Demetrius Myshawn Pepper

At the start of the day on a Saturday morning, Demetrius shot his boss, Nora Johnson, in the face while he was robbing the convenience store he worked at.

Two witnesses called 911.

When police arrived, they saw Nora Johnson bleeding on the floor from a shot to the cheek. There was money scattered all over the floor.

Demetrius Pepper had taken about a thousand dollars from the cash register, along with some cigarettes.

Pepper escaped in his car, a beat-up old junker of a Ford Taurus that broke down on the way to the Williams-Brice Stadium, where his younger brother Nathan Pepper, a University of South Carolina defensive tackle, was playing in a scrimmage.

His car happened to break down on the way, about a half-mile from the house of 60-year-old retired teacher Ellie Felker Halfacre.

Demetrius Pepper made the hike to her house.

Two cars were sitting outside, each car had the keys in the ignition and was unlocked.

Instead of just taking one of those cars, Demetrius Pepper went inside the house, found Ellie Halfacre alone, and shot her in the head.

He then took a few items from the home, some cash, got into one of the cars and continued his drive to his brother’s scrimmage.

Demetrius Myshawn Pepper was arrested that morning outside the Williams-Brice Stadium, trying to get in.

After being arrested, Demetrius Pepper admitted that he shot 60-year-old Ellie Halfacre at her home and took her car. Pepper told authorities that he drove to Williams-Brice Stadium to look for his father, who was watching the younger Nathan Pepper play in a spring football scrimmage. He pled guilty to murder, armed robbery and assault, receiving life in prison without the possibility of parole.

In court, Demetrius said that the events that day were not planned and that he would take them back if he could.

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