John Joubert

Let’s be perfectly clear for all you anti-Nebraskan nay-sayers out there: John Joubert was from Lawrence, Massachusetts – not Omaha, Nebraska.

Nebraska just happened to be the state that cleaned up Massachusetts’ mess.

John Joubert had some serious wiring problems upstairs.

Growing up, his parents divorced when he was six and he lived with an overbearing, controlling mother who moved him to Portland, Maine in 1974.

In later interviews, John Joubert revealed that when he was 13, he became sexually excited when he stabbed a young girl with a pencil and she cried. John took a razor blade the next day and slashed a girl as she rode by him on her bike. Shortly after that, John beat up and strangled another kid.

He mentioned that he had spent a lot of time with a babysitter and fantasized about killing and cannibalizing her.

So John was apparently having problems pretty early on.

John Joubert first committed murder on August 22 of 1982.

The victim was 11-year-old Richard “Ricky” Stetson, who was jogging in the outskirts of Portland, Maine. When Ricky Stetson didn’t return after dark, his parents called the police and went out looking for him…but Ricky was probably already dead.

The next day someone driving on a local freeway saw Ricky Stetson’s body on the ground and called police.

An autopsy showed that the boy had been stabbed, bitten and finally, strangled to death.

There was a pretty wide search for the boy’s killer, but John Joubert was already gone, enlisted in the Air Force. He would end up stationed in Omaha, Nebraska’s Offuit Air Force Base.

As a 20-year-old airman specializing in radar, John liked to drive his tan Chevy Nova around the Omaha area and look for young boys to kill.

John Joubert finally found one on September 18th of 1983, in the city of Bellevue, which is kind of a suburb of Omaha.

Danny Joe Eberle was out on his bike delivering copies of the Omaha World Herald when John Joubert saw him. John approached the 13-year-old paperboy with a knife, and covered the boy’s mouth with a hand while forcing him into Joubert’s car.

Danny Eberle disappeared to the world until September 21st, when a group of searchers found his body hidden in some weeds about four miles from where his bike was left.

Danny had been stripped to his underwear and tied up with a rare kind of rope, his mouth covered in surgical tape. He had been stabbed nine times and tortured while he bled out.

On December 2nd of 1983, John Joubert struck again, this time abducting 12-year-old Christopher Walden as he walked to school in Papillion, another suburb of Omaha. A white guy with a tan car had driven off with the boy.

Two days later, Christopher Walden’s body was found in a dense grove of trees by some hunters. He had been stabbed many, many times and was stripped down to his underwear. His throat had been cut – cut so deeply that his head was nearly severed.

On January 11 of 1984, John Joubert tried to strike again, but an observant preschool teacher who saw John prowling around the area wrote down his license plate number and gave it to the police. Tracing that license plate led the police to John Joubert, who had rented that car for the day while his tan Chevy Nova was being fixed.

More of that unique rope was found once a search warrant had been issued. There was also a large hunting knife that was found.

Joubert eventually confessed to all the murders and was killed in the Nebraskan electric chair on July 17 of 1996.

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