siblings remember a time when he could see but explain that he was allowed to stare at the sun through a magnifying glass until he lost his vision.

Judith Leekin was slapped with an 11 year prison sentence on the 15th of July, 2008 – given three more years than prosecutors agreed to in their plea deal made in May of 2008. Judith Leekin was ordered to forfeit $1.68 million in assets, including her two Florida homes. Any recovered money will go to a trust designed to provide care for the 11 children she fostered, including one who has been missing for five years.

The courts aren’t quite done with Judith Leekin – she faces another 120 years in prison on Florida abuse charges.

As she was read her sentence, Judith Leekin wiped away tears and was very, very sad:

I’m sorry. I’m willing to surrender all my assets. I love my children and I miss them.

Brandon Alan Austill

If you’re eating while reading this, I’d advise you to either A) put your grilled steak fiesta burrito down and keep reading or B) go off somewhere, eat that burrito and come back when you don’t have food in your mouth.

Ready? Ok.

I’ll be the first to admit that Brandon Alan Austill had a pretty crappy childhood.

Apparently Mr. Austill was both abused and neglected by his parents. He was also sexually molested by his uncle.

In fact things were so bad, in the Austill household that, in 1994, the state removed Brandon Austill and his siblings from their parents’ house and put them all into foster homes.

The damaged little boy grew up into a damaged man, and that damaged man met a girl on the internet. They hooked up. She got pregnant.

The then 21-year-old Brandon Alan Austill and his girlfriend, Brianna Clark, had a baby girl on the ninth of September in 2006. They took the child home to Brianna Clark’s apartment.

Four days after this little girl was born, Brandon Austill started to abuse her.

No, actually – abuse is too soft a word.

Brandon Austill methodically beat and tortured this little newborn girl.

The abuse got more and more horrific with each passing day.

Brandon repeatedly shocked the baby with a stun gun.

Austill admitted to smashing the baby’s head against a bathroom sink. He slammed her head-first into a dining room table.

Brandon Austill bent her leg until he heard it break.

This wasn’t a single case of a guy losing his temper at a crying baby and shaking her too hard. This was an ongoing pattern of abuse by a grown man inflicted onto a helpless, frantic, frightened newborn who doesn’t understand at all what’s happening to her.

Brandon Austill admitted that he had mishandled the girl, but defended his actions by claiming he couldn’t stop her from crying.

All she knew was that she was in constant pain.

Brianna Clark finally took the baby to the hospital

When examined at a local hospital on Halloween of 2006, she had a broken left tibia, broken left femur, and skull and face fractures. All these injuries were in different phases of the healing process, which showed that they had been inflicted on the girl at different times.

Well, the baby is still alive and in foster care. Hopefully there will be no permanent damage.

Brandon Austill’s mother has claimed that she worried about the baby, that she had a feeling something would happen. She says that he “sounded lost” and overwhelmed. Brandon’s mother also claims that he regularly takes “whatever drugs he can steal” and routinely cuts himself.


Brianna Clark has not been charged, because she was not home at the time of the attacks.

Brandon Alan Austill, on the other hand, will spend up to 30 years in prison.

David Hawn and Steven L. Hawn

Like father, like son.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Bad tree, bad apples.

Ok, that’s enough.

David Hawn is a serial child molester. Mr. Hawn was convicted in 1989 of molesting a child.

He was also just convicted of child molestation for his sexual involvement with a then 12-year-old girl.

43-year-old David Hawn pled guilty to child molestation and was given a 40 year sentence.

Steven Hawn, David Hawn’s 22-year-old son, was sentenced to 10 years a month prior for molesting the same girl when she was 13.

Steven Hawn alleged that the relationship was consensual, but the girl admitted to authorities that she started the relationship with him because she wanted to avoid sex with his father.

His father had, of course, impregnated the girl, a fact which was discovered after she went to the county authorities and told them that either David or Steven Hawn could be the father.

David Hawn did have a parting remark, however.

He said, “I hope that someday she’ll find a gentleman to take care of her and take care of the baby.”

Joel D. Yockey

Karma’s a bitch, as Joel Yockey discovered on the 16th of February, 2007.

That was the day that he died, in terrible pain, from a blood infection caused by a tear in his bowel.

According to the doctor who performed the autopsy, a Dr. William Cox, “He was subjected to a very painful death.”

Isn’t that a shame?

Now, keep in mind that this is the same Joel Yockey who, back in 1986, abducted a 17-year-old girl who was walking along the side of a road, told the girl that he’d love to kill her and would do so if she made any noise, and then sodomized and raped her.

After Joel Yockey had finished with this girl, he drove her back where he found her, gave her a 10-dollar bill, and pushed her out of the truck while laughingly telling the girl that the next time she should take a taxi.

At his trial, he insisted that she came on to him, but the jury didn’t buy it. They gave him 10 to 25 years.

According to prison reports, Joel Yockey became a model prisoner once he arrived at the big house. He went to all the classes. He got an associates degree. He admitted that he was wrong for the rape. He attended an 18-month-long sex offender’s treatment program.

He was cured!

Joel Yockey was paroled in January of 2002, and was back living with his parents by March of that year.

On September 9th of 2002, a 14-year-old girl named Kristen Jackson was walking home from the local county fair. Unfortunately for her, she met Joel Yockey – cured sex offender – approximately 100 yards from where he had abducted the girl back in 1986.

Joel Yockey raped Kristen Jackson. Repeatedly.

He strangled her to death.

Then Yockey cut up her 14-year-old body into five pieces and, over the span of two days, buried the pieces in different locations in a local swamp.

He confessed, and was sentenced to life in prison.

This time, there was no parole.

This time, he died painfully.

This time, there was at least a small margin of justice.

John Hazelton

Sometimes, just sometimes, victims get a chance to strike back.

John Hazelton, a 59-year-old soccer coach, molested a 9-year-old boy back in the 1970’s. He did this well into the boy’s teenage years.

Luring the boy into his house with the promise of porn, John Hazelton tied the kid up, took pictures of the boy in helpless positions, and molested him.

When John Hazelton was doing his thing, he always wore a black leather glove and tied the victim to a chair.

The abuse got worse and worse as time wore on, with the kid finally running away when John Hazelton held a knife to his throat.

Well, the boy grew up and had a family, but, as you might well expect, he never really recovered mentally from the years of abuse.

He was distant and angry. He lashed out. He had a hard time managing his anger.

His daughter noticed this over time and asked her daddy, “Daddy, why are you always so upset?”

This was apparently the last straw for the molestation victim, who grabbed a katana and went after his once-tormentor: John Hazelton.

Apparently he injured Hazelton pretty badly, as you’d expect from someone carrying a katana who had massive amounts of resentment for sexual abuse inflicted on him over a span of several years.

Strangely, John Hazelton refused to press charges against the guy.

It turned out, Hazelton didn’t really want his pedophilia to become public knowledge.

Too late.

John Hazelton was arrested when his katana-wielding attacker spilled his guts over the history they shared.

Hazelton admitted to the activity, but insisted that he’d only started molesting the boy when he was 12.

That makes it so much better, doesn’t it?

John Hazelton was convicted of several counts of indecency with a child, indecent assault, and an attempted rape charge.

He’ll be known as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

John Joubert

Let’s be perfectly clear for all you anti-Nebraskan nay-sayers out there: John Joubert was from Lawrence, Massachusetts – not Omaha, Nebraska.

Nebraska just happened to be the state that cleaned up Massachusetts’ mess.

John Joubert had some serious wiring problems upstairs.

Growing up, his parents divorced when he was six and he lived with an overbearing, controlling mother who moved him to Portland, Maine in 1974.

In later interviews, John Joubert revealed that when he was 13, he became sexually excited when he stabbed a young girl with a pencil and she cried. John took a razor blade the next day and slashed a girl as she rode by him on her bike. Shortly after that, John beat up and strangled another kid.

He mentioned that he had spent a lot of time with a babysitter and fantasized about killing and cannibalizing her.

So John was apparently having problems pretty early on.

John Joubert first committed murder on August 22 of 1982.

The victim was 11-year-old Richard “Ricky” Stetson, who was jogging in the outskirts of Portland, Maine. When Ricky Stetson didn’t return after dark, his parents called the police and went out looking for him…but Ricky was probably already dead.

The next day someone driving on a local freeway saw Ricky Stetson’s body on the ground and called police.

An autopsy showed that the boy had been stabbed, bitten and finally, strangled to death.

There was a pretty wide search for the boy’s killer, but John Joubert was already gone, enlisted in the Air Force. He would end up stationed in Omaha, Nebraska’s Offuit Air Force Base.

As a 20-year-old airman specializing in radar, John liked to drive his tan Chevy Nova around the Omaha area and look for young boys to kill.

John Joubert finally found one on September 18th of 1983, in the city of Bellevue, which is kind of a suburb of Omaha.

Danny Joe Eberle was out on his bike delivering copies of the Omaha World Herald when John Joubert saw him. John approached the 13-year-old paperboy with a knife, and covered the boy’s mouth with a hand while forcing him into Joubert’s car.

Danny Eberle disappeared to the world until September 21st, when a group of searchers found his body hidden in some weeds about four miles from where his bike was left.

Danny had been stripped to his underwear and tied up with a rare kind of rope, his mouth covered in surgical tape. He had been stabbed nine times and tortured while he bled out.

On December 2nd of 1983, John Joubert struck again, this time abducting 12-year-old Christopher Walden as he walked to school in Papillion, another suburb of Omaha. A white guy with a tan car had driven off with the boy.

Two days later, Christopher Walden’s body was found in a dense grove of trees by some hunters. He had been stabbed many, many times and was stripped down to his underwear. His throat had been cut – cut so deeply that his head was nearly severed.

On January 11 of 1984, John Joubert tried to strike again, but an observant preschool teacher who saw John prowling around the area wrote down his license plate number and gave it to the police. Tracing that license plate led the police to John Joubert, who had rented that car for the day while his tan Chevy Nova was being fixed.

More of that unique rope was found once a search warrant had been issued. There was also a large hunting knife that was found.

Joubert eventually confessed to all the murders and was killed in the Nebraskan electric chair on July 17 of 1996.

Peter Voisey

On the 20th of October, 2006, Peter Voisey, a 35-year-old registered sex offender, borrowed his friend’s dark Vauxhall Astra and went out for a drive at about six in the evening.

At about the same time, a little 6-year-old girl was taking a bath in her parent’s home, playing with her toys the way a 6-year-old will at bath time. Her mother left the bathroom for a little while, convinced that her daughter was safe.

While in the living room, the mother heard her little girl say, in a calm voice, “What are you doing here?”

Shortly after, she heard the screech of car tires outside the house.

With a sinking feeling in her gut, she called out to her little girl.

There was no reply.

Twenty minutes later, a neighbor found the little girl, naked, bleeding and crying for her mother in a snow-covered alley about 300 yards from her house. He carried her home to her mother.

After questioning, the little girl revealed that a man had entered the bathroom and told her to be quiet or he’d hurt her and her mother. If she made a sound, he said, she would never see her family again.

He put his hand over her mouth, lifted her out of the bath and carried her to his waiting car.

Then he drove off.

After a while, the man stopped and touched her, with the girl describing what could only be called a sexual assault. The man repeated this a few minutes later.

The man told her that because she was good, he would let her go. He drove her to an alley, pushed her, still naked, out of the car and told her to face the wall.

Then he drove off.

Peter Voisey was immediately considered a person of interest in the abduction, being the convicted sexual predator and registered sexual offender that he was.

He had, in fact, been convicted of molesting a 12-year-old girl in the changing room of the Macclesfield Leisure Centre in 2001.

Despite repeated denials of any involvement, Peter Voisey’s home was searched. A diary was found with the entry on the day of the abduction reading; “Phew, it’s over, chill now.”

Peter Voisey claimed he was referring to Christmas.


A footprint was left on the bathroom floor which matched a pair of tennis shoes belonging to Peter Voisey.

Police also discovered the remains of clothing that Peter had burned but that still matched the clothing the little girl had described her attacker wearing.

After his trial, Peter Voisey was given three life sentences.

Somehow I think society will manage without him.

Peter Whitmore – Part Two

This is a continuation of a previous article on Peter Whitmore here on People You’ll See In Hell.

So Peter had a problem.

He was a serial child molester who liked what he was doing and had no intention of ever stopping.

But he had a job as a construction worker and was making friends.

One of his new friends, in fact, invited him to stay at his place while Peter got on his feet.

Peter Whitmore was calling himself Robert Summers at the time.

After he moved into his co-worker’s place, Peter offered to take his 14-year-old son camping “to get him away from the bad influences.”


A few days later, Peter Whitmore was able to talk the co-worker into driving Peter into a nearby town to buy a new car. Peter told the guy that he’d get Peter’s van if he helped him out. They set off, taking the 14-year-old with them.

Halfway through their trip, Peter said the van was having mechanical problems and that he had left a bag with $2000 at home. He convinced the co-worker to take a bus back home to get the money, explaining that Peter and the co-worker’s teenage boy would be able to get the van running by the time he got back.

Well, it worked. There was no money and the guy left his son with a serial pedophile rapist, who promptly took off the the boy in a van that was working just fine.

Over the next few days, Peter Whitmore took the 14-year-old to an old abandoned farmhouse, secured the doors with deadbolts that he’s brought along and forced the teen to satisfy Whitmore’s sexual fantasies. Peter showed off his man-boy gay porn collection, and threatened to kill the boy’s family if he didn’t perform sexually.

Later, when asked by police how many times he had been violated by Peter Whitmore, the boy could only say, “Lots.”

On July 23rd, Peter and the captured boy approached a house nearby to try to sell a DVD player to a woman with a 10-year-old son.

On July 30th, the two returned and, with the teen’s help and a pair of walkie-talkies to help coordinate, they lured the 10-year-old to another abandoned farmhouse, where Whitmore grabbed him and kept him for two hellish days of non-stop sexual perversion.

The child was sexually tortured, forced to walk naked around the house while calling Whitmore “master.” If the kid didn’t do exactly what he was ordered, Whitmore would punch him and threaten to cut his skin off with a knife.

Fortunately, on the second day, a neighbor noticed the fresh tracks at what should have been an abandoned house and called the police.

After a 10-hour standoff, police talked Peter Whitmore out of the house and arrested him.

He was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison, which probably won’t really be life, because Peter will be eligible for parole in seven years.

Here are some heartbreaking statements made by the victims that were released after Peter Whitmore’s trial.

From Peter Whitmore’s 10-year-old Saskatchewan victim:

I don’t remember a lot about what happened. I don’t want to remember. I was scared and mad when he stole me – when he took me away from my family. I was scared. I did not feel safe. I did not know what was going on. I was scared that he would kill me. When he took me I was quiet and confused. I didn’t not talk to him because I was mad and afraid he was going to hurt me. I was unable to sleep when I was away. I was worried about dying.

My room at home looks much like the room I was kept in. This made me feel I was uncomfortable . I slept downstairs until I got the new futon in my room. My pet mice keep me company in my room. They make me feel more comfortable so I am sleeping in my room again.

I did not do as well at school this year. Most of the kids at school are good, but want to know what happened. Every time there is something in the media, the kids at school start to ask questions again and I do not feel that great. There is a bully at school that calls me names. My Mom is going to home school me next year.

Sometimes what happened is on my mind. I am trying to forget what happened. I have a counsellor. She is helping me. I can talk to her. I wrote a story for her about what happened to me. It is three pages long.

I feel kinda safe now unless it storms. I had to take this really gross medicine. I am not sure what the medicine is for. Medicine is from a doctor in Regina. I was mad when he stole me. I was mad at (the 14-year-old Winnipeg victim) because he tricked me. I thought he was my friend, but he wasn’t.

We went on a bike ride to the neighbours and that’s when he took he me. I was not given much food, just crackers and water and dog food stuff one day. I just about threw up. My tummy felt upset, like there were frogs in my tummy. I felt pretty shaky while I was gone.

When I came home I felt kinda better because I wasn’t alone. I felt kinda safe with my family. I felt relieved because the police had got him. I did not have to look at him all the time.

I feel kinda good now. If I have to go to court it makes me feel good and bad. I want to see him sentenced for life. I feel nervous about going to court.

My family is different now. My Mom does not want me to go out by myself anymore. He threatened to take (his younger sister) if I tried to run away

I had marks on my leg. I told my sisters that I had fallen in a gopher hole. The truth is that I was chained to the bed. I did not feel good. I had to pee in a bucket. I heard sounds at night. There were mice in the walls. I like mice so I shared my food with the mice.

From Peter Whitmore’s 14-year-old victim:

In the past year Iâ’ve been feeling afraid and always looking over my shoulder. I don’t trust anyone I don’t know. And I don’t like going outside alone. I’m always home or at my friend’s.

The past year has been really hard. When I first got back I couldn’t sleep, I was having nightmares. And I would cry inside every time I thought about it or I would wait till there was no one around.

Ever since I’ve been back I sleep in the living room. I don’t know why but I feel really safe in the living room. Anytime I leave this city I feel like I’m going there again. I wish none of this ever happened then I would still be me.

Peter Whitmore

Peter Whitmore has a long, long history of abducting and molesting little boys and girls.

A 20-year history in fact.

Peter Whitmore started young, in 1988, when he was 18 years old.

Peter would lure young boys in with promises of quick, easy money in exchange for running an errand for him, then molest them.

He was sentenced back in the early 90’s to 16 months for molesting five boys whose ages ranged from 11 to 13.

Peter Whitmore was released from prison on July 29, 1994, after serving two-thirds of that sentence.

Of course he was given strict orders to avoid any kind of contact with children under 14. Of course he ignored these orders.

Nine days after he was released from prison for sexually assaulting five boys, Peter Whitmore posed as a child protective services worker and was able to convince a mother of an 8-year-old girl to turn her daughter over to him.

Peter Whitmore took the little girl to Toronto and raped her repeatedly, sending the 8-year-old back to her mother in a taxi when he was done with her.

A 9-year-old boy who lived next door was Peter Whitmore’s next victim, when Peter somehow talked the 9-year-old’s parents into letting the boy sleep over at Peter’s house.

For those crimes, Whitmore got 56 months in prison.

While in prison, Whitmore would stare at images of kids on television, sometimes reaching out and touching the screen where their genitalia would be. Peter Whitmore admitted to psychologists that he had either 10 or 11 “relationships” with boys who were less than 12 years old, and refused to participate in any kind of treatment programs. In March of 1997, pictures of half-dressed children were found hidden in his room.

Do you think he maybe, maybe would pose a threat to children if he ever got out?

Turned down for parole in 1998, Peter Whitmore was released in 1999 when his sentence was up.

He was thrown back into prison for a year after he disobeyed a court order and went down to Mexico. Got out in 2000 and was found a month later in a hotel room with a 13-year-old runaway.

Another 12 months.

Peter Whitmore continued to violate his court order to stay away from children, was arrested again and sentenced to three years. During his prison stay, he insisted that he’d done nothing wrong, stating things like “I am not hurting children by performing oral sex on them” or “I am not hurting them because I do not beat them” or “I am not hurting them because they consent to it and they like it.”

He was out in June of 2005.

Peter paid a kid $40 to touch him in June of 2006, but was never charged.

What happened to two kids after that was right out of a parent’s nightmare.

Sheldon Granor

45-year-old Sheldon Granor is about to get out of prison.

Teenagers beware!

A few years ago, recording studio owner Sheldon Granor was able to seduce a 12-year-old Chinese-American girl whose parents weren’t all that adept with the english language.

A girl who basically spent all her time by herself on the internet, Sheldon met her in a chat room and apparently impressed the girl enough to maintain a two-year sexual relationship with her.

He even got her to pose for nude pictures, which he was nice enough to put up on the internet.

Eventually the police found out and he was arrested.

The victim wrote an eight page letter to the court, wondering if, because Sheldon Granor had taken advantage of her naivety, she will ever be able to have a normal relationship.

An excerpt from her letter:

“I don’t hate Sheldon Granor,” she told the judge. “What he has done to me is wrong. I was young and vulnerable and he took advantage of that. My morals have been twisted to the point where I don’t even understand myself. I am not just a simple traffic violation that should just be dealt with, but something serious. I know that he is a good person and I have seen that over the years, but he definitely has a problem and I finally realize it. I believe that if it wasn’t me, it would have been someone else. I wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone else. I am strong enough to overcome this, but if it happens to anyone else I will never forgive myself.”

He made the usual noises about having a problem, a sexual addiction. The judge bought it and gave him 2 1/2 to 5 years.

So he’s about to get out. He’ll be on probation for 15 years, but he’s getting out.

The neighborhood where his house is located doesn’t want him back, but it looks like they might not have much of a formal say in it.

How civil his reception will be is entirely up to them. I’m sure we’ll read about it.