Jose Luis Rubi-Nava

36-year-old Jose Luis Rubi-Nava is one of 30 million or so illegal immigrants from Mexico residing on American soil, doing jobs that Americans won’t do.

Jose Rubi-Nava has his family back in Mexico that he regularly sends money to. His wife needs the money because she is taking care of Jose’s three sons, whose ages range between 3 and 12.

The money that Jose Rubi-Nava made was from his work at a Burger King and a variety of landscaping companies.

In his spare time, Jose Rubi-Nava would hang out his apartment that he shared with three roommates, one of whom was his girlfriend, 49-year-old Luz Maria Franco Fierro, another illegal immigrant from the southern parts of Mexico.

Fierro left behind three daughters and a son in Mexico. She was also sending money home.

20-year-old Cesar Gustavo Flores, their roommate and yet another illegal immigrant, said the couple sometimes argued violently.

Lately, the pair had been arguing over whether or not Fierro had been seeing other men.

On the 18th of September in 2006, Jose Rubi-Nava got the last word, as he beat his girlfriend senseless, wrapped a nylon strap around Fierro’s neck and tied it to his car.

Right after he tied her to the car bumper, he stated, “If you want death, here it is.”

Then he went for a drive.

He stopped a little more than a mile from where he started, cut her body loose and drove off.

Luz Maria Franco Fierro’s body was found at the end of a 1.3 mile blood trail, along the side of the road near a subdivision about 20 miles south of Denver.

From what authorities say, her body was so mutilated and disfigured from being drug behind Jose Rubi-Nava’s car that they couldn’t initially identify whether the body was a man or a woman.

Reports from the autopsy indicate that Fierro was strangled as she was dragged. Her head split open as it repeatedly bounced against the pavement. Her skin was torn where it was pulled against asphalt.

Police arrested Jose Luis Rubi-Nava when they found a tattered and bloodstained picture of him on Fierros’ body.

Jose was charged with first-degree murder, second-degree kidnapping and possessing and using fraudulent government documents.

Rubi-Nava pled not guilty, despite the written confession he signed and gave to investigators when he was questioned in 2006. In that confession he stated that he had waited four hours for her to get off work before beating the crap out of her and doing the dragging thing.

His defense lawyer, Tamara Brady, claims that Jose Rubi-Nava is a significantly mentally retarded individual, with an IQ of about 66. She’s trying to get him declared mentally retarded by the court, probably because he’d be executed otherwise.

After all, you can’t execute a retarded individual.

That’d be cruel.

Almost as cruel as dragging a woman to her death for 1.3 miles.

The judge presiding over this case set a hearing for the 26th of October to determine what the state mental hospital thinks about Jose Rubi-Nava’s “retardation.” The judge also told prosecutors that they would have to decide by October 2nd whether or not they’ll seek the death penalty.

This timing is plainly advantageous to Jose, who unlike your typical retarded individual, was evidently some kind of super-retard.

After all, only a super-retard could procure fake documents, make the trip from Mexico to the United States, find several jobs, and manage to figure out how to send money back home to his wife and three kids while he’s having a good time with his girlfriend in Colorado.

Fierros, or whatever was left of her that could be scraped off the street, was buried in Mexico.

When we find out where Jose Rubi-Nava will be buried, we’ll let you know.

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