Joji Obara

Born to a Korean family, Kim Sung Jong became the recipient of his father’s estate at the age of 17, inheriting a fortune his father built with a series of gambling parlors in the local area.

After graduating from college with degrees in politics and law, Kim Sung Jong became a naturalized Japanese citizen and changed his name to the more Japanese-sounding Joji Obara. He also had surgery on his eyes to make them less oriental-looking.

Joji Obara, using the money his father had left him, invested heavily in real estate speculation on the island of Japan up until the late 1990’s, when it collapsed and took most of his fortune.

He was also busy during this time, efficiently recording over 4000 video tapes of his sexual adventures and raping many, many women. Between 150 to 400 women, actually. Very efficient, about 10 a year, possibly more.

In some of the videos he wears a Zorro mask. Yi yi yi yi yi!

He also almost perfected a drug-em-and-rape-em routine. I say almost because the drugs killed 21-year-old Australian model Carita Ridgeway. The chloroform he used combined with other drugs he slipped into her drinks fatally damaged her liver. Managing to convince doctors that her death was a result of hepatitis and a bad oyster, he staved off suspicion for a while.

Joji Obara then met Lucie Blackman at a bar on one fine evening.

He drugged her, raped her, cut her body into 10 pieces with a chainsaw and stuffed the remains in a cave about 200 yards from his apartment.

Once publicity from the Blackman case started spreading, other girls came forward and mentioned that this guy named Joji Obara, had told them when they woke up in the morning in his apartment that they had passed out after drinking too much. They mentioned that they felt sore when they woke up.

Suspicions aroused, police arrested Joji Obara and raided his apartment, finding lots and lots of evidence, which was used to convict him in 8 rapes and the murder of Carita Ridgeway. Surprisingly, he was acquitted of Lucie Blackman’s murder because the condition of the body had deteriorated so badly, and he didn’t make a tape of her rape.

Joji Obara is now serving life in prison.

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