Marcus Huffman

On the 18th of March, 2007, a 19-year-old woman was outside the popular Platforms Dance Club in Providence, Rhode Island. The bouncer was doing his job and wasn’t about to let her into the club, as she was visibly drunk.

37-year-old Marcus Huffman, an on-duty police officer working the area, came across the young lady and offered her a ride home in his squad car. Relieved that she wouldn’t be stranded outside the club by herself, she accepted and hopped into his police cruiser.

13-year police veteran Marcus Huffman didn’t drive the woman home. Instead, he drove her to an unmanned police substation and raped her.

A video shown later by the prosecuting attorney shows both the woman and Marcus Huffman entering the police substation together. After a short while, Marcus Huffman appears on the video as he leaves. A few minutes later, the woman exits the building alone.

The woman managed to get to the home of a relative who lived nearby and they called the authorities. A few minutes later, three cops showed up.

One of the cops was Marcus Huffman.

Oh the irony.

Even worse, Marcus Huffman was the senior officer that responded, so he was the one who took down the details and wrote the report.

Marcus Huffman was indicted on a count of first-degree sexual assault by a grand jury. He pled not guilty, despite the video evidence, despite the lack of a mention in any report that he had contacted the woman at all, despite the fact that his semen was found in the woman’s boxer shorts.

Bad cop! No doughnut.

What makes this whole “bad cop” situation even worse is that Huffman had a history of sexual crimes, but had never been convicted, and his employment as a cop was never challenged.

A few months after he started working as a cop, the then-25-year-old Huffman was charged with having sexual relations with a 10-year-old girl when he was 16. A judge decided that there was no evidence of coercion or force, so he dismissed those charges.

A few minutes later, Huffman was charged with trying to extort sex from a well-known local prostitute while he was on duty. Some evidence turned up that the woman was being less than honest, and the second grand jury decided that the case wasn’t strong enough.

Oddly, Marcus Huffman was charged with three misdemeanor counts of assault in 1998. He put the director of the DMV in a headlock. His sentence? A suspended one-year jail term.

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