Michael Rex Clark

Michael Clark conspired with his son, Ben Clark, to kill Michaels’ father – 74-year-old Ernest “Dick” Clark – so they could split the inheritance, estimated at $660,000.

Michael Clark, on a disability pension and concerned about being over $60,000 in debt, disapproved of the fact that Earnest Clark was spending a lot of money on home renovations and that Earnest was planning on buying a fish and chips shop for his live-in girlfriend.

What’s wrong, Mike? Your dad was spending his own money? The money he got from selling the business he built?

Could you feel your “rightful” inheritance slipping away?

Well, that just wouldn’t do.

So Mike talked to his son, Ben, who seems to be a chip off the old block, and convinced him to put two bullets into his grandfather’s head.

Earnest Clark was shot dead at the home he shared with his girlfriend, Jessica Chung, in April of 2005.

24-year-old Ben Richard Clark has pled guilty to murdering his grandfather.

George Hooper, who worked for Earnest Clark in his refrigerator business for nine years, said he had regular contact with him after George left the job.

He told the jury that in a phone call Dick Clark told him his son Michael wanted to borrow some money.

I think it was $20,000, but Dick said he wanted the loan to be in writing, like a contract. They just had an argument about it.

George Hooper also told the jury that Dick Clark appeared to have a “soft spot” for his grandson, Ben – the grandson who has admitted shooting him.

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