Amon Paul Carlock

Have I mentioned that I hate clowns?

57-year-old Amon Paul Carlock, or “Klutzo the Clown” as he likes to be called, is a perfect example of why.

We’ll be the first to admit that he’s had an interesting life.

Amon Paul Carlock has worked for over 20 years in law enforcement.

He’s been a participant in the Big Brother program. He’s a member of the local Lion’s Club.

He’s been a clown, a magician, a youth counselor and a minister.

Most recently he’s been a pedophile and a child pornographer.

In this eerily prophetic photograph, Klutzo the Clown was “incarcerated” to help the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
Klutzo goes behind bars

On a little clowning trip to the Philippines, Amon Paul Carlock visited an orphanage that he had been to some years before – the House of Joy orphanage in San Isidro. He visited orphanages in other countries on a regular basis often, like the Mexican orphanage he visited in 2002.

Upon his return in the San Francisco Airport on the 12th of June, 2007, because he was coming from a country known for its sexual exploitation of children and because he had gone to places in that country where he had access to young children, customs agents decided to search through his bags – specifically his electronic devices.

Klutzo the clownOn Amon Carlock’s computer and digital camera, officials discovered a number of digital photographs of naked boys. Some were playing, some were showering. Some were just sitting there without their pants on. Some of the boys knew they were having their pictures taken, others didn’t look like they knew what was going on.

Amon Paul Carlock explained the photos as natural photos that showed how the children lived. He explained that the pictures were going to show Americans that some children in other countries are too poor to afford clothes. He explained that he was going to edit them so that they would be more appropriate to share with others in his ministry.

He explained that the program called Evidence Eliminator was suggested by a friend and was really just there to get rid of old files that he didn’t need anymore.

The thing that he couldn’t really explain was why the only editing that had been done so far was to digitally enlarge the parts of the photos with the boys’ genitalia, though. That one stumped him.

Klutzo scaring little girlArrested? Nope. Investigated? Yes.

Investigators went to the House of Joy. They asked the boys there if Amon Paul Carlock had done anything weird.

Three boys said that they woke up to Mr. Carlock playing with their genitalia, and that it was pretty weird.

That was enough to get a search warrant for Amon Paul Carlock’s home, which was executed on the 28th of September, 2007. During that raid, authorities found over 21 movies of child pornography on six DVD discs.

After Amon Paul Carlock’s wife mentioned that he was involved in the local Big Brother program, police interviewed the 6-year-old boy who had been meeting with Mr. Carlock for two months. The boy mentioned that Amon Paul Carlock had given him two DVD discs. One of the DVDs had pictures of the boy and Mr. Carlock fishing. The other disc had pictures of naked Filipino children. Both DVDs were recovered by police.

On the ninth of October, Amon Paul Carlock was arrested, charged with possessing child pornography and sex tourism, and taken to court.

While there, he announced that his wife had filed for divorce on the 4th of October.

County records verified that she did, citing Amon Carlock’s “extreme and repeated mental cruelty.”

Amon Paul Carlock has (had) quite the Internet presence:

Here’s another website of his featuring Klutzo and his wife, “Smiley the Clown” :

Back in December of 1986, Amon Paul Carlock wrote a letter to the local newspaper decrying the content of a cartoon that had been printed in that newspaper.

I am not in favor of censorship, but do feel that far too much ‘smut’ has been poured into the minds of Americans by all forms of media.

I have spent the past 16 years in law enforcement and related professions. I have spoken with victims and offenders and have read many case histories in which pornographic materials played an overwhelming role in the events that have left lives shattered and homes broken.

Why is it so unreasonable to assume the government has the right to protect the public from the harmful effects of pornography, especially in light of the vast amounts of evidence to support this claim?

That’s one eloquent pedophile, right there, yes sir.

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