Jason Shenfeld

What do you do if your child goes bad?

John and Diane Shenfeld had a problem. Their 26-year-old drug-abusing, hard-drinking, hemophiliac son, Jason Shenfeld, was starting to act weird – well…weirder than normal.

He was locking the door to his room every time he left and staying out late. Things didn’t feel right.

When Jason Shenfeld refused to give his mother the complete set of his bedsheets to wash, suspicions were raised.

On the 20th of July, 2007, Jason Shenfeld’s father went into his room, looking for the missing bedsheets so that they could finally be washed..

Looking in the closet for the sheets, he found them.

They were wrapped around the body of 18-year-old Amanda Buckley, a young lady who had some troubles with the law, but was a standout softball player at Palm Beach Gardens High School, where she had just graduated from. Her MySpace page name is, ironically, “onlythegooddieyoung18.” She was on probation for cocaine possession, having been arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia in October of 2006.

When his dad asked him why, exactly, there was a dead girl in his closet, Jason Shenfeld said she had died from a drug overdose, that he had panicked and thrown her body there until he could think of what to do about it.

After telling his dad all this, Jason Shenfeld ran out the door.

You might think that John Shenfeld’s first thought would be to call the police, but it wasn’t.

His first thought was to grab his brother, Jason Shenfeld’s uncle, and drive to the house of an attorney that had represented Jason before. They brought him back to the body of the girl to evaluate the scene.

Then they called 911.

Why did they wait until they called 911?

Well, Jason Shenfeld had been in trouble before, you see. He had been charged with sexually assaulting two women, one 18-year-old and one 19-year-old.

According to police reports, they had been drinking rum together at a house Jason was living at for a while. They drank a lot of run. They drank until the girls passed out.

The girls woke up while a naked Jason Shenfeld was dragging them into his bedroom. Once he got them there, he tied them with duct tape, wrapped a belt around the neck of one of the girls, and told them his pit bull would tear them apart if they didn’t do exactly what he told them. The girls told authorities that they knew Jason had a foot-long knife and that he had told them that he had absolutely no problem using it.

Jason forced them perform a variety of sexual acts, both on him and on each other.

Jason Shenfeld was arrested but never charged with sexual assault, even though investigators saw scrapes and scratches on the two women and even though they did find Jason Shenfeld’s DNA at the scene. Evidently the prosecutor thought the two girls were just sluts.

If the prosecutor had done his job, Jason Shenfeld might have been sitting in prison, instead of raping and killing Amanda Buckley.

What’s even worse is that when he was arrested for the attack on those two girls, he was on probation for a robbery conviction.

On the 11th of February in 2002, Jason Shenfeld pulled in behind Janet Welker as she pulled into her driveway at 11:30 at night. As she got out of her vehicle, Jason ran up to her and hit her on the head with his cell phone, while telling her to give him her money or he’d shoot her. He was arrested, pled guilty and given drug offender probation for 5 years.

So it’s safe to conclude that Jason Shenfeld obviously has a problem with being a good citizen.

Not surprisingly, Amanda Buckley’s autopsy revealed that she hadn’t died from a drug overdose.

The truth of the matter was that she had been strangled, her head had been badly beaten, and she had been raped a number of times. There were bruises on her legs, and her neck had hemorrhaged. Duct tape was found in her hair. At the Shenfeld house, investigators found a garbage bag full of more duct tape and some rope.

Police caught up with Jason Shenfeld at a local North Palm Beach hotel. Jason’s location was given to the police by 25-year-old Mia Dipadua, who had been dating Jason for about two weeks, and who had been invited by Jason to stay with him and his pit bull at the hotel he was hiding out in.

Mia Dipadua may have been upset with Jason for having sex with her in a room with a dead girl in the closet.

Interestingly, Jason Shenfeld also invited another woman that he had dated, Kellie Lynn Yeats, to visit with him. Kelly Yeats also refused to visit Mr. Shenfeld, which wasn’t really surprising because they weren’t really on speaking terms.

Perhaps it was because after Jason Shenfeld helped Kelly Yeats move once, he claimed that he had gotten carjacked and all her tattooing equipment had been stolen out of his car. After Jason refused to talk about the details of the carjacking, or reimburse Kelly for the equipment, she decided to just not talk to him anymore.

Once arrested, Jason Shenfeld was charged with first-degree murder, sexual battery and kidnapping.

Prosecutors have stated that Jason Shenfeld, if convicted of first-degree murder, will face the death penalty.

2 thoughts on “Jason Shenfeld”

  1. Holy Shit! I was in the Palm Bch Co. Drug Farm located at the stockade and knew Jason. If it’s the same guy he had a maroon Jeep Grand Cherokee upon his release. I remember he was guarded, evasive and did nothing as far as attempting to correct old behaviors. I specifically remember drill instructor Torrance finding porn in his locker. He got PT’d half to death but DI Torrance should’ve rode him until he quit, got shipped out to gen pop until time to catch the chain.

  2. Thinking back 13yrs ago I definitely saw numerous signs of deviant behavior in Jason. I also imagine therapeutic staff as well as correctional staff possibly feeling like they failed society by allowing Jason to successfully complete the Drug Farm program. I’m wondering if Jason’s crime played a role in the demise of the program. Alumni are all supposed to be brothers and sisters after having gone thru hell for 9-10 months to become potential productive members of society. He had been given the chance to avoid a very long prison sentence but chose to fake his way through the DF. So much success came from that program but the actions of one seem to cancel all the good. God bless that young girl and her family.

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