Miriam Gallegos and Angel Ray Montoya

The world has probably seen the last of Niveah Gallegos, which is sad.

Niveah was last seen wearing a red, long-sleeved shirt with an elephant on the front. She had red sweat pants and pink princess shoes on. She had straight brown hair, brown eyes, was about 3 feet 6 inches tall and weighed about 45 pounds.

She was a beautiful 3-year-old girl.

Her mother, 20-year-old Miriam Gallegos, claimed Niveah had been grabbed by two strangers who snatched the child out of her arms, threw the little girl into a white vehicle and drove off.

An Amber alert was issued early on the afternoon of Friday the 21st of September, 2007 after Miriam Gallegos reported her little girl’s abduction to the authorities.

The entire city of Denver searched for the little girl, but the Amber alert was canceled an hour later.

Police announced that Niveah Gallegos had been murdered, but refused to provide any more details at the time.

An arrest warrant was issued for Miriam Gallegos’s boyfriend – 22-year-old registered sex offender Angel Ray Montoya.

Angel Montoya was convicted of indecent exposure in 2000.

In 2003, Angel Montoya was arrested for indecent exposure again. Later that year, he served 60 days in jail for failing to register as a sex offender.

In 2005, Angel Montoya was charged with child abuse and false imprisonment, and sentenced to probation.

He violated his probation terms and was sentenced to 270 days in jail with authorized work release.

After a brief chase at about 8 in the evening, Angel Ray Montoya was captured on Friday the 21st of September.

He was carrying an empty blue duffel bag with black handles and had a bus pass.

20-year-old Miriam Gallegos was arrested a short time later.

Since the little girl was reported missing, authorities have been looking for the body of Niveah Gallegos in the general area that she lived.

The public has been asked for assistance with the search.

“It’s pretty simple,” said Mitch Morrisey, who is Denver’s District Attorney. “Walk out into your back yard, look through your dumpsters, help us find this little girl. She’s probably in a black plastic bag or white plastic bag.”

Authorities believe the body of Niveah Gallegos may have been placed in a white trash bag and then a black bag, before being placed into the duffel bag Angel Ray Montoya was carrying when he was arrested.

Angel Ray Montoya is being charged with first-degree murder. During his court appearance on Saturday, the 22nd of September, David Turner, his public defender, immediately filed motions with the court to keep law enforcement from interviewing Montoya about the case and from taking samples of his DNA

Miriam Gallegos has been charged with false reporting, being an accessory to a crime and child abuse resulting in death.

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