Brendan Dassey

This teenager helped his uncle kill a 25-year-old photographer named Teresa Halbach, who had come to their junkyard to take pictures of a minivan the uncle’s sister was selling.

The uncle, Steven Avery, had shackled the woman to a bed and invited Brendan to rape her.

Brendan decided to do so, because he wanted to know “what sex felt like.”

Maybe now he’ll find out what sex feels like the other way around as he serves a life sentence.

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5 thoughts on “Brendan Dassey”

  1. Absolute bullshit! They boy was clearly not guilty ….the tenor of this article is horrendous and so removed to the facts….the conviction was based on a highly suspect confession with not a shred of physical evidence….this article is lazy journalism

  2. Is this just trying to stir things up for the site? Did you see the interviews? Are you so naive to think cops don’t lie, conceal evidence, or plant evidence?

    1. Yeah I’m so sure the person who makes this goes back 10yrs and checks every single case. At the time of your post that tv show, I’m guessing that’s where you get your info from, was just gaining popularity. Brandon maybe innocent but his uncle deserves EVERYTHING he gets

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