Chester Arthur Stiles

When he was pulled over by the police, on the 15th of October, 2007, Chester Arthur Stiles had this to say:

Hi. I’m Chester Stiles, the guy you’re looking for.

While being handcuffed, he added:

If you have sex with a toddler on tape, you have to run.

37-year-old Chester Stiles, once lost, has finally been found as he was driving a white Buick Century with no license plates through Henderson, Nevada. He tipped the officer who pulled him over off with the fact that he had an expired California driver’s license as well as the blurted admission that he was a wanted child rapist.

So Chester is indeed a molester.

Wanted for groping a 6-year-old girl in 2003, Chester Stiles learned that he had a warrant out for his arrest and disappeared. He was also being investigated for sexually assaulting another young girl in 2001.

Chester managed to get on the FBI’s most wanted list for a while. (Now a broken link – admin)

Authorities believe that Mr. Chester Arthur Stiles, who once vowed to never be taken alive, is the person who can be seen raping a 3-year-old girl on a video that is now in the custody of the police.

The knife-wielding survivalist had access to the three-year-old because her mother paid him to babysit. I’m sure he had pretty low rates.

The three-year-old is now seven. She has been described by family members as happy and healthy, with no memory of the 2003 encounter with Stiles. But really, who knows what she remembers?

All I can remember from that age is my parent’s Plymouth Duster, which was introduced in 1970 to compete with Ford’s sporty Maverick.

The police, who had no idea who the little girl was that was being raped on video, made the unorthodox move of releasing both her picture and her rapist’s picture, which was taken from a still when he was looking towards the camera.

Chester Arthur Stiles’s ex-girlfriend, Tina Allen, and her two boys lived with Chester in an apartment they shared with the little girl who was raped and her mother. According to Tina Allen, Chester Stiles was a great father figure to the children and she never suspected that he could be a pedophile.

Chester has quite the record, according to the Las Vegas police department.

04/2003 – Conspiracy to Commit Grand Larceny Auto

05/2001 – Leaving the Scene of an Accident

04/2001 – Grand Larceny and Auto Burglary

02/2001 – Contempt of Court

02/2001 – Probation Violation – C.C.W.,Battery-Domestic Violence, False Information to a Police Officer, Resisting a Public Officer, Battery by a Prisoner (2 CTS)

06/1999 – Aiming a firearm

06/1999 – Possession of an Unregistered Firearm, Resisting a Police Officer, Obstructing a Police Officer, Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Battery Domestic Violence.

A few weeks back, Chester Stiles was seen at a Salvation Army Shelter after volunteers had posted his mugshot on the wall. He walked up to the mugshot, looked around and started to run. Approximately 20-30 homeless people ran after him, forming kind of a dirty parade down the streets of Las Vegas. Chester Stiles lost his pursuers near the train tracks behind Jerry’s Nugget Casino in North Town.

Chester Stiles faces eight counts of lewdness with a minor, 12 counts of sexual assault and one count of attempted sexual assault, with most of the charges stemming from only what authorities discovered on the videotape.

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