Lazaro Galindo

They say that anyone who defends himself has a fool for a client. Lazaro Galindo was no exception. Some gems from his trial include:

“What 19-year-old doesn’t have some type of skulls?”

“Let’s say the Church of Satan, some people don’t think it exists, it actually exists, it actually has members, but we don’t worship Satan, pray to Satan, sacrifice kids to Satan.”

”I feel that I am God and I am going to reestablish the whole Catholic religion and the whole Satanic religion as one religion.”

“I’ve converted to God, I found God”

“How many of you have ever been forced to do something, or manipulated by a higher authority than you?”

“At no time in this case will you hear that I said I kill for Satan.”

“The actual killer is still loose on the street.”

So now that we’ve determined what kind of attorney 20-year-old Lazaro Galindo is, what did he actually do?

Apparently, his girlfriend, Yosalyn Gonzalez, had an admirer, 42-year-old Argelio Gonzalez.

Argelio Gonzalez was a virtual Don Juan, driving by her trailer park home in his gray Cadillac, playing loud, romantic music as he cruised by at 2 miles per hour. Sometimes he would shout out how he loved Yosalyn. Argelio would even leave fruit on her trailer doorstep for her kids.

And really, what woman could resist such charms?

Lazaro Galindo felt he was being disrespected. After all, how can a satanist who keeps knives and axes in a cauldron, sacrifices animals and tells people their future compete with the gray Cadillac-driving 42-year-old guy with fruit?

Enough was enough, so when Lazaro Galindo saw Argelio driving his gray Cadillac through the trailer park during June of 2000, the 19-year-old went out and confronted his rival, asking Argelio to never come around his house any more.

Mr. Smooth, Argelio Gonzalez responded with a quick and witty, “Why should I leave if the street’s not yours?”

This made Lazaro Galindo cry. Seriously. He cried.

Then Lazaro Galindo pulled a switchblade out of his pocket and stabbed Gonzalez in the face, chest and back with the eight-inch blade.

After Gonzalez fell to the pavement, covered in his own vomit, Lazaro grabbed his now less-attractive victim and pulled him back into Lazaro’s trailer.

Argelio was still breathing, so Lazaro stabbed him in the lung, which solved that problem, then grabbed a hatchet from the cauldron and smashed Argelio’s head open. Lazaro claims that he then ate Argelio’s fingers and that he thought they were tasty.

After two days, Lazaro Galindo decided that he’d had enough fun with the corpse and disposed of the body. He wrapped the carcass of his rival in a garbage bag and some sheets and tied it all into a nice little package with some phone cord. With a white rose in Argelio’s hand, a slit throat and a note that said, “Italian mafia,” Lazaro hoped to throw off police and place the blame on the mob. Putting the pieces of the body into two trash cans, he loaded it all into the trunk of his girlfriend’s car and dumped the cans in a field near a middle school.

Back at the trailer, he poured water and bleach over all the surfaces he could, trying to dispose of the evidence. The bloody clothes were tossed into trashcans around the city. Argelio’s keys and one of the knives used to cut up his body were thrown out of the car by a factory. Finally, Lazaro sold his girlfriend’s car to a guy on the street for $100.

A lot of work for nothing, really.

Some children found the body in the trash cans while they were playing. Cops were called.

They headed to Lazaro Galindo’s trailer and found evidence all over. As the icing on the cake, Lazaro wrote a 40-page confession, explaining his desire to eat human flesh, detailing his killing of Argelio Gonzalez and how he had disposed of his remains. And, of course, he defended himself in court.

A jury thought about the case, really hard, for just over two hours before they came back and delivered a guilty verdict and convicting Galindo of second degree murder. Lazaro Galindo was already serving a 45-year sentence for molesting a 13-year-old girl. Once he serves that time, the life sentence will begin.

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  1. WOAH this is what movies are made of… molestation, murder, cannibalism? a 40 page confession detailing his fascinations, and self-defense in court? this is unreal. MADE FOR HELL

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