Alisa D. Betts and Lauren M. Gash


This is pretty sick.

19-year-old Lauren Gash wanted a baby. She wanted one really, really bad.

She wanted a baby so bad that she told everyone that she was pregnant, that the dad had run out on her. As proof, she had sonogram pictures with her name in the corner.

To celebrate the imminent arrival of Lauren’s fictitious baby, her family threw her a baby shower.

Now she HAD to have a baby, and soon.

Why she couldn’t get one the old-fashioned way, I don’t know. She had posted online that she had been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. Maybe she was worried about that.

Maybe it was just that nobody would touch her, but I doubt it.

Some people will touch anyone.

She even joined, a matchmaking site, looking for love. Here’s Lauren Gash’s profile there.

You never know. Maybe there she would have found Mr. Right, or at least a sperm donor.

Instead, she responded to 18-year-old Clinton, Missouri resident Amanda Howard’s ad on Myspace requesting baby clothes. Amanda was nine months pregnant and due to deliver her baby boy at any time.

On July 30th, Lauren Gash and her friend Alisa Betts met with Amanda Howard at a gas station in Clinton, Missouri.

Lauren suggested that they drive Amanda to get some baby clothes, then drive her home. This sounded like a good idea to Amanda, so she jumped into the car and they were off.

While they were driving, something Lauren Gash said spooked Amanda, who pulled out her cell phone. Lauren was quicker on the draw, pulled out a can of mace and sprayed the pregnant girl in the face with it. While Amanda was gasping in pain, Lauren told her that if she calmed down and did what she was told, her and her baby would be ok.

Lauren and Alisa stopped at the Interstate Inn in Blue Springs, Missouri and went to room 1105 – the hotel room that they had been staying at for two days. Why Amanda went with them at this point, I don’t know. Nine months pregnant, she probably would still have been able to run faster than those two.

Once they were all up in the room, Alisa and Lauren gagged Amanda with a rag and duct tape, and then tied the pregnant woman’s hands behind her back.

Then Lauren straddled Amanda’s chest, put her big ol’ meathooks on either side of the girl’s head and tried to snap her neck by twisting her head back and forth.

Fortunately, other than a few popping sounds and some pain on Amanda’s part, nothing happened, which is to be expected. It’s very hard to snap someone’s neck.

While Amanda was having her neck twisted, 17-year-old Alisa Betts decided that this might not have been such a hot idea after all. She left the room and called the cops, telling the 911 dispatcher that there was a woman giving labor and screaming in room 1105.

Blue Springs Police Officer Brandon Shrout arrived. Alisa Betts opened the door, telling him that her friend was having labor pains. Officer Shrout, looking at the scene, didn’t quite believe the story.

Why not?

Well, for starters, the woman with supposed “labor pains” was in the bathroom with duct tape around her neck and rope marks on her wrists. That and she was telling Shrout that she had been kidnapped.

A quick search around the room by Officer Shrout turned up duct tape, scissors, a tarp, a syringe of insulin and, most interestingly, a birth certificate from Center Point Hospital with the name “Johnny Gash” on it.

Out came the handcuffs, and Alisa Betts and Lauren Gash were in custody.

While Gash and Betts were being carted away, Lauren’s father Donald arrived and told police that she had called him to tell him that she’d had her baby and named him Johnny.

Amanda Howard was rushed to the hospital, where a sonogram showed her baby was ok. She gave birth on the first of August, 2007.

When Gash had arrived at the police station an officer asked her if she was pregnant, because she was wearing maternity clothes. She replied, “Not anymore.”

During interrogation, Alisa Betts told investigators that Gash had told her that two men – “Jonathan and David” – were going to cut the baby from Amanda Howard and leave her there to die.

This is a much different story than the one Alisa had told Officer Rob Olson while she was being handcuffed. She had told him that they were keeping Howard in the hotel room so the baby’s father could come take the baby when it was delivered.

Weird how the stories differ.

Alisa Betts was charged with assault and felonious restraint.

Laura Gash was charged with kidnapping, two counts of assault, and felonious restraint.

Laura Ashley Hall Talks To Taxi Driver, Taxi Driver Talks To Us

Taxi driver Doug Conley recently told the press in Austin about his encounter with Laura Ashley Hall when he picked her up from the courthouse and drove her home.

Since people will sometimes tell taxi drivers the most interesting things, I contacted Mr. Conley directly and talked with him for some time about his brief experience with Ms. Hall.

Currently, Doug is facing a charge of trespassing. That’s a minor charge, probably worth 30 days in jail – tops.

He knows that he could get out even sooner if he told authorities that he’d trade his testimony for leniency regarding his sentence. Interestingly, he’s refused to accept any favorable treatment in his case in exchange for his testimony.

As proof, Doug Conley has sent me a number of letters that he has written to his lawyer and his prosecutor. Here is one. has blacked out any personal information.

Each letter explains explicitly that he will not accept a plea negotiation or any favorable treatment regarding his case in exchange for his testimony.

I wrote a letter to my attorney and copied the prosecutor, to whom neither my attorney nor I have ever discussed the pending criminal case against me. In my letter (attached), I ask my attorney not to contact the prosecutor and vice versa, insisting that:

“I will not entertain, nor will I accept any plea negotiations or any offer for a favorable conclusion to my case in exchange for my cooperation in the Hall matter.”

The world’s not entirely bad, you see. Doug’s definitely not someone you’d see in Hell. (yet)

So what happened during the time that Doug Conley drove Laura Hall home that would be of interest to the prosecutor?

Well, while driving Laura Hall home, Doug and she talked.

She mentioned that she had pending felony charges for harboring a fugitive, probably thinking that this is impressive to most people.

Ms. Hall is obviously not one to keep her mouth shut.

Doug asked the obvious follow-up question, “Who was the fugitive and why was he wanted?”

Laura told him that the fugitive was her boyfriend and that he was wanted for murder. She insisted that her boyfriend was innocent of murder.

Doug asked Laura who her boyfriend was accused of killing.

“Some bitch,” she replied.

This statement pissed Doug off, considering that someone had died.

For those of you facing charges of tampering with evidence and hindering apprehension, like Laura Ashley Hall, I would advise you to not piss people off who could possibly come back and testify against you.

According to a close friend of Laura, when she was asked why she fled to Mexico with her murderer boyfriend, she said, “That’s just how I roll.”

Doug read that little tidbit in the news.

When I asked Doug Conley why he would refuse a deal in his case in exchange for his cooperation in the case against Laura Ashley Hall, he had one thing to say.

“That’s just how I roll.”

Laura Hall’s trial is currently underway.

Roderick Jones

So, one mortician says to the other,”Hey, wanna stop at the office for a quick, cold one?”

I’ll say this about Roderick Jones: At least he wait until they’re dead to rape them.

The life of a funeral director can be a boring one. I’m sure you’d be tempted to take a lot of breaks.

Johnny Draper, the funeral director of the Draper Funeral home left his office, taking a break for awhile to talk with some friends across the street. Figuring he’d only be gone for a little bit, he didn’t engage the top-notch security system that he’d had installed.

After all, there’d never been any kind of break-in before.

When he noticed a light on in the basement – a light that he always kept off when he wasn’t there – he cut his break short and went back into the funeral home.

Heading to the basement, he opened the door and saw Roderick Jones lying down, trying to hide next to the coffin of a woman Draper had been working on, preparing her for burial.

Alarmingly, one of the dead woman’s legs was up in the air, the protective plastic covering her body had been torn open and her stockings had been removed.

Once he knew he had been discovered, Roderick Jones tried to run, but Draper was able to hold him until police showed up.

Draper believes that he arrived just before Roderick Jones was able to have sex with the woman’s corpse.

Authorities report that Roderick Jones has a lengthy history of run-ins with the law. Burglary, criminal trespass and criminal mischief charges, mostly.

But there was this one case back in 1999 where Roderick Jones was convicted of abuse of a corpse…

Roderick Jones is being held, charged with abuse of a corpse – for the second time – and burglary.

Gang Rape In Dunbar Village In West Palm Beach, Florida

On the 18th of June in 2007, at 9 in the evening, a 35-year-old woman came home to her apartment in the Dunbar Village housing project in West Palm Beach, Florida. She had just finished up a long day of delivering telephone books and she was tired.

She had immigrated to the United States in 2000 from Haiti with her then five-year-old son, hoping for a better life.

Before she went upstairs to bed, she and her son had started to make something downstairs in the kitchen for dinner when there was a knock at the door.

A young black male was at the door, his hair in braids. The teenager told her that her truck had a few flat tires and that she should come and look at them.

Following the apparent “good samaritan” outside, she hadn’t taken more than a few steps when three teenagers – all wearing masks and all carrying guns – pointed the weapons at her and told her to get back into her apartment.

They hit her, knocking her to the floor. They pushed her son down to the floor as well.

They demanded money, which she didn’t have.

Incensed at the lack of easy money in the apartment, the four boys beat the woman and her son, stripped the woman of her clothing, took her to the bedroom and raped her over and over, with each boy taking his turn.

Her son was held at gunpoint, forced to watch.

As they raped and sodomized her, she cried out in pain and fear.

Nobody came to help, not then, not when she heard her son cry out when they stripped him naked as well, sporadically breaking light bulbs and plates on his head.

Up to five other teenagers did arrive, but they had come to join in on the raping and cruelty.

These other teenagers also raped and sodomized the woman, recording it all for posterity on a cell phone.

Eventually, after everyone had their turn with the woman in her upstairs bedroom, they brought her son upstairs at gunpoint. Holding a gun to the 12-year-old’s head, the gang forced his mother to perform oral sex on him.

It is unclear as to whether or not mother and son were forced to have sex with each other.

When everyone had finished abusing the woman sexually, they forced her into the bathtub, which they filled with vinegar and water. They poured common household cleaning products over her, such as hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover and ammonia-based cleaning solution.

Some ammonia was also thrown into her son’s eyes.

They forced a bar of soap into her vagina, hoping to remove physical evidence.

While they were doing this, the gang also threw ammonia into her son’s eyes.

After the group was convinced that they had disposed of the evidence, someone suggested setting the mother and her son on fire. After searching for – but not finding – a lighter, the group left, warning the pair that if they got out of the tub, they’d be killed.

30 minutes later, while the mother and her son were still in the tub, crying in pain, one of the teenagers returned to sexually assault the woman one more time. He wrote a man’s name and 6-CO – a different man and a different gang than the one that had gang-raped this family – on a piece of paper, telling her that he could be found on Sixth street.

As he left, he took the Playstation 2 with him.

The woman and her son stayed in the apartment for two hours after the attack. Nobody came to investigate the screams, nobody called the police for help.

Because their assailants had stolen their cell phone, their home phone and their fax machine, they were unable to call for assistance themselves.

It was a long walk to the Good Samaritan Medical Center, but they walked the mile together, two hours after the attack ended.

They were badly injured. The 12-year-old had to be immobilized for more than two days on his hospital bed, with bandages covering both eyes and a two-inch gash on the top of his skull.

There was a mild public outcry.

14-year-old Avion Lawson was the first to be arrested. He confessed after investigators let him know that his DNA had been found in a condom recovered at the apartment. While being driven to the Juvenile Assessment Center, Avion called some friends and laughingly told them what was going on. Avion Lawson has been charged with armed sexual battery by multiple perpetrators, armed home invasion, aggravated battery and sexual assault.

The next idiot to be picked up was 16-year-old Nathan Walker. Nathan Walker is a seventh-grade dropout, who called it quits after failing three times. His fingerprint was found at the apartment and his DNA was found on the outside of the condom Avion Lawson had used. When Nathan Walker was brought into the police station, he flipped out, throwing chairs at the walls until guards were able to put him in handcuffs and leg restraints.

On July 15th, Jakaris Taylor, a 15-year-old whose younger brother played with the 12-year-old he assaulted, was arrested. During interrogation, he was asked why he didn’t stop his friends, to which he replied, “I don’t know.” When he was asked why he did it, he shrugged his shoulders.

The latest rapist to be charged is 18-year-old Tommy Lee Poindexter, who was, on August 16th, indicted by a grand jury that saw “unspecified physical evidence” and charged him with sexual battery, kidnapping and burglary. – 14 counts in all.

Although Mr. Poindexter denied being involved and his mother, 44-year-old Harriet Rodgers, has claimed her precious Tommy was at home with her that night, the evidence prosecutors presented was considered “fairly damning.”

Prosecutors are chomping at the bit, pledging to ask for the maximum penalty for all the teens involved and refusing to entertain the idea of plea bargains for anyone.

Despite the youth of the individuals involved, they all face the possibility of life in an adult prison.

No juvenile hall for these dogs.

West Palm Beach police spokesman Peter Robbins told the press, “We’re certainly developing more suspects and anticipate more arrests.”

Too bad the death penalty is off the table in this particular instance. Life in prison seems too good.

Jason Shenfeld

What do you do if your child goes bad?

John and Diane Shenfeld had a problem. Their 26-year-old drug-abusing, hard-drinking, hemophiliac son, Jason Shenfeld, was starting to act weird – well…weirder than normal.

He was locking the door to his room every time he left and staying out late. Things didn’t feel right.

When Jason Shenfeld refused to give his mother the complete set of his bedsheets to wash, suspicions were raised.

On the 20th of July, 2007, Jason Shenfeld’s father went into his room, looking for the missing bedsheets so that they could finally be washed..

Looking in the closet for the sheets, he found them.

They were wrapped around the body of 18-year-old Amanda Buckley, a young lady who had some troubles with the law, but was a standout softball player at Palm Beach Gardens High School, where she had just graduated from. Her MySpace page name is, ironically, “onlythegooddieyoung18.” She was on probation for cocaine possession, having been arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia in October of 2006.

When his dad asked him why, exactly, there was a dead girl in his closet, Jason Shenfeld said she had died from a drug overdose, that he had panicked and thrown her body there until he could think of what to do about it.

After telling his dad all this, Jason Shenfeld ran out the door.

You might think that John Shenfeld’s first thought would be to call the police, but it wasn’t.

His first thought was to grab his brother, Jason Shenfeld’s uncle, and drive to the house of an attorney that had represented Jason before. They brought him back to the body of the girl to evaluate the scene.

Then they called 911.

Why did they wait until they called 911?

Well, Jason Shenfeld had been in trouble before, you see. He had been charged with sexually assaulting two women, one 18-year-old and one 19-year-old.

According to police reports, they had been drinking rum together at a house Jason was living at for a while. They drank a lot of run. They drank until the girls passed out.

The girls woke up while a naked Jason Shenfeld was dragging them into his bedroom. Once he got them there, he tied them with duct tape, wrapped a belt around the neck of one of the girls, and told them his pit bull would tear them apart if they didn’t do exactly what he told them. The girls told authorities that they knew Jason had a foot-long knife and that he had told them that he had absolutely no problem using it.

Jason forced them perform a variety of sexual acts, both on him and on each other.

Jason Shenfeld was arrested but never charged with sexual assault, even though investigators saw scrapes and scratches on the two women and even though they did find Jason Shenfeld’s DNA at the scene. Evidently the prosecutor thought the two girls were just sluts.

If the prosecutor had done his job, Jason Shenfeld might have been sitting in prison, instead of raping and killing Amanda Buckley.

What’s even worse is that when he was arrested for the attack on those two girls, he was on probation for a robbery conviction.

On the 11th of February in 2002, Jason Shenfeld pulled in behind Janet Welker as she pulled into her driveway at 11:30 at night. As she got out of her vehicle, Jason ran up to her and hit her on the head with his cell phone, while telling her to give him her money or he’d shoot her. He was arrested, pled guilty and given drug offender probation for 5 years.

So it’s safe to conclude that Jason Shenfeld obviously has a problem with being a good citizen.

Not surprisingly, Amanda Buckley’s autopsy revealed that she hadn’t died from a drug overdose.

The truth of the matter was that she had been strangled, her head had been badly beaten, and she had been raped a number of times. There were bruises on her legs, and her neck had hemorrhaged. Duct tape was found in her hair. At the Shenfeld house, investigators found a garbage bag full of more duct tape and some rope.

Police caught up with Jason Shenfeld at a local North Palm Beach hotel. Jason’s location was given to the police by 25-year-old Mia Dipadua, who had been dating Jason for about two weeks, and who had been invited by Jason to stay with him and his pit bull at the hotel he was hiding out in.

Mia Dipadua may have been upset with Jason for having sex with her in a room with a dead girl in the closet.

Interestingly, Jason Shenfeld also invited another woman that he had dated, Kellie Lynn Yeats, to visit with him. Kelly Yeats also refused to visit Mr. Shenfeld, which wasn’t really surprising because they weren’t really on speaking terms.

Perhaps it was because after Jason Shenfeld helped Kelly Yeats move once, he claimed that he had gotten carjacked and all her tattooing equipment had been stolen out of his car. After Jason refused to talk about the details of the carjacking, or reimburse Kelly for the equipment, she decided to just not talk to him anymore.

Once arrested, Jason Shenfeld was charged with first-degree murder, sexual battery and kidnapping.

Prosecutors have stated that Jason Shenfeld, if convicted of first-degree murder, will face the death penalty.

Marlene Medina and Edwin Garcia

It is generally thought that the country of India “loses” about 500,000 infant girls a year due to selective infanticide.

Maybe they know something we don’t.

Take 24-year-old Marlene Medina, for example. A modern woman in every sense of the word.

She never knew her own father, she was abused by her alcoholic mother until the state took her away and placed her in a succession of foster and group homes.

Once she was too old to live in foster homes, Marlene Medina stayed in New York’s homeless shelter system for a while, eventually hooking up with Manuel Gonzalez, who gave her a baby girl they named Hailey Gonzalez.

Manuel Gonzalez, who had a lengthy arrest record and was out on parole, stayed with Marlene and little Hailey in a succession of homeless shelters until, while staying at a shelter in Brooklyn, he hit Hailey in the face, giving her a black eye.

That didn’t sit too well with the folks who oversaw Manuel’s parole, and they put him back in prison for two years.

Maybe if Marlene had done a background check on Mr. Gonzalez, things might have gone better.

Edwin GarciaMarlene Medina continued screwing men she found in homeless shelters until she met 30-year-old Edwin Garcia, who was a Domino’s Pizza deliveryman.

Shortly after she started dating Edwin Garcia, New York placed Marlene Medina and her daughter Hailey in a small apartment in New Brighton. Edwin, being homeless, stayed with Marlene and now 19-month-old Hailey.

Somehow, Edwin Garcia never picked up parenting skills while he was a homeless ex-felon, and his girlfriend Marlene Medina would leave Hailey with him for long stretches of time while she went out and did whatever it was that she liked to do.

It should come as no surprise that leaving a toddler with someone who might have anger issues might end up with the toddler being hurt, and that’s exactly what happened.

Hailey Gonzalez was making too much noise at 1:30 in the morning to suit Edwin Garcia, so he picked up the toddler, shook her for a while and threw her down, slamming her into a playpen full of hard toys.

Little Hailey lay there, her broken body desperately holding onto life, for five hours. Five hours of wheezing, twitching and light crying. Five hours of her eyes rolling back into her head and bloody froth coming from her mouth while Marlene, her mother, did nothing.

When it finally appeared that Hailey wasn’t going to magically get better on her own, her mother finally called 911.

Paramedics arrived and took the unconscious toddler to the hospital, where she was put on life support with head injuries and a punctured lung.

Edwin Garcia and Medina were arrested and questioned. It didn’t take long for them to start pointing fingers at each other.

Garcia confessed to losing his temper and throwing Hailey into the playpen, but pointed out that Marlene had hit Hailey before and once hit her hard enough to cause her to fall off their bed.

“I saw her smack the baby off the bed and she hit the floor hard,” said Edwin. “I didn’t want to say it, but she has hit the baby before. She’s smacked her in the face.”

Both Garcia and Medina even accused Hailey of having “behavior problems.”

“She doesn’t listen. She screams and cries for no reason,” Garcia said during questioning.

While Marlene Medina was being questioned, she expressed more concern over losing her apartment than she did for little Hailey.

“Am I going to jail? If I go to jail, I’m going to lose my apartment. All my stuff is in the apartment,” she said.

Hailey Gonzalez didn’t get better. She was declared brain dead and taken off life support at 8 in the morning on the 13th of August of 2007, six days after being admitted into the hospital.

Her heart was donated for transplantation.

Garcia is charged with second-degree murder; Medina with second-degree manslaughter.

When Marlene Medina found out that she was only being charged with manslaughter, she announced, “That’s not too bad, I’ll be out in three to five,” and went on to complain about jail food.

Sonia Cintron, Hailey’s paternal grandmother, told the press, “Here’s a woman who has really shown no remorse at all. None.” She added that she thought Medina’s attitude and conduct was disgusting.

I think we can all agree on that, can’t we? At the very least?

Niven Andrew Todd

It’s hard to believe that there are people out there that are this screwed up, but…hey.

44-year-old salesman, Niven Andrew Todd, took regular business trips to Hastings, where he met a woman.

Really, they’re everywhere. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting one.

This particular woman had a 13-year-old daughter. This girl had been living with her grandparents, after spending some time in foster care. Her father is currently serving a prison term.

Maybe this gives you some kind of idea of the environment the girl grew up in.

Is it as bad as the environment that the chick who writes Violent Acres grew up in? Probably.

As you can imagine, Niven Todd started his sexual pursuit of this girl fairly early. The first night he met her, in fact.

On Easter, Niven Todd and the girl’s mother showed up unannounced where this girl was staying with her grandparents.

They took her out to dinner and a movie.

During the movie, Niven Todd started to kiss and fondle the girl while her mother sat next to them.

After the movie was over, everyone went to Mr. Todd’s motel room, where the girl’s mom filled the hot tub with water while Niven Todd gave the girl a few drinks, some drugs, and basically got her so screwed up that she didn’t know what was going on.

Todd tried to get the girl to orally pleasure him, but she “bit it,” which brought on a slap from her mother.

The three had sex, in the hot tub and on the bed.

When it was all said and done, she was driven to her grandparents house and told not to tell what went on that night or she would get into trouble.

The next morning the girl’s mother told Todd that she “would prefer it if he didn’t have sex with her daughter again.”

Strong as steel, that woman.

The abuse didn’t stop that night. There were at least three other instances when Niven Todd manipulated circumstances to get this girl and her mother together into bed with him.

The sexual abuse would have continued, but the girl’s cellphone was confiscated by school officials at some point, who read stored messages to her from Niven Todd. The messages alarmed them due to their sexual content and prompted them to get the police involved. Once police started interviewing the girl’s mother and Niven Todd, the whole house of cards came crashing down.

The girl’s mother admitted her part in the incidents, including that she had performed oral sex on her daughter. She is now serving a prison sentence.

Niven Todd, who is HIV-positive, admitted during trial that he had performed indecent acts on the 13-year-old and that they had sex. He denied that he raped the girl, however, stating that she was enthusiastic about the encounters and that everything that occurred was consensual.

He never used a condom or any kind of protection while having sex with this girl, who is probably really, really, REALLY screwed up now.

Jose Luis Rubi-Nava

36-year-old Jose Luis Rubi-Nava is one of 30 million or so illegal immigrants from Mexico residing on American soil, doing jobs that Americans won’t do.

Jose Rubi-Nava has his family back in Mexico that he regularly sends money to. His wife needs the money because she is taking care of Jose’s three sons, whose ages range between 3 and 12.

The money that Jose Rubi-Nava made was from his work at a Burger King and a variety of landscaping companies.

In his spare time, Jose Rubi-Nava would hang out his apartment that he shared with three roommates, one of whom was his girlfriend, 49-year-old Luz Maria Franco Fierro, another illegal immigrant from the southern parts of Mexico.

Fierro left behind three daughters and a son in Mexico. She was also sending money home.

20-year-old Cesar Gustavo Flores, their roommate and yet another illegal immigrant, said the couple sometimes argued violently.

Lately, the pair had been arguing over whether or not Fierro had been seeing other men.

On the 18th of September in 2006, Jose Rubi-Nava got the last word, as he beat his girlfriend senseless, wrapped a nylon strap around Fierro’s neck and tied it to his car.

Right after he tied her to the car bumper, he stated, “If you want death, here it is.”

Then he went for a drive.

He stopped a little more than a mile from where he started, cut her body loose and drove off.

Luz Maria Franco Fierro’s body was found at the end of a 1.3 mile blood trail, along the side of the road near a subdivision about 20 miles south of Denver.

From what authorities say, her body was so mutilated and disfigured from being drug behind Jose Rubi-Nava’s car that they couldn’t initially identify whether the body was a man or a woman.

Reports from the autopsy indicate that Fierro was strangled as she was dragged. Her head split open as it repeatedly bounced against the pavement. Her skin was torn where it was pulled against asphalt.

Police arrested Jose Luis Rubi-Nava when they found a tattered and bloodstained picture of him on Fierros’ body.

Jose was charged with first-degree murder, second-degree kidnapping and possessing and using fraudulent government documents.

Rubi-Nava pled not guilty, despite the written confession he signed and gave to investigators when he was questioned in 2006. In that confession he stated that he had waited four hours for her to get off work before beating the crap out of her and doing the dragging thing.

His defense lawyer, Tamara Brady, claims that Jose Rubi-Nava is a significantly mentally retarded individual, with an IQ of about 66. She’s trying to get him declared mentally retarded by the court, probably because he’d be executed otherwise.

After all, you can’t execute a retarded individual.

That’d be cruel.

Almost as cruel as dragging a woman to her death for 1.3 miles.

The judge presiding over this case set a hearing for the 26th of October to determine what the state mental hospital thinks about Jose Rubi-Nava’s “retardation.” The judge also told prosecutors that they would have to decide by October 2nd whether or not they’ll seek the death penalty.

This timing is plainly advantageous to Jose, who unlike your typical retarded individual, was evidently some kind of super-retard.

After all, only a super-retard could procure fake documents, make the trip from Mexico to the United States, find several jobs, and manage to figure out how to send money back home to his wife and three kids while he’s having a good time with his girlfriend in Colorado.

Fierros, or whatever was left of her that could be scraped off the street, was buried in Mexico.

When we find out where Jose Rubi-Nava will be buried, we’ll let you know.

William Bates

I have a feeling that 19-year-old William Bates won’t be invited to any MENSA meetings anytime soon.

While committing a robbery at a gas station close to his house, Mr. Bates shot a customer in the arm because the guy wouldn’t give Mr. William Bates his wallet. He got away with the money in the cash register.

Shortly after his successful robbery, William Bates called the police to report the crime and claimed to be a witness.

He was arrested a few hours later at a convenience store close by while he tried to dispose of the gun in a barrel of ice.

William Bates had a trial in June, pled guilty to assault with a firearm and was sentenced to two years in a state prison.

Yeah, he’s a dumbass, but wait…his story gets even better.

Ten days before the gas station robbery, at 10:20 at night, William Bates held up a 23-year-old woman and her two friends – one male and one female – who were enjoying an evening stroll in the middle of a local park.

William Bates walked up to them and asked if they were friends with someone that he knew. The group, of course, told him they didn’t know what he was talking about and tried to walk away.

William Bates followed the group until they were close to a short bridge, then ran up and pulled a gun on them.

Ordering the three to hand over their cell phones and money, William Bates told the 23-year-old’s two friends to sit under the bridge for a little bit.

Once the two had sat down, Mr. Bates told the woman, “You’re gonna do me a favor,” ordered her to take her pants off and raped her at gunpoint, while forcing her friends to watch.

After he finished, Bates ran off with the trio’s cell phones. The woman and her friends returned to a house nearby and called police, but Bates was never found.


A few weeks after the incident in the park, the woman was e-mailed by a friend who didn’t know about the rape.

Her friend sent her a photo that had been sent from the woman’s cell phone and asked why she had sent her a picture of a stranger – some black guy in a white shirt standing in front of a house.

The cell phone which sent out the picture was, of course, her stolen cell phone.

The police couldn’t believe it either:

We couldn’t believe that he sent a picture of himself to one of her contacts. I don’t know if he knew he did it, but we can only assume it was an accident,” said a detective. That was kind of a big break in the case for us. Eventually, DNA might have caught him anyway, but this expedited it.

Police used phone records to find out where the phone had been used, and found the house in the background of this photo.

They asked the residents who this guy was.

“Why, that’s William Bates, but he’s in prison right now!”

William Bates was interviewed by detectives and said that the sex was consensual.

The nurse who examined the woman the night of the rape clearly stated on the rape report that the sex had been inflicted on the woman and was definitely non-consensual.

William Bates gave police a sample of his DNA and it matched the DNA collected from the rape victim, of course.

With that photo, and with DNA taken from him while he was in prison, the prosecution should have an easy time finding Mr. Bates a place to stay in Tehachapi State Prison for a good long time. He’s been charged with rape and is waiting in prison for his trial.

Jose Ignacio Avina

What can society do with a 14-year-old serial rapist?

Jose Ignacio Avina, who at the time of this posting is 17, was just 14 years old back in 2004.

In 2004, on three separate dates between the 4th of October and the 15th of November, Jose Ignacio Avina robbed and orally and anally raped three boys who were between the ages of 12 and 14 while they were walking home from school.

A fourth boy, who was targeted an hour after Jose Avina had performed his last rape escaped from the knife-wielding teen before any sexual assault could take place.

During the trial, despite being visibly nervous, the three rape victims testified that Jose Avina had put a knife to their throats and raped them.

A medical specialist corroborated their stories, testifying that Jose Avina’s sperm was found in the victim’s rectums after the assaults were reported.

It was also mentioned that there was blunt force trauma evident inside these kids, along with tears in skin of the affected areas.

Tried as an adult, Jose Ignacio Avina was found guilty on the 13th of August in 2007.

If the judge agrees that Jose Avina should be sentenced as an adult, he faces a minimum of 25 years in prison.

If, on the other hand, the judge considers Jose a juvenile, Jose could get out of prison on his 25th birthday.

Robert DeKoven, a writer for the Gay And Lesbian Times had this to say about Jose Avina and his crimes:

I can’t help but think that Jose Ignacio Avina is being singled out because his victims are males and that his crime involves homosexual rape. And, by engaging in oral copulation with another male, his criminal profile is stigmatized as a “gay” crime.

There’s no adult penal facility that has the capacity for housing a violent gay teen, nor can it provide the kind of counseling and rehab that would prevent Avina from turning into a gay mass murderer (e.g., John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer). And, because of the nature of his crimes, Avina could be subjected to rape and even murder.

What sounds fair to you? Do we want a kid that is this messed up on the streets again? Does he deserve Hell?

The sentencing portion of the trial was originally supposed to get underway on the 30th of November, 2007, but was delayed a few times.


On the 13th of June, 2008, Jose Ignacio Avina was sentenced to 64 years to life in prison. Here’s the Orange County District Attorney press release:

SANTA ANA – An 18-year-old man was sentenced today to 64 years to life in prison for committing a series of forcible sodomies and robberies when he was 14 years old against three young boys as they walked to and from school in Anaheim. Jose Ignacio Avina, Anaheim, was directly filed and tried as an adult and found guilty by a jury on Aug. 13, 2007, of felonies for two counts of sodomy by force, one count of forcible oral copulation, one count of kidnapping to commit a sexual offense, two counts of kidnapping to commit robbery, two counts of second degree robbery, two counts of dissuading a witness by force or threat, and one count of attempted second degree robbery. The jury also found true the sentencing enhancement for the personal use of a deadly weapon.

On Oct. 4, 2004, then 14-year-old Avina approached 12-year-old John Doe #1, who was walking home from school. He forced the victim to go to the defendant’s house, held up a knife and threatened the victim. Avina sodomized John Doe #1 at his home.

On Oct. 27, 2004, the defendant approached 13-year-old John Doe #2, who was walking to school. Avina pulled out a knife and ordered the victim to move into an alley. He threatened and robbed the victim before the victim was able to run and escape.

On Nov.15, 2004, Avina attacked John Doe #3, 12, while the victim was walking to school. Avina forced the victim at knife point into a secluded storage unit. He robbed John Doe #3 and forcefully sodomized him. That same day, Avina attempted to rob another 12-year-old boy at knife point, but the victim was able to run away.

Senior Deputy District Attorney Kal Kaliban prosecuted this case.