Angel Jones

It’s always the bad guys that seem to get all the hot chicks.

Take Angel Jones, for example.

The day he paroled out of prison, his hot model girlfriend was waiting for him in her car.

She picked Angel Jones up and took him to her place, where she made him a home-cooked meal and then had sex with him.

Apparently Jones thought the sex was too good and thought she had learned new techniques cheating on him while he was in the joint.

Felon logic dictated that he should savagely bite her nose, which then popped off as Jones pulled his head back.

That’s right, he bit his girlfriend’s nose off because the sex was too good.

Her screams and cries alerted someone in the area, who called police while Angel Jones tortured his girlfriend, biting and slapping her.

Police said that Angel Jones’ girlfriend (probably now his ex-girlfriend) was trying to hold her face together when they arrived. To the officers, Angel Jones looked like some kind of predator chewing on the body of a dead animal.

Her nose was found but was too mangled to be reattached.

She’s had to undergo countless reconstructive surgeries, to the point where, when she comes across people she knows while walking on the street, she has to tell them who she is.

Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Philip Klassen and Dr. Julian Goger both agreed in testimony – Angel Jones is a psycho who has no feelings whatsoever for his victims and is very likely to do something like this again.

A good Hell candidate.

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