Noel Joshua McCallum

Mr. McCallum is a serial rapist who feels that he’s being punished unfairly.

One of his victims, a 55-year-old woman, was punched in the face, knocked to the ground, raped and threatened with sodomy in a narrow alley. Two layers of stitches were needed to close a deep cut above her swollen right eye and a few more to close a cut on her right cheek.

At trial, McCallum admitted that he’d had sex with the woman in an alley, but denied beating or raping her. His defence team came up with the novel suggestions that perhaps this woman was drunk and fell down, or that maybe someone else beat her up after McCallum left her.

When challenged by the Crown that the woman would think the alley would be an acceptable place for sex, McCallum said, “It’s just as romantic to make love outside as it is in a hotel.”

When he committed this rape, McCallum had only been out of prison for nine months.

He had previously been serving a nine-year sentence for two aggravated sexual assaults in Canada and a break-in and theft connected to one of those crimes.

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