Gary Powell

A lifetime resident of Cumberland County in New Jersey, 23-year-old Gary Powell was labeled a Tier 2 sex offender after he fondled his 15-year-old cousin in 2006 while they were riding together in a car.

The boy had problems.

In October of 2006, a neighbor of Gary’s came home to find her house had been broken into. Her bedroom had been torn apart, a negligee and a pair of her panties had been put on her living room floor – along with two wine glasses.

Later that night, she reported that Gary Powell had called her and told her that he was the one that had broken into her home that night. While she was on the phone, he said that he was going to rape and kill her.

The boy had problems.

At 4:30 in the morning on the second of August, 2007, Mr. Powell broke into the home of a 60-year-old woman, the mother of a girl he knew.

He entered through one of her basement windows while she was asleep, looking for whatever he could steal.

Once inside, Gary Powell decided to take it one step further, waking the sleeping woman with a flurry of slaps to the face, threatening to kill her unless she did what he ordered.

After beating the grandmother enough to make sure she knew he was serious, he forced her into her car and made her drive to Fordville Cemetery on Cemetery Road in Fairfield Township, which is, according to residents, a fairly desolate graveyard.

Once the two arrived, Gary forced the woman out of the car and began to sexually assault her. She was raped and sodomized. She was beaten some more, then forced to perform oral sex on Gary Powell.

Mr. Powell penetrated her body with a variety of objects until finally, his lust satisfied, he told the woman to stand in front of her vehicle while he got inside. Once inside, he hit the gas.

Yeah, the boy has problems.

The victim, not being an idiot, was able to move in time and avoid being struck by the vehicle.

Gary Powell drove off, leaving the woman, abused and hurting, alone in the graveyard.

She made it to the house of someone who lived on the edge of the graveyard, where she told her horrifying story and the police were called. The woman was taken to the hospital with severe facial and genital injuries.

A few hours later, Gary Powell was arrested at his home, which was a block away from the residence of the woman he had kidnapped, raped and tried to kill.

The vehicle he had stolen was covered in dirt, which Gary had shoveled into the vehicle in the hopes that it would cover up the bloodstains his victim had left on the vehicle’s interior.

During interrogation, Gary confessed, admitting everything that he had done to the woman and begging the police not to send him back to prison.

According to documents from his bail hearing, he offered to pay for the damage to the woman’s car.

He offered to pay her medical bills.

He offered to leave town. Police didn’t take him up on any of his offers.

Authorities instead charged him with first-degree kidnapping, first-degree aggravated sexual assault, and first-degree attempted murder.

Some other charges were thrown in as well, but, because of his criminal history, even if Gary Powell was just convicted of kidnapping alone, he would be facing up to thirty years.

Freedom? Not yours, Mr. Gary Powell. Not yours.

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