David Hawn and Steven L. Hawn

Like father, like son.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Bad tree, bad apples.

Ok, that’s enough.

David Hawn is a serial child molester. Mr. Hawn was convicted in 1989 of molesting a child.

He was also just convicted of child molestation for his sexual involvement with a then 12-year-old girl.

43-year-old David Hawn pled guilty to child molestation and was given a 40 year sentence.

Steven Hawn, David Hawn’s 22-year-old son, was sentenced to 10 years a month prior for molesting the same girl when she was 13.

Steven Hawn alleged that the relationship was consensual, but the girl admitted to authorities that she started the relationship with him because she wanted to avoid sex with his father.

His father had, of course, impregnated the girl, a fact which was discovered after she went to the county authorities and told them that either David or Steven Hawn could be the father.

David Hawn did have a parting remark, however.

He said, “I hope that someday she’ll find a gentleman to take care of her and take care of the baby.”

One thought on “David Hawn and Steven L. Hawn”

  1. Okay ive been wanting to comment on this for a long time. First off whoever posted this needs to get their facts straight and share the complete story if they are going to try to destroy someones life. The above described person known as david hawns son is not steven l hawn. In fact my middle name is james which would make it steven j hawn. Also at the time of this incident I was 19 not 22. I was convicted at the age of 22. The girl did not go to the authorities. In fact it was a woman who was having an affair with with david and she did it because david would not leave his wife for her. I also would like to say that I am guilty as charged and was in the wrong for getting into a relationship with a 13 year old. I served 10 years and completed my 3 years of therapy and probation successfully. Therefore I see no reason why this post is still up. Hell you can find me on the indiana sex offender website. Remember my middle name is james not L. Clearly people like to dramatize stories without knowing the facts. Oh and if any one cares to know I do not nor will I ever have contact with david hawn. I also am a very successful business man go to college and raise two boys. I think its easy to see that people make mistakes. But if you must take the time out of your busy lives to look this up and critizice than please feel free to send me a letter. Sj1699tattoo@gmail.com

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