Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson had been smoking pot and drinking alcohol with his two buds for a few hours on the 27th of July, 2007, when he came across 50-year-old Christine Lakinski lying on the sidewalk.

Immediately overcome with concern for the poor woman, the 27-year-old Anderson quickly jumped into action, giving the stricken grandmother first aid and sending one of his friends off to call for assistance.

Ok, come on. You know better than that. This is People You’ll See In Hell – not the happy happy love love blog.

In reality, Anthony Anderson first made sure that his friend was recording the helpless Christine Lakinsky with his cell phone before he grabbed a bucket full of water and dumped it all over the supine woman.

No response.

Then Mr. Anderson sprayed shaving cream over her.

No response.

So finally, in an act of utter depravity, Anthony Anderson whipped it out and urinated all over Christine Lakinsky while shouting, “This is YouTube material!”

When emergency crews were finally called, Christine Lakinsky was declared dead on the scene – not from anything the three idiots had done – but from pancreatic failure.

Anthony Anderson will be sentenced on the 22nd of October, 2007.

People You’ll See In Hell can’t wait for that YouTube moment.

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