Alexander Pichushkin

The world according to Alexander Pichushkin:

For me, a life without murder is like a life without food for you. I felt like the father of all these people, since it was I who opened the door for them to another world.


Ok then.

Alexander Pichushkin grew up in a divorced household, raised by his mother after his dad left her alone shortly after Alexander was born.

He never really got along with other kids in his neighborhood and kept to himself most of the time.

In 1991, when he was 17, Mr. Pichushkin fell in love with 17-year-old Olga Maksheeva, a girl who lived in his neighborhood. They dated for a while, but Olga lost interest quickly and left him.

She then fell in love with a 20-year-old man named Sergei Kozyrev, which upset Mr. Pichushkin. In the spring of 1992, Sergei Kozyrev was found dead in his apartment. Pichushkin was questioned but never arrested.

In 2002, Olga Maksheeva herself was found dead in a pond.

Those two deaths were just the start for now 33-year-old Alexander Pichushkin, who was arrested in June of 2006 for murder after investigators found his name and phone number on a piece of paper. The paper had been written on by a woman who was killed in the park, and the message was for her son. Pichushkin was an acquaintance of the woman from his work as a shopkeeper’s assistant.

During questioning, unable to keep his pride in check, Alexander Pichushkin confessed to not only the murder of that woman, but 61 other murders over the last decade.

In response to media speculation that Alexander Pichushkin had been tortured into confessing, the Russian government allowed television crews to videotape and interview the Bitsevsky Maniac for themselves, which they did.

Alexander Pichushkin loved it, and related tons of details related to his murders.

Evidently, most of Alexander’s victims were killed when he threw them into a sewage pit after they were too drunk to understand what was happening to them. A few were killed with blows from a hammer to their skulls.

The majority of the people Alexander Pichushkin killed were middle-aged to elderly, and most were men. Alexander Pichushkin claimed that he didn’t like how they bitched about life’s problems, so he killed them to provide the ultimate solution.

Alexander Pichushkin also claims that he orgasmed every time he watched someone die in pain.

Despite all this, experts at Russia’s largest mental hospital have pronounced Alexander Pichushkin sane.

Alexander Pichushkin faces a possibility of life in prison if he is convicted. Russia, having gone soft in the last few years, has decided to stop executing criminals. Russia hasn’t officially killed anyone in years.


Alexander Pichushkin was sentenced to life in prison with the first 15 years to be spent in solitary confinement.

Michael John Bowden

26-year-old Michael John Bowden, pictured to the left, is a veteran who served his time in Iraq.

Michael John Bowden met a 26-year-old woman named Anahi Ferrando in New York, and they hit it off. He moved to Utah to live with her and her 5-year-old daughter, Jade Ferrando.

After they lived together for a while, Anahi Ferrando decided to join the military, mostly so that she could ensure her daughter received appropriate medical care, care that would be too expensive if she was a private citizen. She envisioned getting married to Michael and the family living together on base housing.

Taking care of any 5-year-old can be a chore, but little Jade’s care was somewhat more problematic because she has severe spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. As you can imagine, the girl is pretty much helpless without someone around to care for her.

Because she was scheduled to ship out to Iraq, Anahi Ferrando left Jade Ferrando in Michael Bowden’s care, legally enabling her unemployed boyfriend to take out $1200 a month for living expenses from her military pay that was deposited directly into her account while she was out dodging bullets.

When Anahi left for Iraq in April of 2006, Jade Ferrando weighed 30 pounds and looked like this:

And this is what Jade Ferrando looked like on the 22nd of August, 2006:

A bit of a difference there, huh?

In the ‘after’ photo, Jade Ferrando weighed only 13 pounds.

Yes, that’s right – this five-year-old girl weighed 13 pounds. According to doctors, she was near dead from starvation.

The only reason Jade survived was that her grandfather, Rafael Ferrando, persisted in his attempts to visit with his granddaughter. Michael Bowden tried to put him off, but Rafael was able to see the girl on the 18th of August.

What he saw frightened him, as it would frighten anyone with a speck of common sense.

Rafael Ferrando went to court on the 22nd of August to get an ex parte protective order, which was granted.

With police at his side, he went to where Michael Bowden was keeping Jade and took the girl to the hospital.

The police arrested Bowden.

Not only did Michael Bowden not take care of Jade, but he also blew through $14,000 of her mother’s money. When Anahi Ferrando came back from Iraq, she found her bank account was $800 in the hole.

Michael John Bowden was charged with second-degree felony child abuse for his deliberate neglect and abuse of the girl.

During the trial, which didn’t last long due to Bowden pleading guilty to third-degree felony child abuse, his defense attorney claimed that Michael Bowden suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, was drinking heavily to self-medicate, was incapable of caring for himself or anyone else, and did not intend to hurt the girl.

Michael Bowden was convicted of second-degree felony child abuse on the 10th of August, 2007. He will be evaluated at a mental institution for 90 days before being sentenced. He could serve up to 15 years.

Jade Ferrando survived, due to the medical care that was finally given to her. She had grown 4 inches by December of 2006, and now weighs about 35 pounds, according to her mother, who testified at Michael Bowden’s trial.


Michael John Bowden was sentenced to 1-15 years in state prison.

Calvin Sharp

On the 12th of August, 2007 at about 9 at night, Calvin Sharp showed up at his ex-girlfriend’s house.

Calvin Sharp didn’t call 33-year-old Sandra Ruiz first, because he knew she didn’t want to see him, having broken up with the druggie six months prior.

From the moment she opened the door to talk with him, they started arguing. Sandra Ruiz tried to get Calvin Sharp to stay outside, but he forced his way in and continued the argument there.

Sometime during the verbal confrontation, something snapped in Calvin. At about 9:30, Calvin Sharp got annoyed at Sandra Ruiz’s 6-year-old son, Sev’n Molina, and grabbed a meat cleaver from the kitchen.

Calvin Sharp chased the little boy out of the apartment, swinging that meat cleaver at the kid’s head and body.

They all ran out into the courtyard of an apartment complex in Thousand Oaks, California, the terrified boy, the drug-crazed taxi driver, followed by the boy’s horrified mother.

Calvin Sharp, yelling that he was upset with the amount of video games the boy played, caught up with Sev’n and hacked at the boy’s head with the cleaver, killing him while shrieking, “Die die die.” The boy, terrified out of his mind, tried to scramble away, but Calvin was too fast – hitting the boy in the head several times.

Sandra Ruiz tried to stop the senseless attack on her son, but couldn’t keep the frenzied Calvin Sharp from his mission of mutilation. She was also stabbed and slashed by Calvin.

Her hand was nearly severed from her wrist.

A neighbor later told authorities, “You couldn’t even tell what color her hair was it was so bloody.”

Once Calvin focused his attack towards Sandra Ruiz, an older, 53-year-old woman named Diana Cox – who also lived at the apartment complex – ran at the 5-foot 8-inch Calvin and tackled him, knocking the meat cleaver out of his hand.

Once this woman had jumped in, another man ran in to help subdue Calvin Sharp, who, when police arrived, needed several shots from a tazer before he could be arrested.

Apparently, Calvin Sharp’s reason for initiating the slaughter was that his ex-girlfriend had cheated on him and was sleeping with all his friends.

Calvin Sharp has a MySpace page. Someone with access to it is changing it around a little bit. The picture that Calvin had featured was the one with him and the joint that I’ve posted. Now there’s one of him and a boy.

This boy doesn’t have a cleaver in his skull, however.


Calvin Sharp appeared in court on the 29th of May, 2008 and again had his arraignment postponed to give more time for his lawyers to gather information from defense experts. Ventura County Superior Court Judge Kevin McGee set an arraignment date for November 17, 2008.

Justice seems to be being delayed here.

Prosecutor Maeve Fox said she expects a trial date to be set after Sharp is arraigned, and that the district attorney hasn’t decided whether to seek the death penalty. According to the prosecutor, she expects that Calvin Sharp’s lawyers will share information with the district attorney so prosecutors can make a better decision on whether the death penalty is applicable in the case.

Sharp’s lawyer, when asked whether he was considering entering a not guilty plea by reason of insanity for his client, replied:

We will consider all possible pleas that benefit our client.

Roy Lee Morton


Imagine that you’re a 38-year-old ex-felon with no particularly marketable skills.

You’re home from a hard day’s work at the warehouse.

Your girlfriend, Theresa, is in the kitchen making some food for the both of you.

She’s topless.

You’re watching porn on the living room television.

Your girlfriend, rightly annoyed, mentions that the guy in that porno you’re watching is much better looking than you are.

Roy Lee Morton chose the second option.

After yelling, “I’m going to kill you, you fucking bitch,” he threw a chair and a TV tray at Theresa as she ran out into the apartment hallway.

She was able to call 911 on her cellphone, but Roy Morton caught up to her and tore the phone out of her hands, head butting her and slamming her down to the ground with a flurry of punches.

As she was lying, stunned, on the ground, Roy Morton put both of his hands on her throat and squeezed until she was almost unconscious.

Dropping his pants while standing over his topless, beaten-up girlfriend, he hung his butt over Teresa’s face and said, “Now I’m going to shit on you.”

Fortunately for Teresa, Roy Morton was unable to defecate at the time and she was able to escape from him and run out into the street, where a police cruiser was pulling up in response to her call.

Seeing the police, Morton begged his girlfriend to say nothing and repeatedly told her that he loved her.

Theresa had severe injuries on her face, including her eyes cheeks, chin and nose. Her throat and jaw had marks. Her legs and chest had fresh bruises. The cops saw the injuries Morton had inflicted on her and took him away.

During Morton’s trial – which lasted seven days, he told the jury that any injuries Theresa had were from his efforts at self-defense when she attacked him.

It wasn’t the first time he’d been in a courtroom, so you’d think he would have had thought up a better defense.

In 1996, Roy Morton stole a motorcycle, for which he got 60 days in jail. Two months later, he stole a car and spent 30 days in jail. Six months after he served his time for that, he stole a truck and was given another 30 days.

In 1987, Roy Morton broke into a home, was caught and sentenced to two years in prison.

In 1990, he returned to the stealing cars game, but Roy Morton was caught again and sentenced to three years in jail.

He got out in 1992, but then cops arrested him for DUI and resisting arrest, which got him 16 months.

In 1995, Roy Morton graduated to assault, when he beat up a woman. Two years later, he raped a different woman and got seven years in prison for it.

In 2003, his probation was revoked when he stole a child.

In 2004, after being released, he beat up Theresa.

This time, Roy Lee Morton was sentenced to 12 years.

For those of my readers who occasionally need love advice, I have this to offer:

Don’t try to kill your topless girlfriend.

Turn the television off, take your girlfriend in your arms and tell her you love her while leading her into the bedroom. When you’re done, come out and eat that food.

You’ll feel better, trust me.

Eric Jackson

Tamnika Spencer was out on her Deli on the 7th of August, 2007 when saw 41-year-old Eric Jackson driving by in his Crown Victoria.

That he was driving by wasn’t unusual. The fact that a dog was tied to his bumper was.

Apparently she had a problem with the dog, an Akita, being dragged behind Eric Jackson’s car bumper, while howling and crying in pain.

Her co-worker, Tabatha Solomon, heard the commotion and came running outside. She saw the man stop his car and roll down his window.

Not being one to mind her own business, she yelled at the man, screaming out, “Hey you’re dragging a dog!”

A reasonable question, to which Eric Jackson replied, “Is it dead yet?”

Police were called and the dog was left for dead by Mr. Jackson, who sped off.

Eric Jackson’s wife, Deloria Carter, claims her husband wasn’t trying to harm the Akita. He’d never do that, she said.

Deloria Carter claimed that Jackson was just trying to protect the kids in the neighborhood by moving the dog to a different location after it had attacked their family’s dog and scared their kids.

The dog survived the experience and is recuperating in the local humane society.

Eric Jackson was arrested by police for animal cruelty.

My personal advice? Take a plea bargain and avoid a jury trial, Mr. Jackson.

Stuart Joaquin

This is 49-year-old Stuart Joaquin.

Hey, let me ask you something.

You’re living next to your brother and his four kids in New Ipswich, New Hampshire.

Your brother has left, taking one of the kids to camp while leaving the oldest boy, a 15-year-old, in charge.

At about 7 in the morning, you look out your window and see a car in your brother’s driveway that shouldn’t be there.

You ask yourself, “Now who can that be?”

So you get your husband and walk over to the house to check up on the situation.

You walk into the house, walk through it a little bit, and come across the door to the 11-year-old girl’s room.

As you enter this room, in your brother’s house, to check on the sleeping girl, you see this man, 49-year-old Stuart Joaquin, sexually molesting your niece.

Yes, you actually catch him in the act. It’s going on right in front of you.

So let me ask you. What would you do?

Well, that all happened on the morning of Tuesday, the 7th of August, 2007. Stuart Joaquin drove up to this family’s house, walked in, found the girl sleeping on her bed and sexually assaulted her. The aunt, noticing a car was sitting in the driveway, but knowing the father wasn’t home, walked over with her husband and caught Stuart Joaquin in the act.

While her husband talked to Stuart, she called the police.

Stuart just kind of stayed there until police arrived.

Now he’s in jail, charged with one felony count of burglary and one felony count of aggravated sexual assault.

He has a $25,000 bail, in case you wanted to bail him out.


On the 13th of May, 2008, Stuart Joaquin, who pled guilty to a single count of aggravated felonious sexual assault, was sentenced to four to 15 years in prison. This means that Stuart may be paroled after serving four years if he completes the prison’s sex offender treatment program – which is about as rigorous as sitting down in a large, comfortable couch.

According to a counselor at the Child Advocacy Center, the girl slept through the assault and later told that counselor that she did not remember being molested.

Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes

Here is a picture of the Petit family.

That’s 17-year-old Heyley Petit, 11-year-old Michaela Petit, and 48-year-old Jennifer Hawke-Petit, wife of 50-year-old Dr. William Petit, a a noted specialist in diabetes and endocrinology and the medical director of the Joslin Diabetes Center Affiliate at The Hospital of Central Connecticut in New Britain.

Janet Petit worked as a nurse and co-director of a local boarding school.

Hayley started a charity which was named “Hayley’s Hope.” Through her charity, she raised over $50,000 to fight multiple sclerosis, which her mother had been diagnosed with 8 years prior. She was also co-editor in chief of the school newspaper, co-captain of the crew team and a member of the basketball and cross country teams.

She had been accepted to Dartmouth.

They were a happy family.

This is Joshua Komisarjevsky.

26-year-old Joshua was born to teenage parents who gave him up as a child. He was adopted by the wealthy Komisarjevsky family, whose lineage includes famous theater director Theodore Komisarjevsky.

His adopted parents are rather well-to-do and live two minutes from the Petit family.

Always a distant child, Joshua Komisarjevsky committed his first burglary at the age of 14. He’s been in and out of jails ever since.

He has a 5-year-old daughter, which he was given sole custody of.

At one point, Joshua Komisarjevsky met Steven Hayes, probably while they were living at the same halfway house.

This is 44-year-old Steven Hayes.

Hayes’ criminal record dates back to 1980 and includes more than two dozen convictions for burglary, larceny, marijuana possession, theft of a firearm and escape from custody.

On July 23rd, at 2 in the morning, Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes were out on parole after serving time for burglary. They reported to a parole officer on a weekly basis and both had full-time jobs.

On July 23rd, at 3 in the morning, Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes kicked in the door to the Petit residence, expecting to do a quick burglary job and split the proceeds.

The problem was, the Petit family was home at the time.

The two career felons beat down Dr. Petit, giving him head injuries that would send him to the hospital.

Steven Haynes tied up and raped Mrs. Petit. Joshua Komisarjevsky tied up the two girls and raped little 11-year-old Michaela Petit.

Once they were done, they waited with the family, having their fun until the banks opened in the morning.

They arranged to have Mrs. Petit accompany one of them to the bank to make a withdrawal of $15,000. During this bank visit, Mrs. Petit was able to alert the teller that something was wrong. The teller called police, who went to the Petit house to check things out.

Taking Mrs. Petit back to her house, Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes strangled and killed her.

Setting the house on fire to cover their tracks, they left the rest of the Petit family, still alive, to die in the fire.

Dr. Petit made it out. The two girls died of smoke inhalation.

Both Komisarjevsky and Hayes were caught when they rammed three police vehicles as the two were leaving the Petit house while driving the Petit family’s SUV.

So what do you think should be done with Mr. Komisarjevsky and Mr. Hayes?

Do you think Restorative Justice would work for Dr. William Petit?

Do you think a nice long sit-down conversation with the career criminals who, while out on parole, invaded his house, raped his wife and daughters, killed them, and set his house on fire would make him feel better?

The two have been hit with six counts of capital felony murder, among other charges, such as sexual assault.

The prosecutor is pursuing the death penalty. That’s probably the best choice.

Michael Stoner

Have you seen this man?

His name is Michael Stoner. He’s the 26-year-old guy with the neck brace, felony record and bad hair.

The woman sitting next to him is his fiance, 21-year-old Crystal Manning.

That is a picture taken from one of their interviews after the I-35W bridge collapsed. Their encounter with gravity made national news, after it was reported that they were driving to visit their comatose child over the bridge to a Children’s Hospital as the bridge collapsed.

Their vehicle splashed down into the river, overturned and sank, but they were able to swim away.

Ok, how about this man? Have you seen this man?

Michael StonerNo neck brace, but he’s still got the hair.

He also has a brand-spanking-new charge of felony child abuse.

Apparently Michael Stoner lied a little tiny bit about the reason 2-year-old Emmaline Manning was having seizures. He said that she had fallen down the stairs.

The real reason, according to doctors treating the child, is that someone, (Michael Stoner) possibly someone she was living with, (Michael Stoner) picked her up and shook her like a rag doll, (Michael Stoner) inflicting possibly fatal injuries to the little girl’s brain. (Michael Stoner)

Stoner, realizing that he had really messed this kid up, drove her to the cafe where her mother was working. Picking up mommy, they all drove to a local hospital, who airlifted the child to Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.

As the couple was speeding heroically over the bridge towards the Children’s hospital, the bridge collapsed, dumping their Jeep into the drink.

Hey, at least that part was true.

Stoner, being the only person who had been with Emmaline Manning throughout the day, was arrested after doctors notified authorities about the true nature of the little girl’s injuries, which are quite extensive.

Apparently her brain has been injured severely in such a way that it could not have been caused by falling down stairs. Doctors had to remove half of the girl’s skull to manage the swelling.

In addition, one of her legs had a long, large burn. She also has bite marks on her body that are definitely human.

It is entirely possible that Emmaline Manning could die. Her condition has been downgraded from critical to grave.

It is also entirely possible that Michael Stoner will be charged with murder if she doesn’t make it.

Considering there were both old and new bruises on the girl, her mother could be charged with something as well.

Time will tell.


On the 29th of July, 2008, Michael Stoner entered a no contest plea to his charge of second-degree reckless endangerment and obstructing an officer.

According to District Attorney Michael Bitney, who made a statement after the plea was announced:

Extensive negotiations were able to result in a plea agreement where there’s at least some acknowledgment on his part that these injuries were caused by other than accidental means.

According to Michael Stoner, his no contest plea to felony charges that he recklessly endangered his fiancée’s daughter does not mean he hurt the girl:

I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place on this situation. I don’t feel that any of these proceedings have been fair at all. I don’t think the truth has been told.

Prosecutors are frustrated with the no contest plea, claiming that Michael Stoner has been lying the entire time about how Emma Manning was hurt. Michael Stoner was alone with the toddler on the day that she was hurt and claimed that she fell down a flight of stairs. Emma Manning was comatose when she arrived at the hospital – unresponsive with a blown pupil, bruises, and massive head trauma. According to medical experts, her injuries were too severe for that explanation:

There’s no way these injuries could have been caused by a fall down the stairs.

Unfortunately, since Stoner’s story never wavered, investigators say their case was tough to prove:

Our witness is a 2 year old child who’s severely mentally handicapped. She’s our only witness, and she can’t tell us what happened to her.

Police believe Stoner not only hurt the girl, but also failed to help her. According to police timelines, Michael Stoner waited to call a doctor, passed two hospitals before taking Emma to the emergency room, then later lied to detectives – all things that delayed her treatment and made her condition worse:

These are lifelong injuries that she’ll have to suffer. She’ll have significant injuries for her life. It’s a life sentence for this little girl. A lot less than what Mr. Stoner is facing.

Michael Stoner’s sentence could be for a prison term of no more than 13 years. has been unable to uncover his sentencing date.

Several friends and relatives of Michael Stoner have crawled out from the woodwork, making statements online about how Michael is innocent:

As i sit here and read these comments about the terrible things people wish on Mike it disgusts me. I have known him all my life and he did not do anything wrong! If you have the stoner name around this area you will never get a fair trial and the authorities are gunning for you.. Ive seen it happen just not to Mike but other members of the family. So you sit there in your homes and offices and make you judgements, your assumptions, and your evil wishes on am innocent man. I know the truth and for people to pass judgement without knowing a person is just plain ignorant and just shows to me that the world is filled with ignorance and selfishnes. So to all that pass these judgements think before you say things it just makes you look stupid!


Ok what is it you people need to know about This situation.. No one wants to hear about an innocent man and his love for emma and crystal. I was there at the last court appearance and i watched a family being torn apart because of yes the stoner name and through out the family history of the family i have watched the legal system railroad members of it right into no other choice but to plead guilty because they would nopt stand a fair trial in washburn county!

why can’t you leave this young man Mike Stoner alone he is our blood and we love him he did nothing wrong were you there I think not what do you know nothing we do he has servred his time and then some back off while your ahead and leave this family alone and for Boknowslife you know so much you must be related to us and in denial maybe you should check your family tree geta life or dig for who you really are

why can’t you All get a life you were not there we know our family we are very close were you there do you have proff of anything

No, I suppose we don’t have any proff of anything.

Todd Hoke and Nicolas Castillo

Amber Hess should have chosen better friends.

16-year-olds Todd Hoke and Nicolas Castillo both attended Coolidge High School, in Queen Creek, Arizona. 17-year-old Amber Hess, who had just graduated from that school, lived just a little way from their houses and hung out with the two boys all the time, playing video games and talking to them on the phone.

According to Amber Hess’ mother, Candy Hess, Todd Hoke was like a brother to Amber.

Unfortunately, the circle of friends that the trio ran with was rumored to be rife with teen pregnancy and gang membership.

On the 27th of June, 2007, Amber Hess’ parents, Michael and Candy, went out of town on vacation to Puerto Penasco. They returned on June 24th and found their daughter missing.

They did find some disturbing things around the house, however. Things like blood, torn curtains and overturned furniture. There was, among other things, a missing handgun.

So the Hess family called the police and got a search underway.

A burned body was found a day later. While it could have been Amber Hess’ body, dental records had to be checked to prove it was, in fact, the missing girl. Amber, during the last moments of her life, had been beaten, stabbed and tied up. The blow that probably killed Amber Hess was a knife thrust to her aorta.

Amber’s 2002 Mitsubishi with it’s Playboy bunny sticker on the back was located on the 26th of June just down the street from one of the boys’ homes. Evidence found in the car linked Todd Hoke and Nicolas Castillo to the murder.

It helped investigators that, during the investigation, there were a lot of people willing to talk to police about what happened to Amber. Evidently the word had gotten out among the teenage community in the area that Amber had been killed before her parents had even gotten off the plane.

Amber and Todd Hoke evidently had some kind of falling out a while back, where Hoke called Amber an unkind word. Feelings were hurt, the way they always are in teenagers.

Todd planned retribution for weeks. Once he heard Amber’s parents were out of town, he saw his chance.

Todd Hoke and Nicolas Castillo invited Amber out to see ‘Evan Almighty’ on June 22nd. They had a good time.

Once they returned to Amber Hess’ house, the killing began.

Nick CastilloAfter extensive investigation, a driver was found who identified Nicolas Castillo, telling investigators that he had seen Castillo drag a Hefty trash bag to a Mitsubishi that looked an awful lot like Amber’s.

Another witness claimed that early on the 24th of June, Hoke had taken a few cleaning sponges from his kitchen sink. Hoke had claimed that Castillo was going to come pick him up because they had business to take care of. That witness said that Hoke had lost his shirt and that there were fingernail scratches on his chest and arms.

Amber Hess’ iPod, as well as a DVD and a video camera belonging to the Hess family, were found in the house where Nicolas Castillo lived. A disk showing a Hess family holiday was in the camera.

Castillo and Hoke were arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

Hoke confessed and tearfully asked Amber Hess’ mother to forgive him.

I’m sure Candy Hess will get right on that.

Sheriff Vasquez stated, regarding Hoke’s confession, “There’s no remorse in either one, cocky, the only time they showed any type of emotion is when they found out they were being charged, but up until then no remorse at all, didn’t care.”

So why did they do it?

Well, it’s entirely possible that Amber Hess was pregnant. There were a lot of her friends that were pregnant, and teen pregnancy has been a growing problem in the area. I’m sure we’ll hear more about that soon, because investigators have sent her uterus off for some testing.

Pinal County Sheriff Chris Vasquez stated, “We’re sending it off to verify if that’s true or not and at this time, we don’t know.”

Maybe a pregnancy, combined with the falling out Amber had with Todd Hoke, and possibly some perceived disrespect to his fledgling gangsta ego was enough to flip that little switch that keeps people from doing horrible things.

Regardless, these two will probably spend a lot of time in prison.

Hoke and Castillo’s next court date is set for September 17th of 2007.

Do these two deserve Hell, being so young? You tell me.


For your amusement, here is Nicolas Castillo’s MySpace page, and Todd Hoke’s MySpace page.

Here is the MySpace page of Amber Hess.

Todd Hoke and Nicolas Castillo will face trial on the 5th of May, 2009. They will be tried as adults on seven charges nearly two years after the death of 17-year-old Amber LeAnn Hess.

Both teens face charges including first-degree murder, burglary and concealment of a dead body.

Both have pled not guilty to all charges.


In 2010, Hoke was sentenced to life in prison for first degree murder. Castillo was sentenced to 24 years behind bars.

In 2013, Todd Hoke killed himself in prison.

Sametta Heyward

When you’re a single mother, it can be hard to make ends meet sometimes.

27-year-old Sametta Heyward had just moved herself and her two kids into a 285-square foot apartment about 15 miles from Charleston, South Carolina. Rent was $185 a week.

Times were tough and Sametta Heyward had made some choices with her life that she might not have if given a second chance.

In January, Sametta had given up a new baby for adoption. A 12-year-old boy of hers was living with his father in Maryland.

She had been arrested twice in the last three years, but wasn’t convicted of any of the relatively minor charges brought against her.

Sametta Heyward found a job as a helper with a non-profit agency that assisted people with special needs. By all accounts she was a good worker.

On July 29th of 2007, she was scheduled to start a double shift at three in the afternoon.

The only problem was that her babysitter wasn’t available that day to watch little 1-year-old Triniti Campbell and 4-year-old Shawn Campbell Jr.

Her supervisor, not wanting to hear excuses, told her that she could either show up to work or be fired.

So she went to work.

Of course, she took her kids with her and left them in her Chevy Cavalier hatchback in the hot summer sun for the eight hours she was working, otherwise hey – where’s the story?

Sametta Heyward returned to her car, which she had parked in a residential street, after 11 at night. She found her kids, who had been left with food and drinks, unconscious and with weak pulses.

What happened next is unclear, but a day later, police responded to a disturbance call at the Heyward apartment. They found Sametta Heyward crying while screeching “Oh my babies!” over and over.

According to the police report filed by the officers that responded, Heyward had assaulted the officers, kicking at and trying to bite them. She asked the officers to kill her.

The bodies of her two children were found, wrapped up in trash bags and stuffed under the kitchen sink. Most of the responding officers had to turn away from the sight.

Before they had been wrapped up and stored, Sametta Heyward had bathed both children and dressed them in appropriate clothing. 1-year-old Triniti was in a sundress and 4-year-old Shawn was dressed in a shirt and shorts.

According to her warrant, Heyward had called an ex-boyfriend and told him that she had killed her babies.

So far, authorities haven’t been able to figure out if the kids were dead before or after Heyward had wrapped them in garbage bags.

The interior temperature of the car that they were trapped in could easily have reached 130 to 140 degrees, if it was in direct sunlight.

She didn’t come and check on her kids, she didn’t tell her supervisor or anyone else that the kids were in the car.

She didn’t think to bring them into her work, which was probably air-conditioned.

Sametta Heyward was charged with two counts homicide by child abuse.

I leave it up to you, the reader. Was this a simple mistake or is this woman hell-bound?