Charles Tyson

The world has a new hero.

That hero is the Honorable Sandra McSorley, a circuit judge down in Florida whose information you can find here.

Please write her a letter, or give her a call. Let her know how you feel about her dealings with Mr. Charles Tyson.

22-year-old Charles Tyson and Shameka Mosley – his baby’s momma – had a fight one day in April of 2006.

During that fight, Charles Tyson tossed his 9-month-old son, Charles Tyson Jr., out of the car window.

While that would be enough for most sensible, sane mothers to take their baby, run and possibly call a SWAT team or two, Shameka Mosley stood there and watched as Charles Tyson grabbed his son by the leg and slammed the infant onto the hood of the car hard enough to dent it.

The car hood, not the baby.

After beating Charles Tyson Jr. against the hood of the car, Charles Tyson Sr. casually tossed his namesake into one of the ubiquitous Florida canals, telling his baby’s momma, “You better go get him before the gators do.”

Well then.

Charles Tyson Jr. died, and Charles Tyson was arrested and charged with first degree murder and aggravated child abuse.

For a while, the prosecutor’s office was making noises about trying to hit Charles Tyson with everything in the power of his office and seeking the death penalty.

Then something happened to Assistant State Attorney Lanna Belohlavek. What happened, we may never know. Was it a UFO that beamed some “love and kindness” rays into her head? Did she find teh Jesus?

Did she just listen to the baby’s momma’s family?

Joanne Mosley’s opinion was that because Charles Tyson has had mental and emotional problems throughout his life, because “something wasn’t right” that night, that those factors should allow Charles Tyson to kill babies and walk free.

If anybody should have hard feelings, it’s us. It happened to us. He doesn’t deserve life in jail. We need to find out what caused this to happen. Something was wrong with Charles. I told people he had emotional problems. Charles didn’t do this out of spite. I love my grandson. I miss him dearly, but I also love Charles.

Joanne Mosley said this despite the fact that she called police and child welfare officials five months before the baby died to explain to them that Charles Tyson and Shameka Mosley weren’t capable of caring for their baby. She also accused Charles Tyson of pulling his son out of her arms during a fight, pulling on his little arm and leg so hard that she thought they would pop off.

Charles Tyson in CourtFor whatever reason, Assistant State Attorney Lanna Belohlavek decided to side with the defendant’s attorney and gave Charles Tyson an offer he couldn’t refuse – plead guilty to second-degree murder and child abuse, and we’ll give you 30 years in prison and take the death penalty off the table.

According to Assistant State Attorney Lanna Belohlavek:

Mosley and her mother are people of amazing forgiveness. They feel like this was a night unlike any other and feel it wouldn’t happen again.

Duh! The baby’s dead. You can’t kill a baby twice.

Well, that little arrangement was suitable for just about everyone involved. The prosecutor, the defense attorney, the defendant…

But the Honorable Sandra McSorley said, “Hold up a minute.”

The Honorable Sandra McSorley was of the opinion that the circumstances that led to Charles Tyson Jr’s death “were egregious to say the least.”

Glad to know that someone else thinks that way.

The judge said she didn’t understand how the prosecution could go from a possible death sentence to 30 years in prison, when he could also be put in prison for life.

Both the prosecutor and the defense attorney hounded the judge for eight minutes out of earshot of the courtroom spectators, trying to get her on their side.

Didn’t work.

Instead of allowing the plea deal, the judge said that Charles Tyson will, indeed, go to trial and the death penalty is still on the table.

We can all look forward to seeing Charles Tyson in court in April of 2008.


Because he has been forgiven by two of those he hurt, Charles Tyson was spared the possibility of the death penalty Monday and instead sentenced to 40 years in prison for tossing his 9-month-old son into a Delray Beach canal nearly two years ago.

Prosecutors had charged Tyson with first-degree murder for the April 2006 death of 9-month-old Charles Jr., but both the baby’s mother and grandmother played an instrumental role in Monday’s resolution of the case, pushing for a sentence less than life and opposing a death sentence altogether.

Shameka Mosley, the baby’s mother, and her mother, Joanne Mosley, have an “amazing capacity” to forgive and expressed their desire for a plea rather than a trial, prosecutor Lanna Belohlavek said.

Tyson, 22, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and aggravated child abuse and will receive credit for 671 days he has served in jail. He also will be placed on probation for 10 years when he is released.

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