David Carroll, Liz Carroll and Amy Baker

Marcus Fiesel was born in 2003 and died in August of 2006. An autistic child, he had the mental development of a one-year-old when he was three.

He loved Bob the Builder, flowers and bubbles, much like my son.

In April of 2006, he was given up by his natural mother to the state’s care when she realized that she couldn’t care for him any longer. His life with his natural mother up to this point had been one mishap after another, falling off a roof at one point, and wandering through traffic another time.

The state, through a private foster care company, placed Marcus Fiesel with foster parents David Carroll and Liz Carroll.

David Carroll was bi-polar, and had brought his girlfriend, Amy Baker, into the household after almost breaking up with his wife, Liz Carroll, after a fight over whether they should be foster parents or not.

It was an interesting household.

On Friday, August 4th of 2006, David and Liz Carroll drove over to Kentucky from their home in Ohio for a family reunion. They returned on Sunday, August 6th.

They took the family dog.

Was 3-year-old Marcus Fiesel with them while they were gone all weekend? Did he get to feel like he was part of a family for a few days? Did he get to feel wanted for what might have been the first time of his life?

I think you know the answer to those questions.

David Carroll did not want little Marcus around. Marcus’ autism made him a challenging foster child, and taking care of Marcus took up a lot of Liz and Amy’s time.

David and Liz Carroll decided not to take Marcus Fiesel with them to the family reunion. David and Liz Carroll thought it would be a good idea to wrap little Marcus tightly in a blanket.

And seal that blanket together with packing tape.

Before he was put into a closet.

With no food or water.

In a house with no air-conditioning.

For two days.

It was later estimated that temperatures in the closet probably got up to between 105 and 110 degrees that weekend.

So this little three-year-old boy, who could probably barely understand what was going on, only knew that he had been left alone in a closet by the people who were supposed to take care of him.

He probably watched that door, minute after minute, hoping that they would return.

I’m sure he cried until he couldn’t cry anymore.

As time progressed, he undoubtedly felt the temperature slowly rising…while he could do nothing to relieve the heat.

He couldn’t move, he couldn’t get out.

He could only bake, slowly.

Until at last, mercifully, he died.

Upon the Carroll’s return to their house in Ohio on Sunday, I’m sure they took their time before they opened the closet and discovered the dead little boy.

Once they found the corpse, David Carroll and Amy Baker took the body and burned it in the chimney of a deserted house. What was left over that they couldn’t burn, they threw into the Ohio river.

On August 15th, Liz and David Carroll announced that Marcus was missing, that he wandered off when she blacked out in a park while watching three other children. When she woke up, she said, he had disappeared.

Things didn’t add up, lie detector tests were failed and Marcus’ remains were found.

There were deals struck and confessions made.

Liz Carroll was found guilty of multiple charges and sentenced to 54 years to life.

David Carroll was found guilty of murder and abuse of a corpse and received a sentence of 16 years to life.

Amy Baker got immunity from the state of Ohio for her crime in exchange for her testimony, but has been charged with evidence tampering by Kentucky, who has jurisdiction over the Ohio river.

Clever, clever Kentucky.

Amy Baker will probably serve a little time herself.

The little guy never had a chance.


The charges against Amy Baker were dropped. She’s now walking free.

Judge Lewis Nicholls issued a written opinion that said the apparent confusion between Mason County, Kentucky and Clermont County, Ohio prosecutors over whether an Ohio immunity deal with Baker extended to Kentucky had to be resolved in Baker’s favor:

However much Amy Baker’s crime may merit a stiff penalty of prison time, it cannot be purchased with a misunderstanding by two prosecutors and a play on words.

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  1. One thing I don’t get that everyone in this case came forward afterwards for help. 2000 people were helping for finding the child. Where were these people when that little angel was being abused. Mainly where were the authorities who have kept the child to foster parents. Why kids are given to these type of foster parents when they don’t want them. Infact I should not call them parents. They are Devils. I think not only these 3 are culprits but the authorities and neighbors are also equally responsible for this.

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