Christy Freeman

Christine Freeman should remember that it’s a vagina.

It is not a clown car.

On the 26th of July, Christy Freeman, mother of four teenagers and one of the owners of Classic Taxi in Ocean City, Maryland, was found passed out and heavily bleeding in her bathroom by her long-term live-in boyfriend, Raymond W. Godman Jr.

Carrying her to the sofa, Mr. Godman, thinking quickly, grabbed some trash bags and a few towels and put them under her, saving the furniture.

Rescue workers arrived shortly and examined Christy Freeman, who, quite obviously, had just given birth.

Ms. Freeman, however, insisted that she had not, even after she had been admitted to the hospital and after doctors specializing in post-natal care had examined her.

Obviously coming to the conclusion that they had a nutcase on their hands, the hospital called the police and the police got a search warrant for Christy Freeman’s apartment.

The baby was found.

Dead, of course.

Police discovered that Christy Freeman had wrapped her newborn in a white towel with a blue stripe and placed the little boy in the cabinet below the bathroom sink.

At least she didn’t put a baby into plastic bags, wrap them in a garbage bag and put it all into a trunk in her bedroom….

Oh wait she did.

Two of them, actually. Twins.

And her placenta. Don’t forget her placenta!

Cops found yet another baby’s body wrapped in a plastic bag and hidden in the family’s motorhome.

Christy Freeman told police that she had given birth back in 2003 to the first of the twins while she was sitting on the family commode, and had let the baby just…drop…into the toilet. She didn’t bother taking it out of the water until it was dead.

When the police asked her about how the baby appeared after she had given birth to it, Christy Freeman told them that she didn’t check, because she didn’t care.


Christine Freeman has been released from jail and all charges against her have been dismissed. Prosecutors asked a grand jury to dismiss murder charges against Christy Freeman because of insufficient evidence from a medical examiner’s report.

Christine Freeman was originally charged with killing the July baby, but those charges were dropped after an autopsy found that the baby was stillborn. She was later charged with the death of one of her twins born in 2004. That charge was dropped on the 19th of September, 2007.

Freeman has always claimed innocence, stating:

I want to clear my name in this case.

Freeman’s boyfriend, Raymond Godman Junior, told reporters:

We knew that she was innocent of all charges from the beginning. She should never have been in there.

Not even a littering charge. Sad.

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