Joshua McClelland

Kids sometimes say the darnedest things when you really wish they wouldn’t.

Like 28-year-old Joshua McClelland’s kids, for instance.

There they were, Joshua McClelland and his two little kids, 5-year-old Zach and 10-month-old Olivia, out on a drive at about 4 in the afternoon on the 18th of September, 2007, which happened to be a Tuesday.

John Pash, a state trooper, responding to a concerned citizen reporting a possible drunk driver, noticed Mr. McClelland driving erratically and pulled him over.

Ok, fine. That happens all the time.

After giving a few field sobriety tests and determining that Mr. McClelland was drunk, the trooper arrested him for DUI.

That sucks, he was driving drunk with his kids in the car, but still – it happens all the time.

While the trooper had Mr. McClelland in the back of his patrol vehicle, 5-year-old Zach pointed out a bloody knife on the floor of the vehicle McClelland had been driving to the trooper and said, “See that knife? Daddy stabbed mommy in the back.”

Whoa! Now that’s different.

It turns out that Joshua McClelland had an anger problem that he liked to take out on his wife.

A few months back, Angela McClelland had moved to Bruceton Mills, which is a small town in West Virginia to get away from her husband.

The week before, Angela had let Joshua come over to see the kids, and, to be honest, he was acting just fine.

This visit, however, was different. Joshua McClelland had been drinking whiskey and was demanding that Angela come back with him to Ohio.

He was feeling a bit stabby.

When she refused, Joshua grabbed a handy steak knife and stabbed his wife twice while they were fighting in the kitchen.

5-year-old Zach jumped on his father’s back, grabbing Joshua around the neck and trying to help his mommy, but he was only 5 and was quickly thrown off.

Joshua McClelland ran after Angela as she tried to escape and stabbed her in the back, neck and stomach, inflicting a total of seven stab wounds on the smaller woman and puncturing both her lungs.

With his wife collapsed on the floor in a pool of blood, Joshua grabbed both kids, threw them in Angela’s car and drove off moments after neighbors had called police to let them know what had happened.

As Joshua used the restroom while stopped in Pennsylvania, someone noticed that he was staggering around and was apparently intoxicated when he re-entered the vehicle he was driving and called the police.

Angela McClelland was rescued by emergency personnel, who put her on an emergency medical helicopter en route to a West Virginia hospital in time to save her life.

Joshua McClelland was in prison as of the 20th of September, 2007, where he was being held on a $125,000 cash only bond while waiting for an extradition hearing. It’s entirely likely he will be returned to West Virginia where he will face a number of charges.


Joshua McClelland was sentenced to one to five years in prison for stabbing his wife.

Angela McClelland survived the attack.

She appeared at the sentencing and asked the judge for leniency.

Instead, Preston County Circuit Judge Lawrence Miller Jr. gave Joshua McClelland the maximum sentence for the crime.

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