Alisa D. Betts and Lauren M. Gash


This is pretty sick.

19-year-old Lauren Gash wanted a baby. She wanted one really, really bad.

She wanted a baby so bad that she told everyone that she was pregnant, that the dad had run out on her. As proof, she had sonogram pictures with her name in the corner.

To celebrate the imminent arrival of Lauren’s fictitious baby, her family threw her a baby shower.

Now she HAD to have a baby, and soon.

Why she couldn’t get one the old-fashioned way, I don’t know. She had posted online that she had been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. Maybe she was worried about that.

Maybe it was just that nobody would touch her, but I doubt it.

Some people will touch anyone.

She even joined, a matchmaking site, looking for love. Here’s Lauren Gash’s profile there.

You never know. Maybe there she would have found Mr. Right, or at least a sperm donor.

Instead, she responded to 18-year-old Clinton, Missouri resident Amanda Howard’s ad on Myspace requesting baby clothes. Amanda was nine months pregnant and due to deliver her baby boy at any time.

On July 30th, Lauren Gash and her friend Alisa Betts met with Amanda Howard at a gas station in Clinton, Missouri.

Lauren suggested that they drive Amanda to get some baby clothes, then drive her home. This sounded like a good idea to Amanda, so she jumped into the car and they were off.

While they were driving, something Lauren Gash said spooked Amanda, who pulled out her cell phone. Lauren was quicker on the draw, pulled out a can of mace and sprayed the pregnant girl in the face with it. While Amanda was gasping in pain, Lauren told her that if she calmed down and did what she was told, her and her baby would be ok.

Lauren and Alisa stopped at the Interstate Inn in Blue Springs, Missouri and went to room 1105 – the hotel room that they had been staying at for two days. Why Amanda went with them at this point, I don’t know. Nine months pregnant, she probably would still have been able to run faster than those two.

Once they were all up in the room, Alisa and Lauren gagged Amanda with a rag and duct tape, and then tied the pregnant woman’s hands behind her back.

Then Lauren straddled Amanda’s chest, put her big ol’ meathooks on either side of the girl’s head and tried to snap her neck by twisting her head back and forth.

Fortunately, other than a few popping sounds and some pain on Amanda’s part, nothing happened, which is to be expected. It’s very hard to snap someone’s neck.

While Amanda was having her neck twisted, 17-year-old Alisa Betts decided that this might not have been such a hot idea after all. She left the room and called the cops, telling the 911 dispatcher that there was a woman giving labor and screaming in room 1105.

Blue Springs Police Officer Brandon Shrout arrived. Alisa Betts opened the door, telling him that her friend was having labor pains. Officer Shrout, looking at the scene, didn’t quite believe the story.

Why not?

Well, for starters, the woman with supposed “labor pains” was in the bathroom with duct tape around her neck and rope marks on her wrists. That and she was telling Shrout that she had been kidnapped.

A quick search around the room by Officer Shrout turned up duct tape, scissors, a tarp, a syringe of insulin and, most interestingly, a birth certificate from Center Point Hospital with the name “Johnny Gash” on it.

Out came the handcuffs, and Alisa Betts and Lauren Gash were in custody.

While Gash and Betts were being carted away, Lauren’s father Donald arrived and told police that she had called him to tell him that she’d had her baby and named him Johnny.

Amanda Howard was rushed to the hospital, where a sonogram showed her baby was ok. She gave birth on the first of August, 2007.

When Gash had arrived at the police station an officer asked her if she was pregnant, because she was wearing maternity clothes. She replied, “Not anymore.”

During interrogation, Alisa Betts told investigators that Gash had told her that two men – “Jonathan and David” – were going to cut the baby from Amanda Howard and leave her there to die.

This is a much different story than the one Alisa had told Officer Rob Olson while she was being handcuffed. She had told him that they were keeping Howard in the hotel room so the baby’s father could come take the baby when it was delivered.

Weird how the stories differ.

Alisa Betts was charged with assault and felonious restraint.

Laura Gash was charged with kidnapping, two counts of assault, and felonious restraint.

12 thoughts on “Alisa D. Betts and Lauren M. Gash”

    1. The death penalty would be a bit extreme in this situation, considering that no one was killed…and Alisa Betts had enough of a conscience to alert the authorities about what was happening.

      Don’t get me wrong; what these two women did is inexcusable. It was a twisted plot that could have ended in tragedy. But Alisa seems to have realized that it had gone far enough and in a weird way, she stopped Lauren from carrying out the plan further.
      She could have allowed Lauren to kill Amanda but instead, she called the cops.

  1. I wonder if Betts and Gash are still friends. If I were Alisa Betts, I would distance myself from Lauren Gash completely. I also wonder if they have been released from prison yet.

    I understand wanting to be loved, wanting to have a child and not being able to have these things in my life.
    It is very painful…but to prey on somebody else and hurt them so you can have what you want? That is where Lauren Gash went terribly wrong.
    Apparently she had a history of desperately wanting a baby to fill a void in her life. I’ve read that she was diagnosed with PCOS and in some cases, it can lead to infertility.

    I am in my 30’s and although I’ve been pregnant when I was younger, I have a lot of health issues that affect my reproductive system and my hormonal balance in general. So I understand wanting to have children but not being able to, for various reasons.
    But Lauren could have seen a doctor about these issues…therapy could have helped as well. Women who abduct pregnant women with the intent of stealing the fetus, or who actually succeed in murdering the mother and cutting the baby from the womb, need serious help to deal with the root of WHY they want a child so badly that they would do that.

    Lisa Montgomery already had biological children of her own; I’ve never understood why she murdered Bobbi Jo Stinnett and stole the baby.
    And there have been many other cases as well. Or the cases like that of Ann Pettway, who abducted a baby girl from a Brooklyn hospital in 1987 and raised the child as her own until the girl discovered her real identity. Shoot, there was even a movie called “Empty Cradle” starring Kate Jackson (of Charlie’s Angels) as a nurse who stole babies; in one instance, cutting the fetus from the womb and slitting the mother’s throat.

    I think what Lauren Gash planned to do is evil and she should be punished severely. But part of me also feels compassion for this obese young woman with low self-esteem and a deep desire for love.
    I think that she (like Katie Smith, who was killed by Sarah Brady in self-defense after trying to steal the fetus from Brady’s womb) fits the profile of somebody with antisocial tendencies…poor relationships with others, pathological liar, will harm others for their own personal benefit.

    I also think that there is some delusion about what having a child entails for these women; they don’t realize that it is often hard work. There will be times when the baby runs a fever of 104 or sh*ts its pants or vomits or throws a tantrum that won’t quit. It won’t always be sunshine and rainbows. And they obviously don’t consider what will happen when they are caught with a child that is not theirs…the jail time, especially if they succeed in killing the mother to steal the fetus.

  2. Tonight i watched a crime tv program about this case, it’s 4 in the morning and cant stop thinking about the poor mother and the insane kidnappers. I’m morher of a little boy, i hope both spend a long time in jail, 8 years isnt enough, though. (Sorry for my English, i’m Spanish

  3. We are not friends anymore, haven’t been since that day. I never went to prison, I walked my parole and have changed my life around completely. From my understanding Lauren is out and free, her life is her lifr and mine is mine. Amanda has forgiven me and I have forgiven myself. My future fate is in God’s hands only. Sorry if this upsets anyone but I just had to comment.

    1. You are a real piece of work. You should be in prison both of you for decades. Y’all were going to murder that poor girl and take her child. You sorry POS. You are so proud you walked your parole aren’t you?

    2. I am so glad you knew this was wrong and you backed out to contact authorities to save Amanda and her baby. I hope you have turned your life around. I hope you now help others. Take care.

    3. Took a lot of nerve to comment here, but I am glad that you made the right choice in that awful situation. At least there’s that! I really hope that your life is been turned around

  4. I hope these fat ugly bitches that nobody want to make them babys die and thair familys to hope the die slow and full of pain sorry for my bad english lauren gash and Alica Betts wish you both+your familys die !

    1. As the victim, I will say this. To wish death upon someone is just as bad as Lauren. It will make you no better. I have forgiven them in my own way and do not wish harm to either. My life is thriving 10 years later, with a family, and honestly feel blessed that Alisa was put there to be our saving grace. If it had not been for her, I would not be standing here with a husband, 3 children and getting ready to celebrate my sons 10 year birthday. Sometimes we have to forgive and not live with hatred to heal and live.

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