Marlene Medina and Edwin Garcia

It is generally thought that the country of India “loses” about 500,000 infant girls a year due to selective infanticide.

Maybe they know something we don’t.

Take 24-year-old Marlene Medina, for example. A modern woman in every sense of the word.

She never knew her own father, she was abused by her alcoholic mother until the state took her away and placed her in a succession of foster and group homes.

Once she was too old to live in foster homes, Marlene Medina stayed in New York’s homeless shelter system for a while, eventually hooking up with Manuel Gonzalez, who gave her a baby girl they named Hailey Gonzalez.

Manuel Gonzalez, who had a lengthy arrest record and was out on parole, stayed with Marlene and little Hailey in a succession of homeless shelters until, while staying at a shelter in Brooklyn, he hit Hailey in the face, giving her a black eye.

That didn’t sit too well with the folks who oversaw Manuel’s parole, and they put him back in prison for two years.

Maybe if Marlene had done a background check on Mr. Gonzalez, things might have gone better.

Edwin GarciaMarlene Medina continued screwing men she found in homeless shelters until she met 30-year-old Edwin Garcia, who was a Domino’s Pizza deliveryman.

Shortly after she started dating Edwin Garcia, New York placed Marlene Medina and her daughter Hailey in a small apartment in New Brighton. Edwin, being homeless, stayed with Marlene and now 19-month-old Hailey.

Somehow, Edwin Garcia never picked up parenting skills while he was a homeless ex-felon, and his girlfriend Marlene Medina would leave Hailey with him for long stretches of time while she went out and did whatever it was that she liked to do.

It should come as no surprise that leaving a toddler with someone who might have anger issues might end up with the toddler being hurt, and that’s exactly what happened.

Hailey Gonzalez was making too much noise at 1:30 in the morning to suit Edwin Garcia, so he picked up the toddler, shook her for a while and threw her down, slamming her into a playpen full of hard toys.

Little Hailey lay there, her broken body desperately holding onto life, for five hours. Five hours of wheezing, twitching and light crying. Five hours of her eyes rolling back into her head and bloody froth coming from her mouth while Marlene, her mother, did nothing.

When it finally appeared that Hailey wasn’t going to magically get better on her own, her mother finally called 911.

Paramedics arrived and took the unconscious toddler to the hospital, where she was put on life support with head injuries and a punctured lung.

Edwin Garcia and Medina were arrested and questioned. It didn’t take long for them to start pointing fingers at each other.

Garcia confessed to losing his temper and throwing Hailey into the playpen, but pointed out that Marlene had hit Hailey before and once hit her hard enough to cause her to fall off their bed.

“I saw her smack the baby off the bed and she hit the floor hard,” said Edwin. “I didn’t want to say it, but she has hit the baby before. She’s smacked her in the face.”

Both Garcia and Medina even accused Hailey of having “behavior problems.”

“She doesn’t listen. She screams and cries for no reason,” Garcia said during questioning.

While Marlene Medina was being questioned, she expressed more concern over losing her apartment than she did for little Hailey.

“Am I going to jail? If I go to jail, I’m going to lose my apartment. All my stuff is in the apartment,” she said.

Hailey Gonzalez didn’t get better. She was declared brain dead and taken off life support at 8 in the morning on the 13th of August of 2007, six days after being admitted into the hospital.

Her heart was donated for transplantation.

Garcia is charged with second-degree murder; Medina with second-degree manslaughter.

When Marlene Medina found out that she was only being charged with manslaughter, she announced, “That’s not too bad, I’ll be out in three to five,” and went on to complain about jail food.

Sonia Cintron, Hailey’s paternal grandmother, told the press, “Here’s a woman who has really shown no remorse at all. None.” She added that she thought Medina’s attitude and conduct was disgusting.

I think we can all agree on that, can’t we? At the very least?

2 thoughts on “Marlene Medina and Edwin Garcia”

  1. Marlene Medina did not have a chance based on how she was “raised”. All systems that should have helped her did absolutely nothing. No parents in her life, thus child development was destroyed from the beginning, most likely effected by nature (genetics), had no nuturing, and influenced by her environment, on top of this she entered into foster homes and group home which could be equivalent to prison environments followed by the homeless shelter system and because Marlene lacked education, guidance, parenting skills,….she lacked the critical thinking skills needed to make the right life-choices. While others are fortunate enough to purge themselves of the systems that gives these children little or no help, understand this child (Marlene) did not asked to come into this world. Given the “right” circumstances this could happen to anyone.

    1. Millions of ppl grow up in a house like that, myself included, and make good choices and don’t kill children. Nice try

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