Joshua Jameson Sagayo

There are children that have a chance at life, and then there are children like 22-month-old Asi Sekona.

Asi Sekona’s first strike? His mother abandoned him.

Second strike? His father went to jail.

The third strike? Asi Sekona had to live with Joshua Jameson Sagayo.

23-year-old Joshua Sagayo and his wife Seteli Sagayo took Asi into their home, due to the fact that Seteli is a cousin of Asi’s mother and that nobody else would.

Joshua’s wife wasn’t so bad, really, which is pretty much the only reason Asi isn’t dead right now.

Joshua, on the other hand, is not only a felony drug charge parolee, but is – now – also a child abuser.

On the sixth of November, 2007, while Seteli was at work, Joshua Sagayo was at home taking care of Asi as well as his own one-year-old son.

While changing a diaper, Asi, like many toddlers, squirmed out of his grasp and ran through the house. Joshua Sagayo, unlike anybody with any sense, grabbed the boy and slammed him down to the ground.

After establishing his dominance, Joshua was able to re-clothe Asi. Unfortunately, Asi, who was in quite a bit of pain, wouldn’t stop crying.

In what could only be called a Mary Poppins moment, Joshua Sagayo picked Asi up again and slammed the boy back down on the couch while screaming “Shut up!” at the toddler.

Well, that didn’t help. Asi continued to cry.

So what else could Joshua Sagayo do?

A) Put the boy in his room.

B) Distract him with a toy.

C) Grab the front of the boy’s jacket and push down as hard as he could

As you can imagine, Joshua chose C), and as a result of a guy described as “good-sized” pressing down on him, Asi started “acting strangely” and “seized up.”

So a child is going into a seizure. What do you do?

A) Put him in a place where he can’t hurt himself by thrashing around and go call 911.

B) Carry him to your car and drive him to the hospital.

C) Try to pry the kid’s mouth open with a pen, and, when that fails, shove a can opener into his mouth.

Yup, he chose C) again.

Joshua Sagayo waited until his wife called to let her know that there was something wrong with Asi, that the toddler looked like someone had knocked him out.

When Joshua drove everyone over to Seteli’s work to pick her up, it was fairly obvious that there was something wrong with Asi. When Seteli asked her husband what had happened, Joshua told her that he had slapped the boy on the back of the head to stop him from crying and Asi had fallen over, hitting his head on the floor. Joshua also told her that he had picked Asi up and shaken him to try to wake the child.

Being a woman of sense (other than that whole marrying Joshua Sagayo thing), Seteli immediately directed Joshua to drive them to the hospital.

Doctors examined Asi and immediately saw the noticeable bruises and welts which were just about covering the toddler’s upper body and face. Less noticeable were the severe, life-threatening brain injuries that left Asi in critical condition.

The police were called and notified that they had a child abuser to come pick up. When Joshua saw the cops coming down the hall, he held out his hands and told the officers, “Do what you have to do.”

Well, they didn’t do anything but get a warrant to listen in on Joshua’s phone calls, which they did the next day, when he talked to his mother.

In one of the recorded calls, Joshua explained to his mother how he needed to smack the kid all day long because the boy was crying and wouldn’t shut up. He told her how he slammed Asi into a few pieces of furniture and onto the floor. He told her everything that he did to the kid, which will make fantastic evidence during his trial.

Joshua Sagayo has been charged with two felony counts of assault.

He will possibly spend the next 30 years in prison.

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