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Kelly Lumadue

Kelly Lumadue had sex with a five-year-old boy back in 1996 while her husband, Leonard “Bud” Lumadue, ran videotape.

Thankfully, “Bud” Lumadue is dead now – cancer got him in 2003.

After he died, Ms. Lumadue threw the videos with their “special moments” out onto the curb for trash collection.

A garbage collector saw the tapes and took them home.

Once he saw what was on them, he turned all that nice video evidence in to the police.

Kelly Lumadue will very likely die in prison, as she may be sentenced to life without parole – in fact that’s the only sentence allowed by Florida law for capital sexual battery.

The boy, now a teenager, doesn’t remember what happened.


On the 18th of September, 2008, 12 years after having sex with a 5-year-old, Kelly Lumadue was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Joshua Jameson Sagayo

There are children that have a chance at life, and then there are children like 22-month-old Asi Sekona.

Asi Sekona’s first strike? His mother abandoned him.

Second strike? His father went to jail.

The third strike? Asi Sekona had to live with Joshua Jameson Sagayo.

23-year-old Joshua Sagayo and his wife Seteli Sagayo took Asi into their home, due to the fact that Seteli is a cousin of Asi’s mother and that nobody else would.

Joshua’s wife wasn’t so bad, really, which is pretty much the only reason Asi isn’t dead right now.

Joshua, on the other hand, is not only a felony drug charge parolee, but is – now – also a child abuser.

On the sixth of November, 2007, while Seteli was at work, Joshua Sagayo was at home taking care of Asi as well as his own one-year-old son.

While changing a diaper, Asi, like many toddlers, squirmed out of his grasp and ran through the house. Joshua Sagayo, unlike anybody with any sense, grabbed the boy and slammed him down to the ground.

After establishing his dominance, Joshua was able to re-clothe Asi. Unfortunately, Asi, who was in quite a bit of pain, wouldn’t stop crying.

In what could only be called a Mary Poppins moment, Joshua Sagayo picked Asi up again and slammed the boy back down on the couch while screaming “Shut up!” at the toddler.

Well, that didn’t help. Asi continued to cry.

So what else could Joshua Sagayo do?

A) Put the boy in his room.

B) Distract him with a toy.

C) Grab the front of the boy’s jacket and push down as hard as he could

As you can imagine, Joshua chose C), and as a result of a guy described as “good-sized” pressing down on him, Asi started “acting strangely” and “seized up.”

So a child is going into a seizure. What do you do?

A) Put him in a place where he can’t hurt himself by thrashing around and go call 911.

B) Carry him to your car and drive him to the hospital.

C) Try to pry the kid’s mouth open with a pen, and, when that fails, shove a can opener into his mouth.

Yup, he chose C) again.

Joshua Sagayo waited until his wife called to let her know that there was something wrong with Asi, that the toddler looked like someone had knocked him out.

When Joshua drove everyone over to Seteli’s work to pick her up, it was fairly obvious that there was something wrong with Asi. When Seteli asked her husband what had happened, Joshua told her that he had slapped the boy on the back of the head to stop him from crying and Asi had fallen over, hitting his head on the floor. Joshua also told her that he had picked Asi up and shaken him to try to wake the child.

Being a woman of sense (other than that whole marrying Joshua Sagayo thing), Seteli immediately directed Joshua to drive them to the hospital.

Doctors examined Asi and immediately saw the noticeable bruises and welts which were just about covering the toddler’s upper body and face. Less noticeable were the severe, life-threatening brain injuries that left Asi in critical condition.

The police were called and notified that they had a child abuser to come pick up. When Joshua saw the cops coming down the hall, he held out his hands and told the officers, “Do what you have to do.”

Well, they didn’t do anything but get a warrant to listen in on Joshua’s phone calls, which they did the next day, when he talked to his mother.

In one of the recorded calls, Joshua explained to his mother how he needed to smack the kid all day long because the boy was crying and wouldn’t shut up. He told her how he slammed Asi into a few pieces of furniture and onto the floor. He told her everything that he did to the kid, which will make fantastic evidence during his trial.

Joshua Sagayo has been charged with two felony counts of assault.

He will possibly spend the next 30 years in prison.

Jared Race

Jared Race, another winner in the game of life, loves a woman.

She was the mother of his child, a child born after he was sent to prison in 1996 for armed robbery.

Here’s Jared Race’s MySpace account, where you can read all about his 10 year dream of making up for lost time and having sex once he got out of prison.

On his little “About Me” blurb, Jared Race explains that he did, in fact, make up for lost time as he had sex with the love of his life’s best friend:

It was about sex and just experiencing life in general. I didnt act on it until Feb. of this year two days after valintines. It was with her best friend, and it lasted less then one month admittedly because she wasnt very attractive, just there was a whole lot of opportunity.

Ok, that’s fine and all, Jared. You’re not married, you can have sex with whomever you want.

But, Jared, Jared, Jared.

Will you please stop molesting children?

On the 16th of November, 2007, Jared Race was charged with fifteen sexual offenses for things he did to six different children whose ages ranged from five to 10.

The offenses he’s been charged with happened between May of 2006 and July of 2007, while he was on parole from that little armed robbery/kidnapping thing.

There’s quite the laundry list of offenses, including two counts of rape, seven counts of aggravated criminal sodomy and six counts of aggravated indecent liberties with a child.

He’s not going to hit the streets anytime soon, with a million-dollar bond.

Judges frown on that kind of activity from parolees, so it’s entirely likely that he will be in prison for a good long time.

Anyone have a problem with that?

Lori Drew

Since the dawn of time, girls have been catty to each other.

Two girls will collaborate in the ostracizing of a third girl, calling her names behind her back, spreading rumors and playing little jokes on her with the goal of inflicting as much mental and emotional anguish as they possibly can.

While women never completely grow out of this, most do tend to lose interest in these kinds of activities as they age and mature.

Most women, except, of course, for Lori Drew, who is currently in the running for the title of “Most Hated Woman in America.”

For a while, Lori Drew, who ran a successful local advertising mailer business called The Drew Ad Vantage, was a respected, popular member of her community. She has since…gone downhill somewhat.

Drew HomeShe lives in a nice house.

She’s a member of the St. Peters Chamber of Commerce

She’s married to Curt Drew, who’s employed as a Realtor at their local Coldwell Banker.

But now, as you can see, Lori Drew’s business is fighting a sudden public relations downturn.

Megan Taylor MeierDuring seventh grade, Lori Drew’s daughter, Sarah, was friends with Megan Taylor Meier, a 13-year-old girl who, like many 13-year-olds, struggled with her weight and had self-esteem issues. These issues Megan had were compounded by a diagnosed case of Attention-Deficit Disorder and a long battle with depression – a condition which she she had been seeing a therapist for since she was in the third grade, after talking about suicide.

Here’s Megan Meier’s MySpace account.

The Meiers and Drews were friendly enough that Megan had been on a vacation trip with the Drews, and the Meiers had been storing a foosball table for the Drews until Christmas.

Sarah Drew and Megan Meier started the eighth grade together, and their on-again off-again friendship became a little more chaotic, as 13-year-old friendships tend to be when two girls are involved.

For some reason or another, Sarah Drew and Megan Meier squabbled, probably over something stupid, and stopped being friends.

If you’ve ever known 13-year-old girls, or if you ever were a 13-year-old girl, you know what that’s like.

Well, Sarah Drew told her mother, Lori Drew, about how Megan was mean to her and how pissed off she was about it.

That’s when things started to get really stupid, because like many other boomer and post-boomer helicopter parents, Lori Drew was unable to keep her nose out of what should have been her daughter’s business.

Lori Drew created a profile on MySpace with the name ‘Josh Evans’ and put a picture of a ‘really hot guy’ on the profile picture. 16-year-old ‘Josh Evans’ had just moved into the area from Florida, was being home-schooled, played the drums and the guitar, and didn’t have a phone number.

And, coincidently enough, he wanted to be friends with Megan Meier.

Megan was thrilled that ‘Josh Evans’ was interested in her enough to add her to his friends list. She showed her mother, Tina, the friend request and begged to be allowed to add the teen to her friends list. Tina, after looking the boy’s profile over, let her daughter add him as a friend.

For six weeks, Megan chatted with ‘Josh’ about things 13-year-old girls usually talk about: school, parents and sex.

Lori Drew, using the experience that comes with advanced age, did her best to get Megan Meier to confess secret desires, crushes and other vulnerabilities to her online ‘boyfriend.’ Shortly after starting this relationship, Lori Drew started letting other people into the “joke.” An employee of Drew Ad Vantage named Ashley was recruited to help keep the joke going. Another girl in the neighborhood also had the login details to the Josh Evans account.

Then one day, on the 15th of October, 2006, six weeks after stringing along Megan Meier, ‘Josh Evans’ started getting mean.

I don’t know if I want to be friends with you anymore because I’ve heard that you are not very nice to your friends.

Megan Meier responded with a frantic e-mail that basically said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

The next day, after handing out invitations to her birthday party to friends at school, Megan came home and asked her mother to log into Megan’s MySpace account for her so she could see if Josh Evans had replied to her e-mail. She was hoping that the boy would show up to her party, which was in three weeks. After all, it would be nice if she and her parents could finally meet the boy who had captured her heart – as long as she could find out who had been talking to him and telling him that she wasn’t nice to her friends.

But Josh Evans wasn’t being nice.

Josh’s account had, in fact, forwarded her correspondence with him to a number of other online friends. All those secrets, all those confessions – now everyone Megan Meier knew at school could read them.

And read them they did, with many of them responding as younger teenagers are wont to do – with mockery and name-calling.

Megan’s mother had a dental appointment and was pressed for time, so Megan’s mom told Megan to sign off as she walked out the door.

Megan didn’t sign off. She responded to the online cruelty with name calling and threats of her own. When her mother called her, after she had arrived at the dentist, Megan was still online, crying and telling her mother that everyone was being so mean to her. Megan’s mother again told her daughter to log off.

Shortly after that, a sobbing Megan called her mother and told her that people online were posting bulletins about her, saying things like, “Megan is fat” and “Megan is a slut.” Again, Megan was told to log off by her now-furious mother.

After her dentist appointment was over, Megan’s mom returned home, went to the room where the computer was located and reviewed the messages her daughter had seen and was sending. Seeing how out-of-control things were on her daughter’s MySpace account, Megan’s mom expressed her disappointment in her daughter’s behavior, logged out the account and ended Megan’s MySpace activities for the night.

Megan’s mom didn’t catch the last message in Megan’s inbox, however. That message was from Josh Evans and said:

Everybody in O’Fallon knows how you are. You are a bad person and everybody hates you. Have a shitty rest of your life. The world would be a better place without you.

Megan ran to her room and stayed there, quietly, while her parents cooked dinner downstairs.

Her parents, sensing something was wrong, ran upstairs and found their daughter, who had hung herself with a belt in her closet.

Emergency services was called and an ambulance arrived empty and left with the 13-year-old in the back.

As the ambulance was in front of the Meier’s house, Lori Drew called the 13-year-old who had been brought in on the joke and told her to keep her mouth shut about what they had done.

The Josh Evans account was deleted.

Megan Meier was dead the next day.

Lori Drew went with her family went to Megan’s funeral and mouthed the right words of remorse, all while knowing that what she had done had driven Megan, a girl the Drews knew was on anti-depression medication, to kill herself.

A few weeks after Megan’s suicide, the thirteen-year-old that Lori had recruited into the “joke” felt a wee bit guilty about her part in it and talked to the Meiers about it, explaining what had been done to their daughter by someone they thought was a family friend.

The Meiers, responding with incredible restraint, only went so far as to smash to pieces and drop off on the Drew driveway the foosball table that they had been asked to store in their house until Christmas.

“Merry Christmas” was spray-painted onto the box.

The Drew’s response? Call the police and file a report.

Here’s a partial transcript of that report:

In reference to their daughter’s suicide, Drew explained she wanted to “just tell them” what she did to contribute to the Meier’s daughter’s suicide. She instigated and monitored a “my space” account which was created for the sole purpose of communicating with Meier’s daughter. Drew said she, with the help of temporary employee named “Ashley”, constructed a profile of “good looking” male on “my space” in order to “find out what Megan (Meier’s daughter) was saying on-line” about her daughter. Drew explained the communication between the fake male profile was aimed at gaining Megan’s confidence and finding out what Megan felt about her daughter and other people. Drew stated she, her daughter, and Ashley all typed, read, and monitored the communication between the fake male profile and Megan. Drew went on to say, the communication became “sexual for a thirteen year old.” Drew stated she continued the fake male profile despite this development.

According to Drew “somehow” other “my space” users were able to access the fake male profile and Megan found out she had been duped. Drew stated she knew “arguments” had broken out between Megan and others on “my space”. Drew felt this incident contributed to Megan’s suicide, but she did not feel “as guilty” because at the funeral because she found out “Megan had tried to commit suicide before.”

Drew explained the neighborhood had recently found out her involvement in Megan’s suicide and her neighborhood has become hostile toward her and her family. Despite the recency of the suicide and several neighbors recommending she not confront the Meier family (especially on Thanksgiving), Meier stated she and her husband attempted to contact the Meier family three times, “banging on the door” although Mr Meier had already told them to leave.

Good stuff there. You have to love the fact that Lori Drew told the officers that she didn’t feel guilty because Megan had tried to commit suicide before.

Also interesting is that Lori Drew mentioned to the officers that the communication had turned sexual.

If that’s the case, did Lori Drew – a woman in her 40’s – admit on a police report to manipulating a 13-year-old girl into a sexual conversation?

If so, Lori Drew could be considered as something of a sexual predator, as she used the anonymity of the internet to lure Megan Meier into what could be viewed as a sexual relationship. After all, many, many people have been arrested for grooming children for a sexual encounter.

Or maybe this whole situation could be just seen as a prank that went a little too far on a girl who couldn’t hack it, as this anonymous blog here would have you believe.


People are out in droves collecting information about your favorite woman in America – Lori Drew.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Lori Drew Is Happy

I’m not quite sure where Lori Drew was getting off calling Megan Meier fat. Pot, meet kettle kind of situation here.

Lori Drew Enjoys Coke Products

Here’s Lori Drew enjoying a selection of refreshing Coke products.

Update – The meganhaditcoming site was (in all likelihood) not done by Lori Drew, as the author of the two articles on that site (both of which have since been deleted) has come forward and announced that he is someone who was sick of the way the Drews have been treated.

There is a nice little demonstration planned for people who are in Lori Drew’s area and, oh how shall I put it…annoyed with her.

Thank you to Lori R. for posting this in the comments.

The final plan for Saturday’s demonstration is this:

First of all, we have the right to assemble, but not to threaten, yell, throw things, etc. This will be an entirely peaceful (and quiet) demonstration. We will not be allowed to stand in the street or on private property that we do not have permission to stand on. There is a common ground area across from the Drew home that I will try to get approved by the subdivision’s council for Saturday from 12 to 5pm.

I ask you all to please bring candles, flyers, etc. BUT, please do not stoop to the level of the Drew family. We are not there to bully the Drew family. We are there to bring attention to this situation to ensure that justice will be served.

Please, leave your pitchforks at home. We don’t want to see any banners calling them names, threatening the family, etc.

I hope to see you all on the common ground across from 269 Waterford Crystal Dr. in Dardenne Prairie on Saturday from noon until 5pm.

Thank you for helping us in search of justice for Megan Meier.

In other news, “Ashley” from the police report turns out to be Ashley Grills.

She was another person involved in emotionally raping Megan Meier.
As you can see from her pictures, Ashley Grills calling Megan fat is also a pot, meet kettle deal.

The Smoking Gun has the full police report that Lori Drew filed.

From the Smoking Gun:

Drew approached the sheriff’s department last November, after “the neighborhood…found out her involvement in Megan’s suicide and her neighbors have become hostile toward her and her family.” Drew, the report noted, wanted the neighborhood tension to be documented in case any of her property was subsequently damaged. Since last December, Drew, 48, has filed three police complaints alleging harassment and property damage in retaliation for her MySpace hoax. She has reported a brick being thrown through her kitchen window and claimed that Megan’s father Ronald yelled at her, “Who are you gonna kill today?” In April, Drew told police that a paintball had been shot at her sunroom’s window, causing about $50 in damage. While Drew had previously placed a surveillance camera in the sunroom, the tape did not help identify a suspect. And, as a sheriff’s report notes, “Drews did not wish to release the tape, as she anticipated a civil law suit against her by Meier and may need the tape for legal purposes.”

Hey Dardenne: The Horse Has Already Left The Barn

The city of Dardenne Prairie passed a law on the 21st of November, 2007 which makes online harassment a crime.

The six-member Board of Aldermen made Internet harassment a misdemeanor, punishable by up to a $500 fine and 90 days in jail.

Mayor Pam Fogarty said the city had proposed the measure after learning about Megan Meier’s death.

Interesting times for the Drew family.

Perhaps they should move.

Unique Kiana Bishop

So one mother said to the doctor, “You know, I want to name my daughter something different, something that stands out, something…I don’t know.”

The doctor interjects, “Unique?”

And the mother nods and says, “Yeah! That’s perfect! I’ll name her unique!”

Here is the MySpace page of Unique Kiana Bishop, which is actually fairly tastefully done, when you compare it to some of the other ones that we’ve seen. She’s as eloquent as Shakespeare when describing the love her boyfriend, “lil 22” expresses towards her.


Thank god for your insight into inter-sexual relationships, Ms. Bishop. I’ll be sure to lick more face from now on.

21-year-old Unique Kiana Bishop, who undoubtedly was at the top of her class in high school, spent 14 days in jail and was placed on probation by the Norwalk branch of Los Angeles County Superior Court after being convicted for burglary in the summer of 2007.

Now while you may be saying, “14 days in jail for burglary?!” let’s all be realistic and face the fact that we’re dealing with a female offender here. We’re lucky the state didn’t give her a brand new car.

The 26th of July wasn’t the first time Unique Kiana Bishop had been arrested for burglary. In the last two years, if you count the latest charge, she has been convicted twice of burglary and once of petty theft.

So Unique Kiana Bishop is pretty much scum.

And, as scum, she hangs out with other scum.

At about 2:30 in the afternoon of the 5th of November, 2007, Unique Bishop went with some friends to a “meet and greet” at the parking lot of a local discount store – BigLots. One of Unique’s friends had a slight disagreement with another young lady as to who exactly should be a local fine young gentleman’s “baby’s momma,” and they were going to talk about it like sensible young ladies should.

As can be expected, seconds after the two future Nobel Prize winners began to talk, a fight broke out. Friends who came along jumped in, and then their friends jumped in, so there were about 30 women fighting on the streets of Los Angeles.

The fight moved from the parking lot of the BigLots to the street, then across the street into the parking lot of a Union 76 gas station.

That was when Unique Bishop decided to make her own unique (oh, we’re clever aren’t we?) contribution to the conflict. Unique stepped into her red convertible and drove it into some of her opponents, while screaming “I’ll get you.”

Shontae Treniece BlancheOne of those opponents was 22-year-old Shontae Treniece Blanche, who was five months pregnant. Shontae was a Cal-State Northridge student who worked at a local bank and was was 13 classes away from finishing her education and becoming a parole officer. Considering her husband is in prison, she might have had a hard time getting a job in that field, but then again – this is Southern California we’re talking about, and they’ll hire anybody.

Unique Bishop managed to slam into one woman, trap another girl against a parked car and run over Shontae Blanche. The first girl was bruised but unharmed, the second girl almost lost her leg, and Shontae…

Well, Shontae and her baby died as Unique Kiana Bishop’s car drove over Shontae, trapping the pregnant woman under the vehicle. Unique then backed her car up off Shontae’s body, crushing the woman and her baby again before speeding away.

Unique Bishop disappeared, but appeared at a local police station with her mother when she learned that she was wanted. During an interview with police, she claimed that she had hit the other women on accident and was just trying to get away.

That makes sense, because usually when I’m trying to get away from something like a bear or tiger, I can also be heard screaming “I’ll get you.”

Unique Bishop has been slapped with two murder charges that have been filed with “special circumstance allegations.” This means Unique Bishop could possibly be facing the death penalty.


It’s really too bad that Unique Bishop couldn’t have been unique in finding, oh, say the cure for cancer, or doing something else equally unique that builds society up instead of tearing it down.

In a heroic attempt at damage control, Noreen McClendon, executive director of Concerned Citizens of South Central Los Angeles, had this to say:

This says nothing about the neighborhood.

Bravo, Ms. Noreen McClendon, bravo!


Unique Kiana Bishop seems to be doing just fine in prison, calling her mother regularly. Unique has pled “not guilty,” of course, and we’re still waiting for her trial.

What Do We Do With Young Killers?

I think it would be fair to say that most people won’t remember, but in December of 2006, the United Nations took up a resolution calling for the abolition of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for children and young teenagers.

With the United States being the only country that voted against the resolution, the vote turned out to be 185 to 1.

An article featured in The New York Times caught my eye, and I am of the opinion that everyone should go read it, come back here and share your thoughts on the matter.

This author personally feels that imprisoning a 30-year-old for something that he did when he was 15 could possibly be a huge injustice.

The issue is a matter of degree, however.

Is it wrong to imprison an 18-year-old for something horrible that he did when he was 14? How about a 20-year-old? How long should we lock these kids up? Does it depend on what they did? Does it depend on how and if they change? If it depends on if they change, why are we letting anyone out of prison if they haven’t made a serious attempt to change their attitude towards conforming to social norms?

Hard questions.

Let us know what you think.


We’ve had many great responses to this post, but one in particular stands out. Here it is, in its entirety:

A tough question but one easily answered if we choose to live in an environment devoid of sociopathic killers. If we are sick and tired of losing loved ones close to us.

Sadly enough there are people born with a head of bad wiring. As children they can be cute, endearing, witty and lethal. NOTHING will change their desire to kill. They kill. That is what they do and some of them are pretty darn good at it. They kill your mother, your father, your daughter, or in my case, my twin brother. For what? Two thousand dollars. In their sick, twisted minds a human being has the value of two thousand dollars.

This isn’t about my brother. This is about a society that is so obsessed with being touchy feelie that they allow killers to re-enter our society and kill again and then, again. The answer, prison? No. Lethal injection within 48 hours of being sentenced to death. The lengthy appeal process must be eliminated completely. There are NO exceptions. I know.

People will read this and think I’m outrageous. Am I? Or is this the solution to end the ever rising murder rate in this country? This isn’t rocket science. Eliminate the problem without prejudice and the problem disappears. Until we put the lives of our loved ones in a higher regard of those who kill our loved ones then we must accept and not be surprised at the ever increasing murder rate.


Seattle, Washington

Don Simpson

Don Simpson, a preacher at Haslet Church of Christ for nearly 20 years, was the owner and operator of Mr. Don’s Whistlestop, a half-mile long miniature railroad track that he put together over several years on the one-acre lot that he bought in Keller, Texas in 1982.

Kids loved Mr. Don’s Whistlestop. The miniature train, being the perfect size for post-toddler-age kids, was a popular place for children to have their birthday parties, despite being an unlicensed business. Don loved having kids around, and especially loved riding around with them on his train. A two-hour event there cost $250 and horseback rides were available for an additional $50.

The popularity of Don Simpson’s birthday party locale was dramatically reduced when the parents of a 3-year-old girl called the police with a story of how Mr. Simpson had sexually molested their daughter while she rode on the train with him during a birthday party on the 7th of October, 2007.

While Mr. Simpson and the children were riding the train, the parent of this little girl noticed that Don Simpson was sitting in an odd position on the train, and that his hands were positioned in a way that didn’t look quite right.

Once the train had stopped, the parent of this little girl took her aside and asked if anything had happened while she was on the train.

Since this is People You’ll See In Hell, you already know that the little girl said that something did happen.

Apparently the train track goes through a 200-foot-long tunnel that Don Simpson put together, and while the train was going through the tunnel, the little girl felt Mr. Simpson touching her inappropriately.

Police showed up at the party, questioned a few people who were concerned that their little girls had been touched by a pedophile, left and wrote their reports.

Rumors began to make their way around town.

Don Simpson faceThe next day, on the 8th of October, Don Simpson drove his truck to the police station and asked to talk to police about the investigation.

While being interviewed by investigators, Don called his wife and had her come down and sit with him while he talked.

After four hours worth of interviews, Don Simpson admitted that he had fondled not only that little girl, but many other little girls as well.

Don Simpson wasn’t arrested at that point because detectives felt that they needed to do a bit more investigation to corroborate his confession.

After the interview, Don Simpson had a breakdown. Police took him to a local hospital’s mental health facility for treatment. Mr. Simpson stayed there for a few days while police waited for him to be released.

Shortly after he left the hospital, Mr. Simpson surrendered to police on the 12th of October, 2007. He immediately posted bond and walked out of police custody.

Once that got out, rumors really started to make their way around town.

Parents began wondering if their children could have possibly been molested by Don Simpson. After all, almost all the kids in town had been at his house at one time or another…

Parents were publicly urged not to ask their children about being molested, because doing so could affect any new cases against Mr. Simpson.

That opened the floodgates.

Over 200 parents called police to arrange for their children to be interviewed by specialists in the tricky practice of dealing with the mind of a child. So far, three more children – three girls and one boy – have been identified as having been molested by Don Simpson. These children are between 3 and 9 years old.

In total, Don Simpson is facing five charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14 and three charges of indecency with a child by contact.

Assault is a first-degree felony. Don could get life in prison for each count.

Indecency with a child by contact is a second-degree felony. Don could get between 2 and 20 years in prison for each of those charges.

Don had better hope that his attorney comes through for him. Mr. Simpson’s attorney, Lisa Mullen, has stated to the press that Don Simpson has never touched any little kids and that his confession to police was beaten out of him.

Did He or Didn’t He?

Is Don Simpson’s situation comparable to the McMartin preschool case? Is this another example of sexual abuse hysteria

Don Simpson certainly has his supporters.

His son-in-law, Jon McKenzie, knows that Mr. Simpson admitted his molestation activities to police, but Mr. McKenzie said that his father-in-law’s confession came only after police coerced Don..

I will say that we feel that the Keller police, after questioning Don for many hours, mentally exhausted him, and we believe that also some threats were possibly used against Don in obtaining his statement.

Don Simpson’s lawyer has stated, “You couldn’t find a man with a better character. This man is innocent, and he’s spent 65 years proving that.”

Christopher Paul Neil

The power of the internet community is amazing.

For the last three years, Interpol has been hunting for a man who can be seen molesting very young boys in over 200 photos that were found on the internet. The problem the authorities were having was identifying the guy in the photos – because he digitally “swirled” his face in each picture that he released.

Well, not too long ago, Interpol released some images of this guy which they had recently managed to “de-swirl” through the use of some computerized tools.

Within hours, the images had been posted all over the Internet and the publicity of the case resulted in over 350 people who supplied tips to authorities worldwide. There was so much information that poured in that agents will probably be going through the tips and evidence for some time to come.

The media blitz worked.

32-year-old Christopher Paul Neil was identified by five sources from three different continents, and with his name in hand, Interpol started the process of tracking him down.

A fortunate break happened when Christopher Neil identified on video camera as he went through an airport in Thailand. Authorities managed to track Christopher Neil down by tracing the signal on the cellphone which his 25-year-old Thai boyfriend was using to call him. Here’s his boyfriend’s MySpace page.

On the 19th of October, 2007, Christopher Neil was arrested without incident in a house he was renting in Nakhon Ratchasima – a remote province of Thailand which he undoubtedly thought would be perfect for hiding from the world for a while.

Christopher Neil will be charged with many counts of molesting underage children in Thailand and is also likely to be charged by authorities in Vietnam and Cambodia with raping young boys in those countries as well.

As pedophiles usually do, Christopher Paul Neil managed to find work that meant he would be surrounded with children. He worked from 1998 to 2000 as a chaplain and counselor for children and young adults at a cadet training center in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Apparently, Christopher Neil studied history at the Seminary of Christ the King in Mission, British Columbia for a few years in the 1990s Something about him caused his superiors to recommend that he not be allowed to progress further in the church, and certainly not be allowed to go into the priesthood.

According to an interview with the Reverend Nicholas Ruh on the subject of Christopher’s lack of personal qualifications:

I’m not saying anything further, it’s too delicate.

More investigation has turned up some of Christopher Neil’s online activities. He was a regular poster to an online forum for teachers, posting more than 300 messages under the pseudonym “Peter Jackson.”

Here are some excerpts from some of his posts:

Police checks are NOT needed to get a visa. Public schools will want one, but you should be able to stall them. Often they want teachers SO quickly that they will ‘wait’ for some things. I never gave a police check for my last public school job. I was in Vietnam at the time, and getting one wasn’t easy. I delayed and never heard about it again.

I’ve never heard of porn being a problem in Korea. On my first trip there in 2000, I remember reading the customs declaration form while on the plane. I was SO nervous for the remaining hours on the plane because I happened to have a couple Penthouse magazines in my bag. I ended up tossing them in the bin at the airport washroom, only to find out that no one would have found them anyway. In terms of computers, if you’re worried about any content, there are several ways to encrypt your drive. A friend has highly recommended Truecrypt, which you can download. If you want to get rid of old files so no one will see, then simply deleting them will not work. You’ll have to get a program like Jetico’s BC Wipe….

Christopher Neil could face up to 20 years in jail if convicted in Thailand. Thai authorities have insisted that Mr. Neil stand trial and serve time in Thailand first.

Considering the living conditions of your typical Thailand prison, I have no problem with this.

Chester Arthur Stiles

When he was pulled over by the police, on the 15th of October, 2007, Chester Arthur Stiles had this to say:

Hi. I’m Chester Stiles, the guy you’re looking for.

While being handcuffed, he added:

If you have sex with a toddler on tape, you have to run.

37-year-old Chester Stiles, once lost, has finally been found as he was driving a white Buick Century with no license plates through Henderson, Nevada. He tipped the officer who pulled him over off with the fact that he had an expired California driver’s license as well as the blurted admission that he was a wanted child rapist.

So Chester is indeed a molester.

Wanted for groping a 6-year-old girl in 2003, Chester Stiles learned that he had a warrant out for his arrest and disappeared. He was also being investigated for sexually assaulting another young girl in 2001.

Chester managed to get on the FBI’s most wanted list for a while. (Now a broken link – admin)

Authorities believe that Mr. Chester Arthur Stiles, who once vowed to never be taken alive, is the person who can be seen raping a 3-year-old girl on a video that is now in the custody of the police.

The knife-wielding survivalist had access to the three-year-old because her mother paid him to babysit. I’m sure he had pretty low rates.

The three-year-old is now seven. She has been described by family members as happy and healthy, with no memory of the 2003 encounter with Stiles. But really, who knows what she remembers?

All I can remember from that age is my parent’s Plymouth Duster, which was introduced in 1970 to compete with Ford’s sporty Maverick.

The police, who had no idea who the little girl was that was being raped on video, made the unorthodox move of releasing both her picture and her rapist’s picture, which was taken from a still when he was looking towards the camera.

Chester Arthur Stiles’s ex-girlfriend, Tina Allen, and her two boys lived with Chester in an apartment they shared with the little girl who was raped and her mother. According to Tina Allen, Chester Stiles was a great father figure to the children and she never suspected that he could be a pedophile.

Chester has quite the record, according to the Las Vegas police department.

04/2003 – Conspiracy to Commit Grand Larceny Auto

05/2001 – Leaving the Scene of an Accident

04/2001 – Grand Larceny and Auto Burglary

02/2001 – Contempt of Court

02/2001 – Probation Violation – C.C.W.,Battery-Domestic Violence, False Information to a Police Officer, Resisting a Public Officer, Battery by a Prisoner (2 CTS)

06/1999 – Aiming a firearm

06/1999 – Possession of an Unregistered Firearm, Resisting a Police Officer, Obstructing a Police Officer, Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Battery Domestic Violence.

A few weeks back, Chester Stiles was seen at a Salvation Army Shelter after volunteers had posted his mugshot on the wall. He walked up to the mugshot, looked around and started to run. Approximately 20-30 homeless people ran after him, forming kind of a dirty parade down the streets of Las Vegas. Chester Stiles lost his pursuers near the train tracks behind Jerry’s Nugget Casino in North Town.

Chester Stiles faces eight counts of lewdness with a minor, 12 counts of sexual assault and one count of attempted sexual assault, with most of the charges stemming from only what authorities discovered on the videotape.

Dr. Mark K. Anderson

For some people, going to the dentist sucks even when the dentist doesn’t molest them.

48-year-old Dentist Mark Anderson has turned an otherwise simple profession into something a bit more complicated.

If you didn’t know what he’d done, if you just looked at a snapshot of his life, you’d think that Mark Anderson had it all. He made good money as a dentist, enough to support a wife and seven kids. He lives in a huge house in a nice neighborhood.

Not a bad life.

Although now…now you can bet that his good life is going to evaporate like the morning dew on a summer morning.

So far, twenty-seven women have accused Mark Anderson of fondling them while they were sitting in his examination chair.

Mark Anderson’s excuse for feeling the women up? Temporal mandibular joint disorders, or TMJ for short.

On the 27th of August, 2007, a 28-year-old female patient of Dr. Anderson’s was reclining in his dentist’s chair. She had made an appointment to be fitted for a mouthpiece that would hopefully stop the damage her nocturnal teeth grinding was causing. Dr. Anderson briefly massaged her neck, jaw line and upper chest before asking her, “Hey, did you get a breast augmentation?”

Somewhat surprised at the question, the woman answered that she had, indeed had some implants put in.

Mark Anderson replied, “They did a good job,” as he reached into her shirt and fondled her breasts for a few moments before slipping his hand under her bra and playing with her nipples.

While this may sound like a porn film, it’s really just off the police report. Bear with me.

Unlike the porn you may have watched, when the dental hygienist walked into the examination room, she didn’t strip down and join the dentist and his patient in a wild threesome. Dr. Anderson just quickly slipped his hands out of this woman’s shirt and went about his dental exam.

Eventually, two weeks after this strange encounter at the dentist’s office, the woman told her husband what had happened between her and Dr. Mark Anderson. Despite the fact that she and her husband had both been longtime patients of Dr. Anderson, they decided to find another dentist and go to the police.

The investigators asked the couple to call Dr. Anderson and talk about the alleged fondling while police listened in and recorded the conversation. During that conversation, Dr. Anderson apologized for touching the woman’s breasts. He mentioned that during dental examinations for TMJ, it’s standard medical practice to check a patient’s upper chest and massage tight muscles.

An expert with the dental board disagreed, saying that if a dentist massaged a patient’s chest, it would be an extreme departure from standard medical practice.

That was all the police needed to arrest Dr. Anderson, which they did on the 13th of September.

He quickly posted bond and went free to continue his dental practice…for a while.

But more women came forward after hearing that someone had finally formally accused the good dentist of inappropriate fondling.

A 36-year-old patient of Dr. Anderson that came forward told authorities that after she had seen him for treatment of TMJ, Dr. Anderson had, on her final visit, cupped her breasts inappropriately.

Shocked for a while, she kept quiet about it. After a while, because she was still angry at being fondled, she wrote him a letter asking why he had groped her.

In response to her letter, Dr. Anderson sent the woman an apology card with a cartoon bunny rabbit on the front with the caption: ‘Ooops!’

Well, who wouldn’t feel better about it, after getting a card like that?

So far, Dr. Mark has been charged with one count of misdemeanor battery and one count of sexual battery. As the investigation into Dr. Mark’s chairside manner continues, more charges will be filed as they are found. He will have his first criminal hearing on the 25th of October.

Dr. Anderson’s license to practice dentistry has been revoked until the situation is resolved.

Because of Mark Anderson’s careless sexual assaults, his seven children and wife will now face not only public humiliation but also financial decimation as the main breadwinner of the family has his only source of income taken away.

That, in my mind, is why Dr. Mark Anderson deserves Hell.

That said, I’m hurt.

My dentist never felt me up in all the time I’ve been going to get dental care from the guy. It’s like my firm, manly breasts aren’t good enough for him or something.