Lori Drew

Since the dawn of time, girls have been catty to each other.

Two girls will collaborate in the ostracizing of a third girl, calling her names behind her back, spreading rumors and playing little jokes on her with the goal of inflicting as much mental and emotional anguish as they possibly can.

While women never completely grow out of this, most do tend to lose interest in these kinds of activities as they age and mature.

Most women, except, of course, for Lori Drew, who is currently in the running for the title of “Most Hated Woman in America.”

For a while, Lori Drew, who ran a successful local advertising mailer business called The Drew Ad Vantage, was a respected, popular member of her community. She has since…gone downhill somewhat.

Drew HomeShe lives in a nice house.

She’s a member of the St. Peters Chamber of Commerce

She’s married to Curt Drew, who’s employed as a Realtor at their local Coldwell Banker.

But now, as you can see, Lori Drew’s business is fighting a sudden public relations downturn.

Megan Taylor MeierDuring seventh grade, Lori Drew’s daughter, Sarah, was friends with Megan Taylor Meier, a 13-year-old girl who, like many 13-year-olds, struggled with her weight and had self-esteem issues. These issues Megan had were compounded by a diagnosed case of Attention-Deficit Disorder and a long battle with depression – a condition which she she had been seeing a therapist for since she was in the third grade, after talking about suicide.

Here’s Megan Meier’s MySpace account.

The Meiers and Drews were friendly enough that Megan had been on a vacation trip with the Drews, and the Meiers had been storing a foosball table for the Drews until Christmas.

Sarah Drew and Megan Meier started the eighth grade together, and their on-again off-again friendship became a little more chaotic, as 13-year-old friendships tend to be when two girls are involved.

For some reason or another, Sarah Drew and Megan Meier squabbled, probably over something stupid, and stopped being friends.

If you’ve ever known 13-year-old girls, or if you ever were a 13-year-old girl, you know what that’s like.

Well, Sarah Drew told her mother, Lori Drew, about how Megan was mean to her and how pissed off she was about it.

That’s when things started to get really stupid, because like many other boomer and post-boomer helicopter parents, Lori Drew was unable to keep her nose out of what should have been her daughter’s business.

Lori Drew created a profile on MySpace with the name ‘Josh Evans’ and put a picture of a ‘really hot guy’ on the profile picture. 16-year-old ‘Josh Evans’ had just moved into the area from Florida, was being home-schooled, played the drums and the guitar, and didn’t have a phone number.

And, coincidently enough, he wanted to be friends with Megan Meier.

Megan was thrilled that ‘Josh Evans’ was interested in her enough to add her to his friends list. She showed her mother, Tina, the friend request and begged to be allowed to add the teen to her friends list. Tina, after looking the boy’s profile over, let her daughter add him as a friend.

For six weeks, Megan chatted with ‘Josh’ about things 13-year-old girls usually talk about: school, parents and sex.

Lori Drew, using the experience that comes with advanced age, did her best to get Megan Meier to confess secret desires, crushes and other vulnerabilities to her online ‘boyfriend.’ Shortly after starting this relationship, Lori Drew started letting other people into the “joke.” An employee of Drew Ad Vantage named Ashley was recruited to help keep the joke going. Another girl in the neighborhood also had the login details to the Josh Evans account.

Then one day, on the 15th of October, 2006, six weeks after stringing along Megan Meier, ‘Josh Evans’ started getting mean.

I don’t know if I want to be friends with you anymore because I’ve heard that you are not very nice to your friends.

Megan Meier responded with a frantic e-mail that basically said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

The next day, after handing out invitations to her birthday party to friends at school, Megan came home and asked her mother to log into Megan’s MySpace account for her so she could see if Josh Evans had replied to her e-mail. She was hoping that the boy would show up to her party, which was in three weeks. After all, it would be nice if she and her parents could finally meet the boy who had captured her heart – as long as she could find out who had been talking to him and telling him that she wasn’t nice to her friends.

But Josh Evans wasn’t being nice.

Josh’s account had, in fact, forwarded her correspondence with him to a number of other online friends. All those secrets, all those confessions – now everyone Megan Meier knew at school could read them.

And read them they did, with many of them responding as younger teenagers are wont to do – with mockery and name-calling.

Megan’s mother had a dental appointment and was pressed for time, so Megan’s mom told Megan to sign off as she walked out the door.

Megan didn’t sign off. She responded to the online cruelty with name calling and threats of her own. When her mother called her, after she had arrived at the dentist, Megan was still online, crying and telling her mother that everyone was being so mean to her. Megan’s mother again told her daughter to log off.

Shortly after that, a sobbing Megan called her mother and told her that people online were posting bulletins about her, saying things like, “Megan is fat” and “Megan is a slut.” Again, Megan was told to log off by her now-furious mother.

After her dentist appointment was over, Megan’s mom returned home, went to the room where the computer was located and reviewed the messages her daughter had seen and was sending. Seeing how out-of-control things were on her daughter’s MySpace account, Megan’s mom expressed her disappointment in her daughter’s behavior, logged out the account and ended Megan’s MySpace activities for the night.

Megan’s mom didn’t catch the last message in Megan’s inbox, however. That message was from Josh Evans and said:

Everybody in O’Fallon knows how you are. You are a bad person and everybody hates you. Have a shitty rest of your life. The world would be a better place without you.

Megan ran to her room and stayed there, quietly, while her parents cooked dinner downstairs.

Her parents, sensing something was wrong, ran upstairs and found their daughter, who had hung herself with a belt in her closet.

Emergency services was called and an ambulance arrived empty and left with the 13-year-old in the back.

As the ambulance was in front of the Meier’s house, Lori Drew called the 13-year-old who had been brought in on the joke and told her to keep her mouth shut about what they had done.

The Josh Evans account was deleted.

Megan Meier was dead the next day.

Lori Drew went with her family went to Megan’s funeral and mouthed the right words of remorse, all while knowing that what she had done had driven Megan, a girl the Drews knew was on anti-depression medication, to kill herself.

A few weeks after Megan’s suicide, the thirteen-year-old that Lori had recruited into the “joke” felt a wee bit guilty about her part in it and talked to the Meiers about it, explaining what had been done to their daughter by someone they thought was a family friend.

The Meiers, responding with incredible restraint, only went so far as to smash to pieces and drop off on the Drew driveway the foosball table that they had been asked to store in their house until Christmas.

“Merry Christmas” was spray-painted onto the box.

The Drew’s response? Call the police and file a report.

Here’s a partial transcript of that report:

In reference to their daughter’s suicide, Drew explained she wanted to “just tell them” what she did to contribute to the Meier’s daughter’s suicide. She instigated and monitored a “my space” account which was created for the sole purpose of communicating with Meier’s daughter. Drew said she, with the help of temporary employee named “Ashley”, constructed a profile of “good looking” male on “my space” in order to “find out what Megan (Meier’s daughter) was saying on-line” about her daughter. Drew explained the communication between the fake male profile was aimed at gaining Megan’s confidence and finding out what Megan felt about her daughter and other people. Drew stated she, her daughter, and Ashley all typed, read, and monitored the communication between the fake male profile and Megan. Drew went on to say, the communication became “sexual for a thirteen year old.” Drew stated she continued the fake male profile despite this development.

According to Drew “somehow” other “my space” users were able to access the fake male profile and Megan found out she had been duped. Drew stated she knew “arguments” had broken out between Megan and others on “my space”. Drew felt this incident contributed to Megan’s suicide, but she did not feel “as guilty” because at the funeral because she found out “Megan had tried to commit suicide before.”

Drew explained the neighborhood had recently found out her involvement in Megan’s suicide and her neighborhood has become hostile toward her and her family. Despite the recency of the suicide and several neighbors recommending she not confront the Meier family (especially on Thanksgiving), Meier stated she and her husband attempted to contact the Meier family three times, “banging on the door” although Mr Meier had already told them to leave.

Good stuff there. You have to love the fact that Lori Drew told the officers that she didn’t feel guilty because Megan had tried to commit suicide before.

Also interesting is that Lori Drew mentioned to the officers that the communication had turned sexual.

If that’s the case, did Lori Drew – a woman in her 40’s – admit on a police report to manipulating a 13-year-old girl into a sexual conversation?

If so, Lori Drew could be considered as something of a sexual predator, as she used the anonymity of the internet to lure Megan Meier into what could be viewed as a sexual relationship. After all, many, many people have been arrested for grooming children for a sexual encounter.

Or maybe this whole situation could be just seen as a prank that went a little too far on a girl who couldn’t hack it, as this anonymous blog here would have you believe.


People are out in droves collecting information about your favorite woman in America – Lori Drew.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Lori Drew Is Happy

I’m not quite sure where Lori Drew was getting off calling Megan Meier fat. Pot, meet kettle kind of situation here.

Lori Drew Enjoys Coke Products

Here’s Lori Drew enjoying a selection of refreshing Coke products.

Update – The meganhaditcoming site was (in all likelihood) not done by Lori Drew, as the author of the two articles on that site (both of which have since been deleted) has come forward and announced that he is someone who was sick of the way the Drews have been treated.

There is a nice little demonstration planned for people who are in Lori Drew’s area and, oh how shall I put it…annoyed with her.

Thank you to Lori R. for posting this in the comments.

The final plan for Saturday’s demonstration is this:

First of all, we have the right to assemble, but not to threaten, yell, throw things, etc. This will be an entirely peaceful (and quiet) demonstration. We will not be allowed to stand in the street or on private property that we do not have permission to stand on. There is a common ground area across from the Drew home that I will try to get approved by the subdivision’s council for Saturday from 12 to 5pm.

I ask you all to please bring candles, flyers, etc. BUT, please do not stoop to the level of the Drew family. We are not there to bully the Drew family. We are there to bring attention to this situation to ensure that justice will be served.

Please, leave your pitchforks at home. We don’t want to see any banners calling them names, threatening the family, etc.

I hope to see you all on the common ground across from 269 Waterford Crystal Dr. in Dardenne Prairie on Saturday from noon until 5pm.

Thank you for helping us in search of justice for Megan Meier.

In other news, “Ashley” from the police report turns out to be Ashley Grills.

She was another person involved in emotionally raping Megan Meier.
As you can see from her pictures, Ashley Grills calling Megan fat is also a pot, meet kettle deal.

The Smoking Gun has the full police report that Lori Drew filed.

From the Smoking Gun:

Drew approached the sheriff’s department last November, after “the neighborhood…found out her involvement in Megan’s suicide and her neighbors have become hostile toward her and her family.” Drew, the report noted, wanted the neighborhood tension to be documented in case any of her property was subsequently damaged. Since last December, Drew, 48, has filed three police complaints alleging harassment and property damage in retaliation for her MySpace hoax. She has reported a brick being thrown through her kitchen window and claimed that Megan’s father Ronald yelled at her, “Who are you gonna kill today?” In April, Drew told police that a paintball had been shot at her sunroom’s window, causing about $50 in damage. While Drew had previously placed a surveillance camera in the sunroom, the tape did not help identify a suspect. And, as a sheriff’s report notes, “Drews did not wish to release the tape, as she anticipated a civil law suit against her by Meier and may need the tape for legal purposes.”

Hey Dardenne: The Horse Has Already Left The Barn

The city of Dardenne Prairie passed a law on the 21st of November, 2007 which makes online harassment a crime.

The six-member Board of Aldermen made Internet harassment a misdemeanor, punishable by up to a $500 fine and 90 days in jail.

Mayor Pam Fogarty said the city had proposed the measure after learning about Megan Meier’s death.

Interesting times for the Drew family.

Perhaps they should move.

18 thoughts on “Lori Drew”

  1. No matter how you slice it this evil demon driven Lori (unfortunately a mother) is 110% to blame here and should be in prison. I also feel this goes much deeper than we all truly know. When I saw this story on ID tonight I couldn’t help but compare Tinas beauty to Lori’s NASTY PIG-LIKE EXTREMELY OVERWEIGHT MANLY APPEARANCE. I feel not only was this an attack on poor Megan but also stemmed from Lori’s jealousy of Tinas beauty that Lori would NEVER be able to achieve. She is so mentally derranged I’m surprised cps didn’t court order her to a mental ward and take her daughter away to protect her from further subjection/brainwashing from an unfit mother that she truly is. God will cut you down Lori. I hope your life is full of torment/nightmares/pain. I thank God for making her physically as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside.

    I just donated to the Megan Meiers foundation and suggest everyone else do the same.

    1. @Firepixey…you make some good points. I don’t know if Lori was jealous of Tina Meier, although it is certainly a possibility. I believe that Lori is the type of overbearing and competitive “parent” seen so often today.
      She might have been bullied growing up and it warped her views on social interactions. So when she imagined that her daughter was being bullied by Megan, she set out on a self-righteous mission to fix this perceived slight.

      I also don’t believe Lori’s claim that Megan bullied her daughter. The friendship ended, Megan switched schools and made new friends and even started losing weight and becoming happier with life.
      That is what pissed Lori off, I think…she couldn’t accept that Megan had moved on. And I think that maybe Sarah complained to her mom about quarrels she’d had with Megan and like kids will sometimes do, she portrayed herself as a victim.
      So I guess that Lori believed that she had to play “mama bear” and involve herself in their little adolescent drama.

      Megan was at a new school and doing well and people like Lori, they want to see somebody being miserable.
      Why she chose to focus her hatred on a kid is beyond my understanding…but I guess it comes down to deeply rooted issues of her own. Most adults with common sense and class don’t do what she did.
      When I was growing up, my mother would never have done that; she would have stayed out of it and allowed me to work out the ups/downs of friendships in my own way.

      Lori as a grown woman was emotionally immature and obviously took it personal when her daughter’s friendship with Megan ended.
      She didn’t tell Sarah to move on and make new friends. She didn’t teach Sarah that the end of a friendship isn’t the end of the world.
      Nope…she went on a mission to attack and destroy a little girl, showing her daughter that it’s OK to hurt somebody if you don’t like them anymore. What kind of example does that set for Sarah?

      I also feel bad for the other children that Lori involved in the plot, including Ashley Grills…I know Ashley was 18 and should have known better, but she was also used by Lori.
      I hope she learned something from that tragedy and is trying to be a better person. I hope she has some remorse for the part she played. I doubt it, but it would be nice to imagine that she realizes her actions were wrong.

    2. I think that Megan looks beautiful lori drew is a fucking Pig, I cant stand that face, every-time i look a loris face i think “that disgusting pig should be living in a pig pen”. if u are reading this Lori than “go to the doctor and get plastic surgery, because that face is ugly”

  2. Sadly, Lori Drew is not behind bars as she should be…she received a slap on the wrist for the pain and suffering she caused. I know that this is “old” news at this point since it happened in 2007, but my heart still goes out to the Meier family.

    I wonder what Lori’s life is like today. She moved to another state but she will never be able to run from what she did to another person, especially a child.
    She will have to look in the mirror and see the truth staring back at her someday.
    None of us are perfect…we all say/do some hurtful, mean things sometimes. But this was deliberate cruelty. She knew that this girl had a very delicate mental and emotional state, but she taunted her anyway. She was a sick coward hiding behind a false identity with the intent to embarrass her and crush her self-esteem. Congrats, Lori! *sarcasm* You sure showed her, didn’t you?

    And to make matters worse, she used other kids as pawns in her twisted plot to hurt Megan.
    Sarah Drew denied being part of it but I’m not sure I believe that; her mother is a sicko and I can see Lori encouraging her to send cruel messages to Megan.
    What also bothers me is the fact that there was some sexual banter in the messages that were sent. If Lori had been a grown man sending these messages to a kid, I’m sure her sentence or punishment would have been harsh. But because she is female, somehow no one sees her behavior as being like that of a sex offender? It is all a very disgusting affair.

    How would she like it if somebody had done that to Sarah? That is the problem with her…a lack of empathy. And there are plenty of people just like Lori Drew in this world without a heart or a soul or a conscience.
    I know people just like her, who are every bit as evil and vindictive as she is, who take pleasure in the pain of others. I saw a video on Youtube where Lori Drew was compared to Pennywise (a demonic clown who kills children in Stephen King’s “IT”) and I thought that was a fitting comparison.

  3. Also, I still can’t believe that Lori called the cops over the foosball table being broken and dumped on the lawn after the Meier’s found out who “Josh” really was.
    Are you kidding me? This woman stalked and bullied a child online, to the point where she was so emotionally distraught that she took her own life…and a freaking foosball table is all she (Lori) cared about?

    She should have been thanking her lucky stars that Ron and Tina Meier showed so much restraint, because most parents would have wanted to kill her.
    And she obviously didn’t consider how her actions would have a chain reaction…she ruined so many lives, including that of her own family. I sure hope it was worth it. Not only is she known for terrorizing a child to the point of suicide, but she put her own kids at risk and the family business went bust, so they had to leave the state.

    Maybe she didn’t count on her little charade going as far as it went. Maybe she truly didn’t believe that Megan would actually kill herself; I would like to think that.
    But something tells me that no, Lori Drew was fully aware of what she was doing and what could happen. She played a deadly and malicious game with an impressionable, naive 13-year-old.
    She could have stopped at any time. She could have told Ashley and the others to knock it off, things were getting out of hand. But no…she wanted to continue working on Megan, preying on her vulnerability and her youth, her trust.

    She knew that Megan wouldn’t question whether “Josh” was real because Megan was young and had a child’s innocence; somebody older and more experienced or cynical would have sensed that something wasn’t right.
    I mean, come on…an older boy who is a complete stranger showing interest in a young girl online? And the whole “Josh Evans” character was obviously too good to be true because he was tailored to a girl’s fantasy.
    To anyone more jaded, it would have been transparent. But to Megan and naive/sensitive people like her (Jerry Cassaday comes to mind, look him up if you don’t know the story) they believe the lies they’re being told. This is part of what makes Megan’s story so tragic…she didn’t realize how cruel people could be and how some folks will find creative ways to hurt you if they can.

    She couldn’t have imagined that “Josh” the boy of her dreams was in fact an overweight middle-aged woman who lived down the street, who meddled in everyone’s business.
    She couldn’t have imagined that “Josh” was also a small collective of other kids that this woman had enlisted to bully her online.
    She was still innocent in many ways. Predators can be women as well as men…Lori certainly proved that.

  4. I’ve also heard people say that Lori Drew was simply exercising her right to freedom of speech.
    The only problem is that free speech, despite what our Constitution says, isn’t actually a “right”…it is a privilege and many people abuse it.

    Words can hurt deeply. Words AND actions both have consequences; this is what I try to explain to people who don’t seem to understand that.
    You can’t spew hate at somebody else without some type of backlash. It’s not about being PC, it’s about being kind and sensitive to others.

    I had somebody argue with me about how people are entitled to say cruel things if they want to, including racist comments. I was so disappointed because he is a great person otherwise but sadly, that is how he was raised.
    We (myself included) have to think before we speak and before we act. I stay off of most social media sites because there is too much hate and ignorance floating around.

    Lori Drew might have believed that Megan had bullied her daughter or was talking behind Sarah’s back. There could have been some truth to it, or Sarah was just playing the victim after the friendship ended.
    But either way, Lori did not handle the situation appropriately. Adults should not take it upon themselves to interact with other people’s children that way. If there really was a problem, she should have discussed it with Megan’s parents instead of scheming to hurt Megan.

    Freedom of speech, my ass! We are responsible for what we say and what we do…no matter what it is.
    It’s different if you don’t hurt other people in any way and they judge you based on an unconventional lifestyle or something; that’s on them. But what this woman did was unconscionable. She didn’t tie the belt around Megan’s neck, fair enough…but she targeted an emotionally fragile kid with vicious verbal abuse and told her that the world would be a better place without her in it.
    As somebody who has suffered with depression since childhood, it cuts deep because I know the pain Megan must have felt. I also share a birthday with Megan except I’m many years older.

    Lori knew that this little girl struggled with low self-esteem and mental health issues. When a person is aware that somebody else is hurting, you don’t try to cause more pain…that is not what decent people do.
    As I stated above, I knew a lot of people like Lori when I was growing up…some were kids but many were adults like Lori. People who were mean, selfish, vicious and uncaring. I’m not sure what breeds individuals like this. Some might say they were abused or bullied themselves which is possible, but who knows?
    I lived in a home with an abusive, dysfunctional stepfather and a passive mother for years and I still have empathy for others. I have no desire to hurt anyone or ruin anyone’s life. But plenty of people have tried doing just that to me, including some of my own relatives.
    There are a lot of sick people in the world.

    As to why Lori Drew never apologized to the Meier family, I think it’s because she is afraid to admit that she was wrong. She is afraid to face the destruction, pain and suffering that she caused. She is afraid to look into Tina’s eyes as a mother, knowing that she destroyed a child. It is easier to run away and hide and deny wrongdoing.
    But in today’s world, it is more difficult to run. At some point she will experience what karma has in store and it won’t be pretty.

  5. As to Lori’s statement about “protecting” her daughter from Megan, that is BS.
    So Megan switched schools and developed new hobbies/interests and involved herself in new activities outside of spending time with Sarah. So what? Megan had the right to be a well-rounded kid and have other friends if she wanted to.

    That did not mean she was being unkind to Sarah. Most friendships don’t last in today’s world. It is sad but that’s the way it is.
    What Lori should have done is told her daughter…”look, it’s not personal”. And she should have encouraged Sarah to find activities or clubs she might enjoy, so that Sarah could make some new friends of her own in a positive environment. That is what Megan was doing and it was helping her build confidence.

    I remember when I was a little girl, my best friend was a girl named Lauren. We were inseparable…until one day she didn’t want to play with me or even talk to me. There was a new girl in our class and Lauren shunned me to play with her. I was heartbroken. The school counselor told me that it was OK, it had nothing to do with me and it wasn’t the end of the world. And you know what? She was right. Sometimes friends grow apart or stop talking for reasons unknown. We can’t make anyone like us or be friends with us if they don’t want to. It hurts, but it’s part of life and growing up.

    We have to teach children this and give them the tools to handle conflict appropriately.
    What Lori showed her daughter is that seeking revenge on others for minor (perceived) offenses is acceptable. What she showed her daughter is that it’s OK to play dirty rotten tricks on people and deny responsibility for your actions. I don’t believe that Lori Drew is the worst person in the world, but I do think that there is something seriously wrong with her.

    She was once a young girl and as a mother/adult, she knew better. Too many people abuse the privilege of free speech and Internet access.
    When an adult is using the Internet to f*ck with an emotionally disturbed child, that is abuse. She didn’t harm Megan physically but she took a child’s innocence and trust and humanity, manipulating her for her own twisted amusement. It wasn’t about “protecting” Sarah…it was about Lori’s need for control.

    What also disturbs me about this case is that Lori’s initial reason for creating Josh Evans was to spy/snoop/monitor Megan online. You can’t get much crazier than that! Why in the world would an adult be stalking a kid online, especially if you aren’t the child’s parent?
    I have some experience with certain people trying to stalk me online as well as in real life, and trying to use information against me.
    We are living in dangerous times; the Internet is making it easier for predators and vindictive people to achieve their goals of hurting others. I know a woman who is just like Lori Drew and she has been intent on destroying my mother (and me) for over 20 years now. To make matters worse, she is a lawyer.

    I think that Lori wanted her daughter to fit in and be accepted by others, which is understandable.
    Most parents want their children to be happy and be included. But we need to teach them that friendships can sometimes end or be complicated…it’s how we handle it that really matters. We need to teach them strength and independence and compassion. We need to instill values in them. We need to give them confidence to move on when things fall apart. And when a friendship ends? We need to teach them that it’s OK to be mad or hurt, but they will recover. Relationships/friendships can be rocky and unpredictable…much like life itself. Things change constantly; Lori should have prepared her daughter for that instead of becoming an Internet predator.

    Megan needed to switch schools because she was being bullied badly and was starting to show signs of an eating disorder (skipping meals because kids called her fat).
    When she started attending her new school, she was happy and her confidence flourished. I think Lori felt threatened by that somehow because her own daughter wasn’t doing so well. Supposedly Lori even told another neighbor that she wanted Sarah to lose weight, because she noticed that Megan was slimming down due to playing sports. There was a competition in Lori’s mind and she obviously wanted to be the winner. Some parents want to prove that their child is superior and they live vicariously through their kids. Megan was turning into this cute, bubbly girl with confidence AND she was losing weight…I guess Lori felt like a failure as a parent when she looked at Megan, compared to her own daughter who was homely and introverted.

  6. Also, I’ve seen two shows on this case…”Web of Lies: Friend Request” and “Frenemies: Bullied to Death”.
    I must say that I prefer the first one because it attempts to be fair and objective without slandering the victim. The second one (Frenemies) pissed me off. It portrayed Megan as a bratty social climber who deserved her fate.

    The show implied that Megan “ditched” Sarah and was a bad person/friend because her only crime was being an outsider who wanted to fit in with the more popular kids.
    From what I’ve heard, the two girls had very different personalities. If Megan was ever insensitive to Sarah’s feelings, I doubt that it was out of malice. She was just a kid who wanted to be liked and accepted. It seems like Sarah and her mother Lori took it personally; they were operating from a place of emotion, instead of logic.

    Tina Meier explained that to Lori…Megan needed to switch schools, it would benefit her.
    Supposedly Lori had even called Tina one day to complain about Megan not spending time with Sarah. I mean, really? You can’t force anyone to like your daughter or spend time with her. They sound like they were very possessive of Megan in a weird way, very focused on her for some reason. I’m sure that there were plenty of other kids in the neighborhood that Sarah could have befriended…why all the obsession with Megan?

    Maybe part of the reason Megan pulled away from Sarah is because she was uncomfortable with the intensity of their friendship. It might have been too much to handle, especially for a kid with the issues she had.
    And there is the accusation from Lori Drew that Megan called Sarah a lesbian. I was called this in middle school as well because I was a tomboy, so I know it can be hurtful to a kid; but I also knew it wasn’t true.
    I wonder if Megan did indeed call Sarah a lesbian and if so, why? Their friendship sounded very stormy and intense.

    On Ashley Grills…much like my curiosity about Lori, I wonder what Ashley is up to.
    I believe that both women are prohibited/restricted from using the Internet but I’m nor sure. The impression I got about Ashley is that she was an immature, troubled young woman who seemed to have viewed Lori as a mother figure.

  7. Lori Drew needs to make friends with Pam Hupp. Both women are the most despised women in this area. And both women got away with murder.

  8. A good example of over parenting and explains why so many kids today can’t solve their own problems…they never get the chance because an overbearing, narcissistic, and perhaps sociopathic mother does it for them….setting the worst example to boot.

  9. I was bullied in high school for two years, wanted to kill myself for so many times. I felt that poor girl’s pain.

    Lori Drew is pure evil. I watched “Web of Lies” just now and couldn’t believe she was stone cold and tried to press charges. I bet in her mind she doesn’t even think she did something bad, she must be telling herself “she deserved it” “I’m the victim here”.

    This makes me sick!

  10. This is and should’ve as all cases similar to this should be tried as “hate” crimes. This person…use the term loosely Lori Drew is a sociopath devoid of empathy, or any remorse n is teaching her daughter the same..along with the other teen she dragged into her hate lair n campaign. There is “No” reason on God’s green Earth that “Justifies” her hate campaign toward this innocent child.This not “freedom” of speech..it is Freedom to spew hate…stalk n deceive an innocent child.Lori Drew n all parties involved will wear the Scarlet letter “H” on there heads..for being hate mongers n portraying themselves as “victims” forever…feel bad for her daughter bcuz she is being taught…it’s OK to pick n choice who to judge n hate….If they want to know who has brought other people to judge and condemn you..look in the mirror..and if you do have a conscious or soul..use the rest of your lives to redemn yourselves…and stop spreading hate.. It grows like a weed n serves no purpose. May God show them the same Mercy they showed that beautiful innocent child n her family.We see many faces n this world..but few hearts.

  11. Does anybody have any idea where Ms. Drew lives now? If she is living in any kind of anonymity now she needs to be outed.

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