Louis Stroschein Jr.

Looks like someone’s getting detention after school…

31-year-old Louis Stroschein Jr., the principal of Harlan, Iowa’s Shelby County Catholic School, was grabbed by the police at a “predetermined location” in nearby Black Hawk County.

Do you think the “predetermined location” was a church?

Why would Louis Stroschein Jr. pick that particular location to show up at at that particular time?

Well, apparently he thought that a girl was there, a 16-year-old girl, waiting for him to drive her to a hotel, so they could have sex.

According to authorities who ran the sting, Louis Stroschein Jr. knew that the girl was 16 and in their internet chats expressed pleasure that she was so young, but so mature.

And possibly wearing a Catholic schoolgirl outfit.


But instead of finding a young, hot girl, ready to go off and fulfil his fantasies, Louis Stroschein Jr. found several large Iowa sheriff’s deputies, equipped with handcuffs and guns.

Along for the ride were personnel from the Iowa Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. Apparently Iowa takes internet crimes against children fairly seriously.

Good for them!

Louis Stroschein was nabbed as soon as he arrived, and has been charged with enticing away a minor, which is a class D felony. Mr. Stroschein has pled “not guilty.”

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