Laura Ashley Hall Talks To Taxi Driver, Taxi Driver Talks To Us

Taxi driver Doug Conley recently told the press in Austin about his encounter with Laura Ashley Hall when he picked her up from the courthouse and drove her home.

Since people will sometimes tell taxi drivers the most interesting things, I contacted Mr. Conley directly and talked with him for some time about his brief experience with Ms. Hall.

Currently, Doug is facing a charge of trespassing. That’s a minor charge, probably worth 30 days in jail – tops.

He knows that he could get out even sooner if he told authorities that he’d trade his testimony for leniency regarding his sentence. Interestingly, he’s refused to accept any favorable treatment in his case in exchange for his testimony.

As proof, Doug Conley has sent me a number of letters that he has written to his lawyer and his prosecutor. Here is one. has blacked out any personal information.

Each letter explains explicitly that he will not accept a plea negotiation or any favorable treatment regarding his case in exchange for his testimony.

I wrote a letter to my attorney and copied the prosecutor, to whom neither my attorney nor I have ever discussed the pending criminal case against me. In my letter (attached), I ask my attorney not to contact the prosecutor and vice versa, insisting that:

“I will not entertain, nor will I accept any plea negotiations or any offer for a favorable conclusion to my case in exchange for my cooperation in the Hall matter.”

The world’s not entirely bad, you see. Doug’s definitely not someone you’d see in Hell. (yet)

So what happened during the time that Doug Conley drove Laura Hall home that would be of interest to the prosecutor?

Well, while driving Laura Hall home, Doug and she talked.

She mentioned that she had pending felony charges for harboring a fugitive, probably thinking that this is impressive to most people.

Ms. Hall is obviously not one to keep her mouth shut.

Doug asked the obvious follow-up question, “Who was the fugitive and why was he wanted?”

Laura told him that the fugitive was her boyfriend and that he was wanted for murder. She insisted that her boyfriend was innocent of murder.

Doug asked Laura who her boyfriend was accused of killing.

“Some bitch,” she replied.

This statement pissed Doug off, considering that someone had died.

For those of you facing charges of tampering with evidence and hindering apprehension, like Laura Ashley Hall, I would advise you to not piss people off who could possibly come back and testify against you.

According to a close friend of Laura, when she was asked why she fled to Mexico with her murderer boyfriend, she said, “That’s just how I roll.”

Doug read that little tidbit in the news.

When I asked Doug Conley why he would refuse a deal in his case in exchange for his cooperation in the case against Laura Ashley Hall, he had one thing to say.

“That’s just how I roll.”

Laura Hall’s trial is currently underway.

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