Donald Edward Lynch

Do you think that 66-year-old Donald Edward Lynch and Jack McClellan would make the best of friends?

They share a hobby, if you’d call pedophilia a hobby.

They both really like little girls. They like them so much that they have both followed girls around in order to make videos and take pictures of them. Donald Lynch made it a habit to sneak around and videotape little girls playing in his neighborhood, walking around the mall, enjoying parades and participating in beauty pageants. Jack McClellan has also done these things.

Donald Edward Lynch has gone one step further than good ol’ Jack though. Donald Lynch has actually molested at least ten girls between the ages of three and eleven.

In one instance, back in 2003, Donald Lynch was babysitting two young girls, one 11 years old and the other 7.

He took it upon himself to molest them. At gunpoint, he forced the girls to watch pornography with him. He took nude pictures of them. He forced them to sleep with him in his room.

Eventually, he raped them, threatening to shoot them if they didn’t sexually perform the way that he wanted them to.

The girls told on Donald Lynch, however, and the police brought him in for questioning.

Donald Lynch, like most pedophiles, insisted that he hadn’t done anything to the girls.

He did admit that he had made videotapes of nude girls he’d hired to sleep with him, but insisted that they were all over 18.

Authorities, who didn’t quite believe Mr. Lynch, raided his house. They found a lot of homemade porn – over 600 videotapes worth. There were more than 300 Polaroid pictures and a large quantity of magazine clippings of young girls. There was also a loaded handgun.

While the quantity of porn was unusual, it wasn’t until investigators examined the evidence that they knew what a sick person Donald Lynch was. By going through the evidence that Mr. Lynch had so conveniently made for them, authorities were able to figure out that Donald had molested and raped not only the two girls who had gone to the police, but at least eight other little girls.

One of the girls Donald Lynch raped was only three years old at the time.

Charged with a slew of crimes, Donald Lynch was able to skip town before he was arrested.

For a while, he made a new life for himself in New York, using the name “David Barnes.” He was arrested in Central Nyack, New York in October, 2003 and extradited back to Kingsport, Tennessee to be tried.

Donald Lynch was able to make his $200,000 bond, however, somehow scraping together enough to cover it.

He left town again in June of 2004. He lived the life of a wanted man, on the run, for three years.

On Saturday the 13th of October, Donald Lynch was finally caught in Matamoros, Mexico, where he was making a living by selling aluminum cans and working odd jobs at a local hotel.

Donald Lynch insisted to the Mexican police that his name was Reynaldo Price, but America’s Most Wanted is a fairly popular show down there and, despite his best efforts, he was recognized.

Mr. Lynch has been charged with a count of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, eleven counts of rape on a child, thirty-eight counts of especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor, and five counts of aggravated sexual battery. On Sunday, he was being held in a jail in Olmito, Texas, a small town on the border. He will shortly return to Kingsport, Tennessee to finally face his crimes.

In a parting shot that brings back memories of O.J. Simpson and Rodney King, Donald Lynch blamed his charges on the “fact” that Tennessee is the most prejudiced state in the country.

In all likelihood, Donald Edward Lynch will die of old age in prison.

It’s a sentence many would consider as being too easy.

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