Aimee Andrea Riza

Mother of the year candidate kills her 9-month-old daughter by crashing into a median after a 25 mile chase through Texas.

A woman led police on a 25-mile high speed chase until she crashed into a concrete median, killing her 9-month-old daughter in the collision, authorities said.

The baby – Alexxus Riza – was thrown Friday night from the SUV, which rolled several times under an Interstate 35 overpass, said Trooper Dub Gillum of the Texas Department of Public Safety. The vehicle struck a traffic light before hitting the concrete barrier, officials said.

Aimee Andrea Riza, 36, of Keene, sustained minor injuries and was charged with manslaughter, evading arrest, resisting arrest and reckless driving, Gillum said. “She was combative after the crash when they tried to extract her out of the vehicle,” he said. “The officers had to wrestle her to get her under control.”

A motorist had called the Somervell County Sheriff’s Department to report a reckless driver. When Riza refused to stop, authorities chased her through two counties at speeds up to 110 mph, Gillum said.

Authorities used spikes, tried to block intersections ahead and backed off the SUV hoping it would slow down. But Riza continued to drive until she crashed, traveling on the rims after the SUV’s tires were deflated, Gillum said.

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  1. She is my mother and she is bipolar. She is the best mother in the world but due to being bipolar things can fly off the rails. She is a little overweight so she goes on diet pills which keep her awake constantly. So she ends up being sleep depraved plus being bipolar.

    I loved my sister and took care of her many times with and without my mother, she would never harm her daughter on purpose. She never drinks and has never done drugs.

    Thanks, Ashton.

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