Chris Hawkins

The adorable little boy in the picture here is Ryan Hawkins, who recently celebrated his fourth birthday.

Ryan Hawkins’s parents, Christopher Hawkins and Valerie Hawkins, had decided that their 17-year marriage wasn’t salvageable and separated back in July of 2007.

40-year-old Valerie Hawkins took it well. Valerie had found a new boyfriend and was well on the way to starting a new life for herself.

47-year-old Chris Hawkins…not so much. His friends noticed that he had been “really down” since the separation.

The kids didn’t live with Christopher, but he did take care of little Ryan on the weekends

Ryan Hawkins was said to be the “apple of his father’s eye.”

On Sunday the 23rd of September, 2007, at about a quarter ’til one in the afternoon, Chris Hawkins’ 14-year-old daughter Donna came by her dad’s house to pick up Ryan and take him back to her mother’s house.

Chris Hawkins had already been drinking. He had decided that Ryan was not going back to his mother.

As Donna Hawkins entered Chris Hawkins’s house, Chris, while holding a knife, told his daughter, “Sorry, I’m going to kill Ryan.”

Then he attacked.

Donna stumbled out of her father’s house before collapsing on the street.

Blood was everywhere.

The owner of a nearby store was one of the first people who arrived at the bloody scene. He tried to help the girl by taking off his shirt and bandaging her wounds. According to him, “She had a stab wound on her face which went straight through her mouth, she had stab wounds in her stomach just under her rib cage, all over the place. Her right arm was completely broken, she couldn’t breathe.”

Donna had been stabbed more than 20 times, all over her face and body. Following an operation that lasted for five hours, she was in serious but stable condition.

Little 4-year-old Ryan Hawkins, whose dad had just the previous day taken him out to go bowling and given him a Spiderman outfit as a present, wasn’t so lucky.

His father stabbed him 10 times, which was something the little boy’s body just couldn’t endure.

Paramedics, who had been called by neighbors to assist Donna, entered the house and found Ryan’s body, lying in a pool of blood inside his father’s home.

Chris Hawkins was nowhere to be found – for a while.

After killing his son, and doing his damned best to kill his daughter, Chris Hawkins walked down to his wife’s place of employment to look for her. Fortunately for her, she wasn’t in the taxi office at the time.

Not finding his wife, Chris Hawkins decided to get a beer.

Chris Hawkins was arrested by police while sitting with a friend, Bob Burns, drinking a beer. Police originally arrested both Chris and Bob, but Bob was released shortly thereafter.

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  1. Your dad needs to rot ryan u were a lovely little boy but no 1 cud get to u to save u from your mad dad I think ur a real cuttie I hope your dad dies inside the people who know me think the same donna must of been terrifed for her life and so would u never forgotten love to donna I wish I had a brother as cute as u Jennifer day from golcar.

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