Alfonso Cuevas Gonzalez and Ricardo Zambrano

Mr. Alfonso Gonzalez and Mr. Ricardo Zambrano conspired to kidnap an employee of Zambrano’s jewelry store who had refused Zambrano’s sexual advances and bring her to Fresno, where she was to be raped and murdered.

Presumably at that point she would be given an employee of the month award.

After kidnapping the woman at gunpoint, Gonzalez, making first-date small-talk, told the woman as he drove her to Fresno that he and Ricardo Zambrano were going to rape and kill her.

The kidnapping plan fizzled out when Gonzalez couldn’t find his accomplices. The woman eventually escaped with the help of a Fresno woman who knew of the plan and who was an acquaintance of both Zambrano and Gonzalez.

Both men were arrested soon afterward.

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