Christopher Hughes

What went wrong with Christopher Hughes?

Was he just a bad apple, genetically pre-determined to snap sometime?

The youngest son of Laura Hughes Doyle, 17-year-old Christopher had been involved with the law for a while, stealing the family car, getting in trouble for drug use, and slapping his 44-year-old mom around.

According to a neighbor:

“Her son was always kicked out of school, in and out of schools, different schools. They sent him to military school from what I heard.”

It didn’t seem that the military school helped.

This 17-year-old wunderkind took the .22 pistol his dad had given him for his birthday and shot his mother, Laura Hughes Doyle, at least three times in the head and at least twice in the body.

After Christopher Hughes shot Laura, he dragged his mother’s bleeding body out of the trailer park home they shared and over to a convenient pile of trash, where Christopher set the person who had given birth to him on fire and left her.

Then he took her bank card and went on a three-week spending spree, buying pretty much what you would imagine a 17-year-old would buy – stereo equipment, paintball stuff, video games, car accessories.

Christopher Hughes spent about $7000 while his mother’s body decomposed within throwing distance.

When other family members noticed that she was missing and called police, Christopher told them she had moved out west – out to California.

After a search of the house revealed personal items of Laura’s, items that no woman would leave at home while they were on vacation for any length of time, police became suspicious.

Christopher Hughes was arrested a month after he killed his mother.

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