Dr. Mark K. Anderson

For some people, going to the dentist sucks even when the dentist doesn’t molest them.

48-year-old Dentist Mark Anderson has turned an otherwise simple profession into something a bit more complicated.

If you didn’t know what he’d done, if you just looked at a snapshot of his life, you’d think that Mark Anderson had it all. He made good money as a dentist, enough to support a wife and seven kids. He lives in a huge house in a nice neighborhood.

Not a bad life.

Although now…now you can bet that his good life is going to evaporate like the morning dew on a summer morning.

So far, twenty-seven women have accused Mark Anderson of fondling them while they were sitting in his examination chair.

Mark Anderson’s excuse for feeling the women up? Temporal mandibular joint disorders, or TMJ for short.

On the 27th of August, 2007, a 28-year-old female patient of Dr. Anderson’s was reclining in his dentist’s chair. She had made an appointment to be fitted for a mouthpiece that would hopefully stop the damage her nocturnal teeth grinding was causing. Dr. Anderson briefly massaged her neck, jaw line and upper chest before asking her, “Hey, did you get a breast augmentation?”

Somewhat surprised at the question, the woman answered that she had, indeed had some implants put in.

Mark Anderson replied, “They did a good job,” as he reached into her shirt and fondled her breasts for a few moments before slipping his hand under her bra and playing with her nipples.

While this may sound like a porn film, it’s really just off the police report. Bear with me.

Unlike the porn you may have watched, when the dental hygienist walked into the examination room, she didn’t strip down and join the dentist and his patient in a wild threesome. Dr. Anderson just quickly slipped his hands out of this woman’s shirt and went about his dental exam.

Eventually, two weeks after this strange encounter at the dentist’s office, the woman told her husband what had happened between her and Dr. Mark Anderson. Despite the fact that she and her husband had both been longtime patients of Dr. Anderson, they decided to find another dentist and go to the police.

The investigators asked the couple to call Dr. Anderson and talk about the alleged fondling while police listened in and recorded the conversation. During that conversation, Dr. Anderson apologized for touching the woman’s breasts. He mentioned that during dental examinations for TMJ, it’s standard medical practice to check a patient’s upper chest and massage tight muscles.

An expert with the dental board disagreed, saying that if a dentist massaged a patient’s chest, it would be an extreme departure from standard medical practice.

That was all the police needed to arrest Dr. Anderson, which they did on the 13th of September.

He quickly posted bond and went free to continue his dental practice…for a while.

But more women came forward after hearing that someone had finally formally accused the good dentist of inappropriate fondling.

A 36-year-old patient of Dr. Anderson that came forward told authorities that after she had seen him for treatment of TMJ, Dr. Anderson had, on her final visit, cupped her breasts inappropriately.

Shocked for a while, she kept quiet about it. After a while, because she was still angry at being fondled, she wrote him a letter asking why he had groped her.

In response to her letter, Dr. Anderson sent the woman an apology card with a cartoon bunny rabbit on the front with the caption: ‘Ooops!’

Well, who wouldn’t feel better about it, after getting a card like that?

So far, Dr. Mark has been charged with one count of misdemeanor battery and one count of sexual battery. As the investigation into Dr. Mark’s chairside manner continues, more charges will be filed as they are found. He will have his first criminal hearing on the 25th of October.

Dr. Anderson’s license to practice dentistry has been revoked until the situation is resolved.

Because of Mark Anderson’s careless sexual assaults, his seven children and wife will now face not only public humiliation but also financial decimation as the main breadwinner of the family has his only source of income taken away.

That, in my mind, is why Dr. Mark Anderson deserves Hell.

That said, I’m hurt.

My dentist never felt me up in all the time I’ve been going to get dental care from the guy. It’s like my firm, manly breasts aren’t good enough for him or something.

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