Laura Ashley Hall

If you’d just ask Laura Ashley Hall, love makes you do weird things.

Weird things like, oh…maybe buying your lover a hacksaw, some latex gloves, Febreze, ammonia and some other cleaning products at the local Ace Hardware.

Weird things like helping your lover cut the head and hands off the body of a girl he shot, killed and left in a bathtub.

Then of course you have to help him escape with a romantic drive to Mexico in your Cadillac and spend a fun-filled six days and nights soaking up the sights until Mexican police expel you from their country.

You may remember Colton Pitonyak, a student at the University of Texas who was the guy who shot Jennifer Rae Cave, a recent graduate of that school.

Laura Ashley Hall was his lover at the time.

She really, really loved him.

When the lovebirds were caught, Laura Hall told police that they had gone to Mexico just as a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing, that she didn’t know anything about the dead girl in the bathtub with her head and hands severed and placed neatly on her chest.

After questioning, her story changed. Now she had been held at knifepoint by Colton for the whole drive, and had been threatened by him with a gun while they were in Mexico.

Of course later a friend of Ashley Hall told police that Hall had called and told her about having been involved in the whole business two hours after it started. Evidently Ashley Hall thought about defending Colton Pitonyak when the police showed up, but then changed her mind.

A co-worker claimed Hall had bragged to him about coming up with the idea of cutting up and disposing of the body and escaping to Mexico.

Another friend claimed Ashley Hall had said she gave Pitonyak a shopping list of exactly what they would need to use to cover up the murder.

This makes sense to me, because what guy would think of buying Febreze?

During the trial, Pitonyak testified that Hall couldn’t stand the idea of losing him and suggested they dismember Jennifer Cave’s body and run to Mexico.

Lots of interesting stories there.

Ms. Hall served four months before she was released on bail.

Colton Pitonyak is serving a 55-year sentence.

Let’s see what Laura Ashley Hall gets when it’s all said and done.

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