Brandon Alan Austill

If you’re eating while reading this, I’d advise you to either A) put your grilled steak fiesta burrito down and keep reading or B) go off somewhere, eat that burrito and come back when you don’t have food in your mouth.

Ready? Ok.

I’ll be the first to admit that Brandon Alan Austill had a pretty crappy childhood.

Apparently Mr. Austill was both abused and neglected by his parents. He was also sexually molested by his uncle.

In fact things were so bad, in the Austill household that, in 1994, the state removed Brandon Austill and his siblings from their parents’ house and put them all into foster homes.

The damaged little boy grew up into a damaged man, and that damaged man met a girl on the internet. They hooked up. She got pregnant.

The then 21-year-old Brandon Alan Austill and his girlfriend, Brianna Clark, had a baby girl on the ninth of September in 2006. They took the child home to Brianna Clark’s apartment.

Four days after this little girl was born, Brandon Austill started to abuse her.

No, actually – abuse is too soft a word.

Brandon Austill methodically beat and tortured this little newborn girl.

The abuse got more and more horrific with each passing day.

Brandon repeatedly shocked the baby with a stun gun.

Austill admitted to smashing the baby’s head against a bathroom sink. He slammed her head-first into a dining room table.

Brandon Austill bent her leg until he heard it break.

This wasn’t a single case of a guy losing his temper at a crying baby and shaking her too hard. This was an ongoing pattern of abuse by a grown man inflicted onto a helpless, frantic, frightened newborn who doesn’t understand at all what’s happening to her.

Brandon Austill admitted that he had mishandled the girl, but defended his actions by claiming he couldn’t stop her from crying.

All she knew was that she was in constant pain.

Brianna Clark finally took the baby to the hospital

When examined at a local hospital on Halloween of 2006, she had a broken left tibia, broken left femur, and skull and face fractures. All these injuries were in different phases of the healing process, which showed that they had been inflicted on the girl at different times.

Well, the baby is still alive and in foster care. Hopefully there will be no permanent damage.

Brandon Austill’s mother has claimed that she worried about the baby, that she had a feeling something would happen. She says that he “sounded lost” and overwhelmed. Brandon’s mother also claims that he regularly takes “whatever drugs he can steal” and routinely cuts himself.


Brianna Clark has not been charged, because she was not home at the time of the attacks.

Brandon Alan Austill, on the other hand, will spend up to 30 years in prison.

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