Bowe Bergdahl

Sgt Bowe BergdahlThis is 28-year-old Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

Bowe Bergdahl had a variety of interests before joining the U.S. Army. Mr. Bergdahl tried out fencing and martial arts for a while before trying out ballet classes at the Sun Valley Ballet School in Ketchum, Idaho. He never owned a car, he just rode a bicycle wherever he had to go.

Interestingly, Mr. Bergdahl, who seems to have had quite an identity crisis growing up in Idaho, spent time in a Buddhist monastery between 2007 and 2008.

Somehow, he got it in his head to join the military. Showing a bit of trepidation about what he might actually be doing “over there,” Bowe Bergdahl told a friend:

If this deployment is lame, I’m just going to walk off into the mountains of Pakistan.

Well ok then.

While stationed in Afghanistan, P1C Bergdahl was viewed as a strange guy, a loner who wouldn’t really talk or hang out with the other men in his unit. Instead, he stayed in his bunk, learning Pashto and Arabic with Rosetta Stone.

On June 27, 2009, P1C. Bowe Bergdahl sent a final e-mail to his parents. It read, in part:

The future is too good to waste on lies. And life is way too short to care for the damnation of others, as well as to spend it helping fools with their ideas that are wrong. I have seen their ideas and I am ashamed to even be american. The horror of the self-righteous arrogance that they thrive in. It is all revolting.

In the US army you are cut down for being honest… but if you are a conceited brown nosing shit bag you will be allowed to do what ever you want, and you will be handed your higher rank… The system is wrong. I am ashamed to be an american. And the title of US soldier is just the lie of fools…I am sorry for everything here. These people need help, yet what they get is the most conceited country in the world telling them that they are nothing and that they are stupid, that they have no idea how to live. We don’t even care when we hear each other talk about running their children down in the dirt streets with our armored trucks… We make fun of them in front of their faces, and laugh at them for not understanding we are insulting them…I am sorry for everything. The horror that is america is disgusting…There are a few more boxes coming to you guys. Feel free to open them, and use them.

With that, P1C Bowe Bergdahl left his equipment on his bunk and walked off into the Afghanistan countryside with a compass, a knife, some water, a camera and a diary. He had mailed his other stuff to his parents a few weeks prior, including an Apple laptop.

In hindsight, his fellow soldiers said it was obvious that Bowe Bergdahl was planning on leaving. At the time, they treated the situation like he’d been captured. Rescue units were scrambled and between 6-8 lives were lost in the search for Mr. Bergdahl, who, it would turn out, the Army investigation decided had deserted.

Former Army Sgt. Evan Buetow, the team leader the night of Bergdahl’s disappearance, told news reporters that the Army intercepted radio and cellphone conversations from a nearby village that described an American soldier who wanted to talk to the Taliban.

According to another soldier who was at the base at the time:

We had all known that he had deserted his post and there was never anything about him getting captured or a POW until a little while later when it came down from the chain-of-command that we needed to keep quiet about it, not say anything and that we’re going with the narrative that he’s captured.

Whenever he went and walked off the base, only stuff that we know, that we trained for, that the sports that we know on vehicles, how are moves are, stuff like that, they were getting hit very precisely. And the ambushes we used, the certain tactics that we used, the Taliban was picking up on those things and the Haqqani network started using the same things as well. So they were very precise and very accurate. You could tell it was somebody on the inside that had that info.

Bowe Bergdahl was promoted to sergeant on the 17th of June, 2011.

On the 31st of May, 2014, Bergdahl was released by his captors and recovered by U.S. special operations forces in eastern Afghanistan. The release was brokered by the American, Qatar, and Afghanistan governments with the Taliban, in exchange for five Guantanamo Bay detainees transferred to Qatari custody for at least one year.

Nebraska’s own Chuck Hagel, who will support whoever is paying him at the time, has announced that he thinks leaping to conclusions about Bowe’s behavior isn’t fair. Just because it looks like Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was a traitor who, it seemed, was trying to join up with a bunch of primitive sheep and boy lovers, we shouldn’t leap to conclusions.

Yeah, we definitely don’t want to leap to conclusions.

According to Hagel:

We don’t do that in the United States. We rely on facts. I don’t know of any circumstances or details of U.S. soldiers dying as a result of efforts to get Bergdahl.

Five terrorists released back into the wild. 1 terrorist brought back home. Several soldiers dead in the search for what appears to be a traitor.

Because the Army never filled out paperwork to classify Bowe Bergdahl as a deserter, he will receive back pay and benefits. The Army will undoubtedly give Sgt. Bergdahl about 5 years worth of back pay. It should be a nice check. Maybe now he can get a nicer bicycle.

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    1. This reaction is really stupid,I mean putting him with the murderers. Being anti patriotic or anti-american is not a sin,but rather an opinion,to disagree over politics,or cultural point of view. I mean if I was in a war and lived in a tent with the LOWEST people on earth(soldiers),I would become anti-my side too,if my fellow soldiers would talk “look at those stupid muslims,living in the shit dirt.God, they are stupid”. Americans do practice rape and pillage in the war zones,let alone are culturally disrespectful,even as the tourists. Plus if soldiers were valuable at all, nobody would sent them to war.. And again, if you think of people who disagree with you are wrong,you are shit bag too, There was no nuclear weapons in Iraq, you just invaded it for the oil, good for you,thousands are dead of it. I would also mention the shit you did in Vietnam,using chemical attack witch led to thousands to born with disability and mutations, do you suppose every Vietnam-veteran soldier was ok with it? On both sides there are people you can’t really chose one side and say every other sides are monsters. Fuck you.

      1. Hey saulius im a canadian and i find your words to be predjutice and unwaranted and dispite your lack of intelligents im going to try and educate you on just how important the men and women on the front lines are and how they unlike you are perhaps some of the most influential and caring on either side.whether its american or coalition forces fighting along side each other keeping us safe i am greatful to be able to sleep safe in my bed at night to be able to send my kids to school or go to the park nowing that because of there sacrifice to make our communities safe from a threat so cowardous and so weak that they attack innocence.and then they justify these attacks by saying were to blame because we choose not to torment or crucify those who dont share our believes.i have an idea if you think were the problem why dont you go to some of these countries and try to rationalize with them oh what you would sooner enjoy the luxury of civilization and avoid getting your head removed with a machete people like you make me sick.p.s. Were is the proof that us stole oil from iraq you need to quit watching all of those stupid micheal moore fake documentaries that are all theroy based b.s. God bless america your friends to the north have your back

      2. Exactly my thoughts! I’d be horrified at my country after witnessing such sick treatment of the people who live in these countries we are over there to “protect”. After seeing rapes, mutilations, and dead children I’d probably run off and try to help those being targeted too. That’s right that there are evil on both sides, but even so we cannot say that simply everyone in Afghanistan is evil- even those that try to retaliate aren’t all evil because if there was people over here invading canada, guess what? I’d grab my guns and go fight for the protection of this country and it’s people. I cannot even imagine the horrors of living amidst occupation. I hope more soldiers come out and at least talk about the truth about what occurs during deployment- maybe that way people will see that what is happening is WRONG. But hey, we don’t see slaughter in our own back yards if our precious white people, so it doesn’t matter as much, right? Fuck.

      3. This is one of the most ignorant things I’ve ever read. I stopped at the part where you implied that soldiers were sent to war because they are worthless. I think people like you should be sent to war and used as sandbags.

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