Kent Proffit

Kent Proffit, a 42-year-old man who viewed himself as some kind of underworld mob boss, liked to associate with impressionable, drug-using teenagers – probably because impressionable, drug-using teenagers would be the only type of person impressed with Mr. Proffit.

Kent Proffit liked to have sex with these teenagers and didn’t want anyone to know, for obvious reasons. To keep his teenage boyfriends from talking, he kept them paranoid about the possibility of an informant in their midst.

Regardless, one of his teenage boys, Bryce Chavers, got tired of the sexual power struggle, went to the police and told them what was going on.

Kent Proffit was in the middle of a dispute with Chavers’ mother, his ex-wife Tammy Porter, over ownership of a mobile home when Bryce Chavers went to investigators to tell them about the sexual goings-on.

Investigators said that Proffit initially appeared comfortable when he was sure that investigators wanted to speak with him about the mobile home dispute – not the sexual assaults.

When police told Kent Proffit that they actually wanted to speak with him about a possible sexual assault, his demeanor changed from calm to “extremely angry.”

He then accused Tammy Porter and Bryce Chavers of conspiring against him to gain leverage in the dispute over the mobile home.

Charged with sexual assault of 16-year-old Bryce Chavers, Kent Proffit was able to get the cash together to bond out. With nowhere else to go, he stayed with his son Bubba at Bubba’s trailer park home.

Two other boys lived in this trailer as well, Christopher Hicks and Jacob Martinez. Proffit had helped them deal with a pot dealer in the area, getting the dealer off their backs – so when it came time for payback, Proffit told them that if they killed Bryce Chavers, the debt would be repaid.

So Hicks and Martinez drove over to Chavers’ trailer (seeing a connection here?), walked inside and shot Bryce Chavers to death while he was sleeping.

Those two are now serving long sentences for that murder.

Kent Proffit has been convicted of eight counts of sexual assault, and is serving life without parole for Chavers’ death, and has also been convicted of ordering the killing another 19-year-old.

This story is just crying out for a movie deal isn’t it?

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