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Lloyd Anthony Nelson and Willie Dwayne Whitfield

The first sexual assault in Cameron, Texas, was on the 16th of August, 2006.

A 72-year-old woman reported to police that a man had broken into her house and raped her, but she was unable to provide a good description of her attacker.

Investigators took the woman to the hospital and a sample of the man’s DNA was collected, but the authorities had very little information other than that. No witnesses were found, and nobody reported anything suspicious in the area.

Then, just less than a month after the attack, the police received a call from a woman who was worried someone was inside her mother-in-law’s house. The woman had called her mother-in-law and thought she was acting strangely.

The police arrived and entered the house to find 38-year-old Willie Dwayne Whitfield naked and raping the 72-year-old woman.

The first officer on the scene said:

It was very unexpected, it just blew my mind away. It was horrible.

Whitfield was arrested, charged with aggravated sexual assault of an elderly person and taken to the county jail. Police and residents thought the arrest meant the end of the assaults.

Two days later, however, there was another assault, against the same 72-year-old victim

The police knew Whitfield was in jail and that something wasn’t right, but the attacker disappeared for a while.

Then, five months after the last attack, on the 12th of February, 2007, the man assaulted the 72-year-old a third time.

Women in the area began taking self-defense classes. Others installed security systems, which were rare before the attacks, and purchased guns to protect themselves.

Despite all this, on the 19th of March, 2007, another attack occurred. This time, the woman assaulted was 69 years old and lived near the other victims.

Based on the information from the victims, they could only narrow the attacker down to a black man between 5 feet 4 inches and 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing between 170 and 270 pounds.

Officers said:

We were thinking, that could be any black man in town.

A break in the case happened on the 26th of March, 2007, when the rapist tried to strike again. This time, his victim was only 42 and fought him off, kicking the rapist in the crotch and making him run off.

The man ran into a nearby store from which police were able to obtain security tapes.

Another Cameron resident stepped forward to say that she saw a man standing outside the woman’s house about 10 minutes before the attack. She identified the man as 18-year-old Lloyd Anthony Nelson.

Lloyd Nelson was questioned and a sample of his DNA was taken to the Waco crime lab on the 2nd of April to compare with the samples obtained from the victims.

On the 4th of April, Cameron police got a call from the Texas Rangers saying that Nelson’s DNA matched samples for all four assaults.

Lloyd Anthony Nelson faces three charges of aggravated sexual assault of an elderly person. That’s a first-degree felony that could possibly put him in prison for a long time – up to 99 years or possibly life. He was also hit with a rape charge and a charge of aggravated robbery.

Jade Sanders and Lamont Thomas

27-year-old Jade Sanders and 31-year-old Lamont Thomas were found guilty on the 2nd of May, 2007 of the murder of their infant son.

Their 6-week-old baby, named “Crown Shakur,” died after being fed a vegan diet consisting mostly of apple juice and soy milk. Jade Sanders gave birth to Crown at home, using a water-filled bathtub. Jade Sanders and Lamont Thomas claim that the baby was not taken to the hospital because they believed hospitals were full of germs. During their child’s short life, he didn’t see a doctor until he was dead.

Their claims of feeding the baby an alternative diet might have been slightly more believable had there been more than one bottle in the house.

Crown Shakur weighed only three and a half pounds when he died. He was probably in pain throughout his entire life, as starvation is a long, hard way to die.

According to prosecutors:

The first time he ever saw a doctor was when he was brought dead on arrival to Piedmont Hospital in a state that was clearly beyond malnourishment, but starvation.

Jurors found both parents guilty of malice murder, felony murder, involuntary manslaughter and cruelty to children.

It took about seven hours for the jury to bring back the guilty verdicts..

According to Lamont Thomas, who was very upset that they’d been found guilty:

We didn’t starve my son to death. We didn’t starve my son for weeks and weeks and weeks. You know we’ve been vegetarians. We’re against animal cruelty. So why would I be cruel to my son? We’re against animals being burdened. Why would be cruel and burden him and try to drive around and do something with his body? We’re going to jail for no reason.

Prosecutor Chuck Boring responded:

No matter how many times they want to say, ‘We’re vegans, we’re vegetarians,’ that’s not the issue in this case. The child died because he was not fed. Period.

The couple received an automatic life sentence, during which they will be fed.

Shaun A. Lockett and Lashawn S. Brown

After Brown, a relative and paid caregiver, severely burned Mr. Lockett’s 10-year-old daughter in a hot bath, the girl wasn’t given medical treatment for over a week.

The victim, Quiniece Lockett, was blind, partially paralyzed and suffered from cerebral palsy.

Burned by the water on the 21st of April, 2007, she lay in her bed for nine days, without medical care.

The girl lay there, in agony, with burns on almost half of her body.

Police Chief Charles Kellar told the press:

If you’d see the photos and the condition that she was left in – just to lay in that bed with all those burns. I mean, it was horrible. Apparently the water had to be extremely, extremely hot. We’re looking into, right now, whether the water heater could have heated the water that hot or whether there was hot water added.

Brown and Lockett claim they took the girl to the hospital, but the hospital has no record of such an event – adding that the girl’s burns would have required an immediate admission into their burn center.

Lockett was arrested on the first day of his new job.

Police found some marijuana on him. Surprise surprise.

Rocio Leon

This 19-year-old delivered her baby at home.

She beat on the infant.

She strangled the infant.

After the child died, Ms. Leon placed the body in a plastic tupperware-style container.

This container and its contents were found by police during a house-wide search was conducted.

Ms. Leon’s visit to a local hospital apparently alerted the staff, who immediately recognized her recent childbirth and that the possibility existed that not all was as it should be.

Phillip Zagarella

This charming fellow entered his boss’ ex-wife’s house at night and killed the ex-wife’s 59-year-old mother while she was babysitting her grandchildren.

After Phillip slit the elderly woman’s throat, he left her in lying on the floor of the garage in a pool of blood, to be discovered at around half past midnight by her daughter.

Phillip Zagarella tried his very best to get the daughter to come into the house, but she ran off, calling police from a neighbor’s house to let them know that a crazy guy with a rifle was in her house with her children and that he’d killed her mother.

50-year-old Phillip Zagarella barricaded himself in the family’s house for about 14 hours while police attempted to negotiate his surrender.

While holing up inside the residence, Mr. Zagarella took the opportunity to sexually assault one of the children.

Police negotiated with Zagarella by telephone for hours and determined he was drunk. A robot was sent towards the residence to try to get inside (what good it would do, I don’t know), but Phillip Zagarella shot at it.

Tear gas was thrown into the house at just before three in the afternoon, followed by a full assault by police.

As they assaulted the house, Zagarella killed himself with his rifle.

Public records show that Phillip Zagarella pleaded guilty to third-degree assault in Nassau County in 1998 and served earlier prison sentences for burglary and assault committed upstate. Zagarella also had a prior conviction for attempted murder.

Michael Rex Clark

Michael Clark conspired with his son, Ben Clark, to kill Michaels’ father – 74-year-old Ernest “Dick” Clark – so they could split the inheritance, estimated at $660,000.

Michael Clark, on a disability pension and concerned about being over $60,000 in debt, disapproved of the fact that Earnest Clark was spending a lot of money on home renovations and that Earnest was planning on buying a fish and chips shop for his live-in girlfriend.

What’s wrong, Mike? Your dad was spending his own money? The money he got from selling the business he built?

Could you feel your “rightful” inheritance slipping away?

Well, that just wouldn’t do.

So Mike talked to his son, Ben, who seems to be a chip off the old block, and convinced him to put two bullets into his grandfather’s head.

Earnest Clark was shot dead at the home he shared with his girlfriend, Jessica Chung, in April of 2005.

24-year-old Ben Richard Clark has pled guilty to murdering his grandfather.

George Hooper, who worked for Earnest Clark in his refrigerator business for nine years, said he had regular contact with him after George left the job.

He told the jury that in a phone call Dick Clark told him his son Michael wanted to borrow some money.

I think it was $20,000, but Dick said he wanted the loan to be in writing, like a contract. They just had an argument about it.

George Hooper also told the jury that Dick Clark appeared to have a “soft spot” for his grandson, Ben – the grandson who has admitted shooting him.

Peralus Edwards

An obviously well-balanced 35-year-old Montgomery belle.

While arguing with her 59-year old boyfriend, George Mays, she grabbed a wooden club and beat Mays to death and then dragged the corpse into their bedroom – where it lay undisturbed for four days.

When Mays’ daughter came over to see her dad, she looked around the house after sensing that something “wasn’t quite right” with the situation.

Edwards explained that there had been an argument, probably while Mays’daughter was running out the door to call police.

Edwards has been charged with murder.

Shawn Dailey and Michael Fitzgibbon

“Parents aren’t supposed to do something like this,” a detective with the Muskegon Heights police said.

Now come on, what did they do?

Well, Shawn Dailey was a little upset with her body.

Ms. Dailey had just had a tummy tuck and the mean ol’ doctors said that she wouldn’t be able to satisfy her boyfriend, Michael Fitzgibbon, sexually for a while.

Now, any normal person would sigh and possibly look into alternative ways of pleasing her boyfriend, maybe bake him a nice ham.

Instead, Shawn Dailey suggested that Mr. Fitzgibbon should have sex with her 14-year-old daughter.

She went so far as to persuade her daughter to sign a contract that obligated the then-14-year-old girl to have sex with Fitzgibbon in exchange for clothing, body piercings and the ability to stay with her teenage boyfriend on some nights.

Ms. Dailey, her daughter and Michael Fitzgibbon all signed the contract.

Mr. Fitzgibbon and the girl allegedly had sex about 20 times over a two-month span of time, during which time she turned 15 years old.

After the authorities uncovered all this, it also turned out that Mr. Fitzgibbon had had sex with his own daughter – who had been staying with him after living with her biological mother.

He didn’t have to pay much for that, just a few packs of cigarettes for the 12-year-old girl.

Mother of the year Ms. Dailey has been sentenced to 12 to 22.5 years.

Michael Fitzgibbon was sentenced to 60 years.

Demetrius Myshawn Pepper

At the start of the day on a Saturday morning, Demetrius shot his boss, Nora Johnson, in the face while he was robbing the convenience store he worked at.

Two witnesses called 911.

When police arrived, they saw Nora Johnson bleeding on the floor from a shot to the cheek. There was money scattered all over the floor.

Demetrius Pepper had taken about a thousand dollars from the cash register, along with some cigarettes.

Pepper escaped in his car, a beat-up old junker of a Ford Taurus that broke down on the way to the Williams-Brice Stadium, where his younger brother Nathan Pepper, a University of South Carolina defensive tackle, was playing in a scrimmage.

His car happened to break down on the way, about a half-mile from the house of 60-year-old retired teacher Ellie Felker Halfacre.

Demetrius Pepper made the hike to her house.

Two cars were sitting outside, each car had the keys in the ignition and was unlocked.

Instead of just taking one of those cars, Demetrius Pepper went inside the house, found Ellie Halfacre alone, and shot her in the head.

He then took a few items from the home, some cash, got into one of the cars and continued his drive to his brother’s scrimmage.

Demetrius Myshawn Pepper was arrested that morning outside the Williams-Brice Stadium, trying to get in.

After being arrested, Demetrius Pepper admitted that he shot 60-year-old Ellie Halfacre at her home and took her car. Pepper told authorities that he drove to Williams-Brice Stadium to look for his father, who was watching the younger Nathan Pepper play in a spring football scrimmage. He pled guilty to murder, armed robbery and assault, receiving life in prison without the possibility of parole.

In court, Demetrius said that the events that day were not planned and that he would take them back if he could.