Kevin Wayne Anders

Meet 32-year-old convenience store clerk Kevin Wayne Anders.

Kevin Anders is a hot property down in Navarro Mills Lake, Texas. Although he’s married, he still manages to keep a girlfriend, whose name is Dana Mack.

Dana Mack works as a dishwasher at the Navarro Mills Café. Just a few months ago, she had recently moved to Navarro Mills with her 6-year-old daughter, Hanna Mack, and two older daughters.

Dana Mack knew that Kevin Anders was married, but still chose to bring him into her home.

Hanna Mack had just started the first grade this year at Blooming Grove Elementary School. She enjoyed jumping rope, playing hopscotch and riding her little pink and purple bicycle. According to her grandmother, Hanna was especially excited about starting school, because she loved books and could see her new friends every day.

Dana Mack last saw her little girl sleeping on the living-room couch at about 1 in the morning, right before she went to bed.

Less than 7 hours later, Dana Mack would find her daughter dead, hanging from the rafters in the family garage which was housing an above-ground swimming pool.

Hanna Mack was dead, when she should have been getting ready for school.

That Monday morning, the 10th of September, 2007, police descended upon the murder scene, scouring the house for clues.

There was a rumor that a 13-year-old special needs boy had done it. Nobody knows where the rumor was started.

While investigating the murder, authorities asked state caseworkers not to reveal whether or not Hanna Mack’s family had been investigated by child protective services. A spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services has stated that this type of request is rather unusual.

Early on Wednesday, September 12th, authorities revealed that medical examiners had determined that Hanna Mack had, indeed, been sexually traumatized before she had been killed.

Her death? Caused by “homicidal violence.”

Hanna had been beaten, raped, and then hung.

While going through a computer taken from the Mack home on Tuesday, criminal investigators found the presence of child pornography. That was enough to get a warrant for Kevin Wayne Anders’ arrest. He’s sitting in the county jail right now, waiting.

Everyone’s waiting, in fact. Waiting for DNA tests that will either possibly clear Kevin Anders or make potential murder charges against him that much stronger.

Authorities have stated that Hanna Mack’s murder does potentially qualify for Texas’s capital murder statute.

Kevin Wayne Anders, if found guilty, could be given the death penalty.

Right now, his charge of possession of child pornography is only a third-degree felony.

Jackie Simpson

No matter how cute the kids are, sometimes the parents are reprehensible.

And sometimes, there is no justice.

Meet 45-year-old Jackie Simpson, a lifetime drug abuser who was convicted of heroin possession in 1989 and incarcerated for over three years.

Her son, Kiel Simpson, is a regular pillar of the community, providing illicit pharmaceuticals for druggies throughout his town, threatening neighbors who complain about his drug dealing, and the owner of a great little doggie named Reuben.

Reuben is (or was) a pit bull who made a habit of attacking people and animals. The dog had been aggressive for years and was involved in at least two separate attacks on people and one attack on a neighbor’s dog, which was on a leash at the time.

The breed of dog that Reuben belonged to has been banned for some years in the area, due to their tendency towards aggressiveness.

Meet Ellie Lawrenson, a vivacious 5-year-old who had the misfortune to be related to Jackie Simpson and Kiel Simpson. Ellie Lawrenson is no longer alive. She will never see her sixth birthday, or have her first date, or ever graduate from college. She is in the ground due to the actions of her grandmother, Jackie Simpson.

Ellie Lawrenson was a regular visitor of the Simpson residence. While she came over, Reuben would go outside. When she left, the dog was allowed inside.

The dog, understandably, was a little jealous of Ellie – a fact that her mother, 25-year-old Lindsey Simpson was well aware of.

Everyone in the Simpson residence was well aware of what the dog would do if it ever got hold of Ellie. Jackie Simpson, Lindsey Simpson and Kiel Simpson all agreed that the dog was never to be in the house with Ellie.

On New Years Day of 2007, Jackie Simpson celebrated the new year by smoking a few joints and drinking a few bottles of wine. Ellie Lawrenson was with her, having been left with her grandma overnight.

Reuben the pitbull was outside.

With the fireworks going off, Jackie felt sorry for Reuben. As everyone knows, dogs hate fireworks.

Her solution?

Bring the dog inside, of course.

Jackie Simpson, high on marijuana and drunk on wine, stumbled over to the front window to watch a particularly beautiful fireworks display.

A moment’s worth of distraction was all the dog needed to do what it was bred for – attack.

Reuben the pit bull grabbed Ellie by the throat and savagely shook her.

The little girl had no chance.

None at all.

Jackie Simpson claims that she tried to beat the dog off her granddaughter, but nothing she did stopped the attack, which lasted for at least 20 minutes until a police officer showed up and shot the dog to death.

This is Kiel Simpson. Look how snarly and grumpy he is. Kiel Simpson was jailed for 8 weeks, convicted of owning a banned breed of dog.

Jackie Simpson was charged with manslaughter and the possession of a small amount of heroin.

The charge of possession was dropped.

Jackie Simpson was acquitted by a jury of seven men and five women after a six-day trial and is now free.

James Winquist and Eric Snow

23-year-old James “Twisted” Winquist and 25-year-old Eric “Killa” Snow are two white-supremacists who don’t play well with others.

The two met, appropriately enough, in prison, where they both joined the “Brotherhood of Blood” – an Aryan prison organization.

Eric Snow is the one with “Killa” tattooed on his neck. James Winquist has “Twisted” inked on his back.

The pair were close friends. They hung out in Winquist’s mother’s basement, dancing to white pride music underneath a Nazi flag.

Sometime in the later half of April, the two Nazis were wandering around Bare Cove Park in Hingham. As per usual, they were carrying baseball bats, in case they met any “inferior races” that needed a beatdown.

Eventually they came across an abandoned military ammunition bunker on the state wildlife preserve. Inside this munition bunker were two white homeless men – 47-year-old William Chrapan and 49-year-old David Lyons.

James and Eric had been there before. Earlier in the year, they had tossed a lit flare into the bunker, which had ignited the homeless guys’ tent.

This time they came for blood.

Setting upon the two older men, James and Eric beat the two homeless men to death with the baseball bats, for no other reason than sheer cruelty.

Once the two murderers had caught their breath, one of them produced a knife, which they used to cut a hand off one of their victims.

Their bloodlust sated, Eric and James walked from the bunker, leaving the bodies of the two homeless men on the ground to rot.

The bodies were found a few days later by someone walking by.

James Winquist and Eric Snow kept the hand as a trophy, carrying it around with them.

Eventually, at a party with some friends, they showed the hand to a group of people, pulling it out of an ice chest. and showing it off to their Aryan buddies at a party. During this party, Eric Snow and James Winquist told everyone what they had done, mocking the victims’ cries for help. They made gurgling sounds to demonstrate how their victims had sounded at the last.

Two years later, on the 31st of August, 2007, police arrested the pair.

James Winquist was walking along a street with his girlfriend, Erin McLaughlin, and their 7-month-old daughter, Aryana.

Eric Snow was sitting at home on his porch.

James Winquist’s mother, Lisa Winquist, has claimed her son is innocent of the murder. Of course she’s also said that he’s not a white supremacist either – he just likes having a bald head and SS tattoos.

They’ve got the wrong guy, as far as my son goes. He has nothing against anybody, my son could never do anything like this. My son does have a heart.

Darren Lucas and Tracey Lucas

It was the kind of call that cops get all the time.

40-year-old Darren Lucas had finally decided that he’d had enough of Tracey Lucas’s verbal abuse, so he called the cops on his drunk, 30-year-old wife.

Police showed up and arrested Tracey, who was obviously drunk and disorderly.

Then, probably alerted by an unpleasant odor, the police went inside the Lucas residence to check on the couple’s seven kids.

Inside, they found what were described as “utterly squalid” conditions.

The officers’ shoes stuck to the carpet as they walked through the house. The floor was covered in garbage. Dirty dishes were everywhere. Bedding hadn’t been changed in what seemed like years.

There were feces in the bathtub.

The two youngest children were the only ones that were asleep, lying down on completely filthy, stained mattresses, with bedding that looked like it was out of a horror film.

The children were taken by child services.

Both Darren and Tracey Lucas were arrested and charged with seven counts of child cruelty.

Once investigators started digging a little deeper, they found even more cruelty committed by Darren and Tracey Lucas.

One of their sons currently suffers from a bowel condition called Hirschsprung’s disease. While his older sister had overcome this problem through a successful medical regimen, the boy had missed 15 out of 26 appointments and was, as a result, still using a colostomy bag.

The kids were also missing school. A lot of school. On average, the kids who were in school only went about 60 percent of the time.

Their defense attorney went to bat for the Lucases. He explained to the judge that Darren Lucas had a “deficit of thinking skills” – in other words, his lawyer was trying to explain that good ol’ Darren is a dumbass.

Tracey was, according to her lawyer, suffering from depression.

She was probably depressed because she was married to a dumbass.

Because the couple had pled guilty to the seven counts of cruelty to children, and because he felt that the Lucases didn’t intend on deliberately harm their kids, they were each given suspended sentences of four months and ordered to take parenting classes.

Darren Lucas was also ordered to do 100 hours of community service.

Frankly, it’s amazing.

You need a license to run a kennel and breed dogs, but any pair of dumbasses can bring seven kids into the world.

Daniel Patrick Blaney

33-year-old Daniel Patrick Blaney likes them young, male and unwilling.

There’s a pattern. See if you can pick it out…

He raped an 11-year-old in October of 2005, an attack which was described by the victim as “like a knife in the heart.”

He sexually assaulted the 9-year-old brother of the first victim in October of 2005. Daniel threw him on a bed, covered his face and molested the boy, threatening to beat him if he told anyone.

The kid was so scared and traumatized that he didn’t tell his mother until weeks had passed.

Daniel Blaney went out one night in November of the same year and dragged another 11-year-old to his bedroom, where he punched the boy in the face and told him to strip.

That kid was then raped by Daniel.

After the first rape, the boy screamed for help, which got him another punch in the face from Daniel, and another raping.

When he was done, Daniel told the kid that he’d kill him if he told anyone about what had happened.

Well, the kid told.

Too bad, Daniel Blaney.

Once arrested, Mr. Blaney denied that he’d raped anyone, instead naming two other men.

But the other two boys were found after coming forward, and were able to put Daniel Blaney’s name to the face that will probably haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Charged with three counts of rape and two counts of indecent assault, Daniel Blaney pled guilty to all charges and was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

While Mr. Blaney was being sentenced, the judge said that he hoped that if Daniel completed a sex offender program at the end of his sentence, that it would mean Blaney “will not be a danger to young children and adolescents”.

That judge is an eternal optimist, isn’t he?

Walter Smith Jr.

hat should happen with 16-year-old Walter Smith Jr.?

What can we, as a society, do with people like this, individuals who throw what can only be described as a temper tantrum that harms or kills other people?

So how did Walter Smith Jr. manage his anger?

Well, on the morning of the third of September, 2007, Walter Smith grabbed a sledgehammer and went after the girl pictured here to the left – Betsy Mary Smith, his 22-year-old sister.

Walter Smith Jr. whacked her a few times, then grabbed a knife and stabbed her.

Then he ripped her clothes off and raped her.

When his niece, two-year-old Andrea Costello, started crying, Walter Smith Jr. hit her with the sledgehammer. On the head.

Then Walter dragged his dying sister, along with little Andrea and a 1-year-old boy into a back room, which was then padlocked.

Betsy Mary Smith died in that room from the injuries her brother inflicted upon her.

Later that afternoon, the children, still locked in the room, finally had their cries heard by Mary Smith, the mother of both Betsy and Walter.

Mary noticed that Andrea’s face was “messed up,” and took her to the hospital.

When she was asked what had happened to her, Andrea’s story was that she had fallen down and hit her face on a fuse box.

After examining her fractured skull and broken nose, doctors at the hospital saw the possibility that the 2-year-old had been abused and notified the police.

A detective drove over to the Smith residence that night and found Betsy Smith’s body still on the floor of the padlocked room.

Walter Smith Jr. was around at the time, and brought in for questioning.

He folded and admitted everything.

Mary Smith, the matriarch of this loving family, insists that her son couldn’t possibly have done this.

According to Mary Smith, Walter Smith Jr. is on depression medication that probably caused a blackout of some kind. “He don’t remember nothing he did. He was out of it or something like that. It was an accident. He don’t remember that stuff.”

Walter Smith Jr. has been charged with first-degree murder and rape. He also has a charge of aggravated assault to answer for, due to his sledgehammering of Andrea Costello. He will probably be tried as an adult.

Elizabeth Reta and Juan Antonio Sanchez Jr.

Attention new mothers:

Do not reuse Q-tips.

Be especially sure that you do not reuse a Q-tip when your druggie, felon, live-in boyfriend cleaned his meth pipe with it earlier.

27-year-old Elizabeth Reta ignored this advice and, after giving her son a bath, wiped 8-month old Samuel Reta’s little nose with a cotton swab that had meth residue on it.

Samuel Reta, not being a heavy meth user like his dear old mom, had a seizure when the meth took effect.

Elizabeth Reta’s boyfriend, Juan Antonio Sanchez Jr., who happened to be both on parole and a medical genius, used the most modern techniques to detoxify the child – he tied Samuel Reta to a bed, shook him, slapped him and splashed him with cold water.

For three days the boy was tortured.

Juan “Johnny” Sanchez refused to allow Elizabeth to take Samuel Reta to the hospital because he was afraid that he might be sent back to prison. He had been convicted of robbery in 2001 and had already been deported once, you see.

Unfortunately for Samuel Reta, and as could be expected by anyone with a higher IQ than 20, Juan Sanchez’s hitting and shaking of Samuel Reta did nothing except break the little guy’s arm and fracture his skull.

Police responded to an emergency call on the thirtieth of August, 2007 at the Reta residence and found Samuel Reta in full cardiac arrest.

Elizabeth Reta was arrested shortly after the comatose baby was taken to the hospital. A closer look by doctors at the child found evidence of a pattern of abuse, and neglect. Samuel had pneumonia in addition to the broken arm, a broken rib, a bite mark on the arm, and assorted other injuries that were caused by the boy being shaken.

Authorities originally booked her into jail with the intention of charging her with felony child abuse.

Then Samuel Reta died in the hospital on Friday, the 31st of August, 2007. He never came out of his coma.

The cause of death appeared to be abusive head trauma.

Now Elizabeth Reta has been charged with murder.

Juan Sanchez, who hid from paramedics in a closet while they were treating Samuel Reta, was arrested at his mother’s house. He also has been charged with murder.

During an interrogation session with the authorities, Juan Sanchez admitted that some of the behavior Elizabeth Reta accused him of was true, but that it wasn’t as bad as she had made it out to be.

According to “Johnny” Sanchez, he had only spanked Samuel, gently slapped him, and “hit him a little bit on his chest,” in order to help the baby “snap out of it.” He admitted that he had kept the baby from going to the hospital, but claimed that it was only for two days.

Yes, I think Juan Sanchez will get a special prize in Hell.

Juan denied actually tying the baby to the bed, saying that the only thing he did to restrain the child was put a nice fluffy pillow on Samuel Reta’s left hand, so he couldn’t put it in his mouth. Juan did, however, claim that Elizabeth Reta had tied the boy’s hand with a bandana.

When his claims met with disbelief from the authorities, Juan shrugged and said that he may have gone a “little bit overboard” and had shaken the baby a “little bit too hard.”

For all of you MySpace freaks, here’s Elizabeth Reta’s MySpace page.

Clarence Dean

35-year-old Clarence Dean is a popular man. Everyone seems to want a piece of him.

When you consider that Clarence Dean has been in and out of jails and prisons in multiple states and has a rather lengthy criminal record, maybe someone, somewhere should have fitted him with an electronic transmitter of some kind, so he could be found easier.

So who wants Clarence Dean?

Ask deputies in Alabama. They issued a warrant for Clarence Dean when they learned he had moved out of Alabaster, Alabama motel without notifying anyone. Convicted sexual offenders can’t do that.

Clarence Dean is a registered sexual offender in both Florida and Alabama. And to be a sexual offender in those states, you really have to do something evil.

Mr. Dean’s method of entry onto the sexual offender list was his 1994 molestation and abuse of a girl under the age of 12 in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Ask the police department in Clarksville, Tennessee. They started looking for him after a woman that Clarence Dean met over the internet filed a complaint that he had withdrawn all the money from her bank account and driven off in her car on the 13th of August, 2007. An arrest warrant was issued for Dean in Montgomery County, Tennessee on the 23rd of August.

Clarence Dean was already in New York.

Specifically, he was in the Hotel Carter, a rather seedy hotel on West 43rd Street that Clarence stayed at for two weeks before checking out on Wednesday, the 29th of August, 2007.

It’s not really odd that Clarence Dean stayed at the Hotel Carter; it houses a lot of transients and drifters. What’s odd is what he left behind.

The day after he left, a hotel maid found a very unpleasant present that Dean had left hidden under his bed, wrapped in two plastic garbage bags.

It was the rigid corpse of a 20-year-old white female, about 5’11” tall and weighing 130 pounds. She was missing her right index finger, but that happened before she met Clarence Dean.


Nobody knows who she is as of this writing, but authorities have eliminated the possibility that she was a guest at the hotel.

An autopsy revealed that the dead woman had been beaten severely and strangled to death.

Clarence Dean was caught by police shortly before eight in the evening on Friday, the 31st of August.

As he was being escorted downtown on Saturday, the 1st of September, he mumbled feebly, “I was protecting myself.”

According to U.S. Marshal Mike Reebals, Clarence Dean loves to meet women on the internet, and is a “real sweet talker.”

Apparently so.

Gary Powell

A lifetime resident of Cumberland County in New Jersey, 23-year-old Gary Powell was labeled a Tier 2 sex offender after he fondled his 15-year-old cousin in 2006 while they were riding together in a car.

The boy had problems.

In October of 2006, a neighbor of Gary’s came home to find her house had been broken into. Her bedroom had been torn apart, a negligee and a pair of her panties had been put on her living room floor – along with two wine glasses.

Later that night, she reported that Gary Powell had called her and told her that he was the one that had broken into her home that night. While she was on the phone, he said that he was going to rape and kill her.

The boy had problems.

At 4:30 in the morning on the second of August, 2007, Mr. Powell broke into the home of a 60-year-old woman, the mother of a girl he knew.

He entered through one of her basement windows while she was asleep, looking for whatever he could steal.

Once inside, Gary Powell decided to take it one step further, waking the sleeping woman with a flurry of slaps to the face, threatening to kill her unless she did what he ordered.

After beating the grandmother enough to make sure she knew he was serious, he forced her into her car and made her drive to Fordville Cemetery on Cemetery Road in Fairfield Township, which is, according to residents, a fairly desolate graveyard.

Once the two arrived, Gary forced the woman out of the car and began to sexually assault her. She was raped and sodomized. She was beaten some more, then forced to perform oral sex on Gary Powell.

Mr. Powell penetrated her body with a variety of objects until finally, his lust satisfied, he told the woman to stand in front of her vehicle while he got inside. Once inside, he hit the gas.

Yeah, the boy has problems.

The victim, not being an idiot, was able to move in time and avoid being struck by the vehicle.

Gary Powell drove off, leaving the woman, abused and hurting, alone in the graveyard.

She made it to the house of someone who lived on the edge of the graveyard, where she told her horrifying story and the police were called. The woman was taken to the hospital with severe facial and genital injuries.

A few hours later, Gary Powell was arrested at his home, which was a block away from the residence of the woman he had kidnapped, raped and tried to kill.

The vehicle he had stolen was covered in dirt, which Gary had shoveled into the vehicle in the hopes that it would cover up the bloodstains his victim had left on the vehicle’s interior.

During interrogation, Gary confessed, admitting everything that he had done to the woman and begging the police not to send him back to prison.

According to documents from his bail hearing, he offered to pay for the damage to the woman’s car.

He offered to pay her medical bills.

He offered to leave town. Police didn’t take him up on any of his offers.

Authorities instead charged him with first-degree kidnapping, first-degree aggravated sexual assault, and first-degree attempted murder.

Some other charges were thrown in as well, but, because of his criminal history, even if Gary Powell was just convicted of kidnapping alone, he would be facing up to thirty years.

Freedom? Not yours, Mr. Gary Powell. Not yours.