Nicholas Garcia

Not everyone who is featured on People You’ll See In Hell is here for killing someone, or molesting someone, or leaving a small handicapped child in the hot sun to die.

Minor bad things happen all the time.

Still. Sometimes, you just have to look at someone who did something relatively minor and say, “Dude, you’re going to Hell.”

Take 30-year-old Nicholas Garcia for example.

Nicholas Garcia, a professional loafer, walked into the Chevron gas station in El Jobean, Florida on the 4th of October, 2007.

On the counter of the gas station was a large two-quart jar that was set up by the store owner to collect donations for 15-year-old brain cancer patient, Tommy Widenhofer. The jar was holding two hundred dollars worth of donations for the boy, whose parents desperately need the money so they can afford to get Tommy Widenhofer the treatment that he needs.

Nicholas Garcia, being the fine upstanding citizen that he is, took one look at the jar filled with the hopes and dreams of a young boy and thought to himself, “That’d buy me a lot of crack.”

Not caring whose money it was or what it would be used for, Nicholas Garcia grabbed the jar and ran off.

Fortunately for my overdeveloped sense of justice, Mr. Garcia was apparently unaware that he was being videotaped while he took the donation jar.

Because the news media loves stories like this, Nicholas Garcia’s picture, taken from the videotape, was plastered all over the news.

Professional do-nothings like to watch the news while they’re eating their free meals. It keeps them “in the know.”

So when Nicholas Garcia was sitting in the Bread of Life mission, eating lunch with a roomful of other homeless guys, and his picture came up on the evening news, one of the homeless guys let Joseph Byron, the homeless shelter manager, know about it.

At first Joseph Byron didn’t believe it, but once he saw the news story for himself he called the police.

Nicholas Garcia confessed his theft to the news media, insisting on camera that he took the money to support his drug addiction.

First of all, I didn’t know who it was for. I saw it, I took if fast because I was dope sick. Now nobody is going to be hard-felt against me because I am just a junkie addict. I had a really bad habit, man. I was shooting 6 bags of heroin a day and I was doing cocaine, too. I thought I could come to Florida and dry out and it didn’t happen. There’s just as many drugs down here.

Gee. Drugs in Florida? No way! Next thing you’ll tell me is that there are Cubans there.

Nicholas Garcia admitted that what he did was wrong, promised to pay the money back as soon as he could, and, in the best Cops tradition, submitted to the authority of the state.

I didn’t try to run, it makes no sense. What am I going to do, start running around here, being wanted? I made a mistake, I might as well end it now, you know. It was a mistake.

As he was saying that, police were walking him to a squad car in handcuffs. They drove him to a local hospital for treatment before he would be taken to jail.

Four hours later, Nicholas Garcia escaped from the hospital.

It’s ok though. He’s probably just out looking for a job to pay back the money he took, right?

There won’t be a big manhunt for Mr. Garcia. He’s not on the FBI’s most wanted list. He’s only wanted for misdemeanor theft, after all.

The next time you see Nicholas Garcia, though, let him know how you feel. After you call the cops.

Donald Edward Lynch

Do you think that 66-year-old Donald Edward Lynch and Jack McClellan would make the best of friends?

They share a hobby, if you’d call pedophilia a hobby.

They both really like little girls. They like them so much that they have both followed girls around in order to make videos and take pictures of them. Donald Lynch made it a habit to sneak around and videotape little girls playing in his neighborhood, walking around the mall, enjoying parades and participating in beauty pageants. Jack McClellan has also done these things.

Donald Edward Lynch has gone one step further than good ol’ Jack though. Donald Lynch has actually molested at least ten girls between the ages of three and eleven.

In one instance, back in 2003, Donald Lynch was babysitting two young girls, one 11 years old and the other 7.

He took it upon himself to molest them. At gunpoint, he forced the girls to watch pornography with him. He took nude pictures of them. He forced them to sleep with him in his room.

Eventually, he raped them, threatening to shoot them if they didn’t sexually perform the way that he wanted them to.

The girls told on Donald Lynch, however, and the police brought him in for questioning.

Donald Lynch, like most pedophiles, insisted that he hadn’t done anything to the girls.

He did admit that he had made videotapes of nude girls he’d hired to sleep with him, but insisted that they were all over 18.

Authorities, who didn’t quite believe Mr. Lynch, raided his house. They found a lot of homemade porn – over 600 videotapes worth. There were more than 300 Polaroid pictures and a large quantity of magazine clippings of young girls. There was also a loaded handgun.

While the quantity of porn was unusual, it wasn’t until investigators examined the evidence that they knew what a sick person Donald Lynch was. By going through the evidence that Mr. Lynch had so conveniently made for them, authorities were able to figure out that Donald had molested and raped not only the two girls who had gone to the police, but at least eight other little girls.

One of the girls Donald Lynch raped was only three years old at the time.

Charged with a slew of crimes, Donald Lynch was able to skip town before he was arrested.

For a while, he made a new life for himself in New York, using the name “David Barnes.” He was arrested in Central Nyack, New York in October, 2003 and extradited back to Kingsport, Tennessee to be tried.

Donald Lynch was able to make his $200,000 bond, however, somehow scraping together enough to cover it.

He left town again in June of 2004. He lived the life of a wanted man, on the run, for three years.

On Saturday the 13th of October, Donald Lynch was finally caught in Matamoros, Mexico, where he was making a living by selling aluminum cans and working odd jobs at a local hotel.

Donald Lynch insisted to the Mexican police that his name was Reynaldo Price, but America’s Most Wanted is a fairly popular show down there and, despite his best efforts, he was recognized.

Mr. Lynch has been charged with a count of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, eleven counts of rape on a child, thirty-eight counts of especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor, and five counts of aggravated sexual battery. On Sunday, he was being held in a jail in Olmito, Texas, a small town on the border. He will shortly return to Kingsport, Tennessee to finally face his crimes.

In a parting shot that brings back memories of O.J. Simpson and Rodney King, Donald Lynch blamed his charges on the “fact” that Tennessee is the most prejudiced state in the country.

In all likelihood, Donald Edward Lynch will die of old age in prison.

It’s a sentence many would consider as being too easy.

Robin Croft

In April of 2007, 36-year-old Robin Croft moved with her 4-year-old son Da’ath Locklear from Florida to Gastonia, North Carolina.

She was quiet, and kept to herself – seemingly a perfect neighbor to those who lived in the apartments around hers.

On the 6th of October, late on Saturday night, neighbors recall hearing gunshots.

That was the last night that Da’ath Locklear’s father ever talked to his boy.

Some time passed.

Robert Trujillo, Robin Croft’s father, began to feel a little worried that his daughter neither answered her phone nor responded when he knocked on her apartment door. She had told her father that she had been been feeling depressed recently over an incident relating to Da’ath Locklear’s father.

On the 11th of October, 2007, police responded to Robert Trujillo’s request to check up on his daughter. At about 9 in the evening, they entered her apartment and went to the upstairs bedroom.

There, police found little Da’ath Locklear’s body, tucked into bed. He had been shot in the head, probably while he was asleep.

Robin Croft’s body was found on the floor next to the bed. She had shot herself.

Chytoria Graham

28-year-old Chytoria Graham and her boyfriend, DeAngelo Troop came back home early in the morning on the 8th of October, 2006 from a night out drinking.

As sometimes happens when people drink, Chytoria, whose name sounds vaguely like a venereal disease, and her boyfriend started to fight about something.

While many people do fight when they’re inebriated, very few of them grab their 4-week-old baby by the feet and swing it like a baseball bat at their boyfriend, like Chytoria did with her son Jarron.

The baby’s head connected with DeAngelo and the violent collision resulted in fractures in the baby’s skull.

The baby was taken to the emergency room, recovered and is staying with Graham’s family.

Chytoria Graham was taken to the police station and charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, simple assault and child endangerment.

In March, 2007, she pled guilty to the charges of aggravated assault and child endangerment, but withdrew that plea in June of 2007, hoping a jury would see things her way and release her.

Unfortunately for Chytoria, that legal strategy kind of backfired on her on the 11th of October, 2007, when a jury found her guilty on all four counts and the judge let her know that she was going to get at least five years in prison for what she did.

Her response was to drop to the ground in the fetal position and cry out:

Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God. No, no, no.

Chytoria Graham will be given her sentence on the 12th of December, 2007.

Moise Opont

If you’re a 77-year-old woman cleaning your 99-year-old mother’s house at 2 in the morning, the last thing you’d expect to see is a young black man running through your house.

You also wouldn’t expect him to hit you on the head and flee into the night.

You really wouldn’t expect to find your mother dead in her bedroom, either.

And you absolutely wouldn’t expect the young black man to be the son of a local Reverend.

Police responded to a 911 call made by 99-year-old Edith Mecalla’s 77-year-old daughter after she was hit by a young black man running through her mother’s house at just past 2 in the morning on the 9th of October, 2007.

After arriving at the woman’s residence, police searched the area but found nothing but Edith Mecalla, mother of 11 and grandmother of 50, dead in her bed. She had been sexually assaulted.

Police did, however, get Edith’s daughter to describe her assailant well enough to a police sketch artist that 17-year-old Moise Opont was recognized and arrested the next day.

Moise Opont, the troubled son of a preacher man, had already had several run-ins with the law in his area, with battery on a police officer and burglary charges already on his record.

Cleverly, authorities charged Moise Opont with burglary and battery on a person over 65 years old. Unfortunately for Moise, he had no idea that the woman he had raped was dead…and as a result, cooperated with authorities for a while.

He talked enough to lead authorities to believe that he didn’t have robbery as a motive and that Edith had been purposefully targetted.

Then the investigators charged Moise Opont with first-degree murder and sexual battery.

It is possible that he will be charged as an adult.

Moise Opont’s father, the Reverend Richard Opont, told reporters, “My defense is in God’s hands, every day I teach my family the same thing.”

Moise is apparently a slow learner.

Sean Allen Jennings

Divorce sucks. Ask just about anybody.

She gets the kids and the house, he gets the bills.

38-year-old Sean Allen Jennings decided that wasn’t how it was going to work in his case.

No, no, no. He had a special plan.

On the 7th of October, 2007, Sean Jennings started building a haunted house in the garage for his two kids to enjoy on Halloween.

Sean told his wife, who uses a wheelchair on a regular basis, that he needed her to take a few steps up on a ladder and measure a rope he was planning to use to hang a plastic skeleton from a beam in the garage ceiling. Of course he couldn’t just let her walk into the garage, he needed her to go in blindfolded.

He said that it was going to be a surprise.

Because this is People You’ll See In Hell, you know she did it.

She was a few steps up on the ladder, with the blindfold still on when Sean Jennings put handcuffs on her and slipped a noose around her neck.

Sean Jennings’ wife started to cry out and beg her husband to take the handcuffs off, which prompted him to turn on a radio sitting on a workbench and drown out her cries.

The next thing she heard was metal scraping on concrete as the ladder was pushed out from under her feet.

She hung there for a while, crying and begging her husband to help her. Some people don’t realize that it’s not the choking that kills someone when they’re hung, it’s the sudden drop that breaks the subject’s neck.

That’s why you watch the History channel, folks. You learn all sorts of things.

Sean Jennings watched his wife suffer for a few minutes as she choked and tried to keep herself up on the tips of her toes. He kept a running commentary going as his wife was dying in front of him, saying that what he was doing was better than divorce. He mentioned that when the kids found out, it would look like she had been depressed and hung herself – especially after he wrote a note explaining why she would commit suicide and signed her name on it.

Sean suggested that she should really just give up and make it easier on herself, because she was going to pass out soon anyways.

She didn’t pass out, though. Sean had a change of heart just as she started to lose consciousness and helped her down, after she promised him that she wouldn’t get a divorce and wouldn’t say anything about what happened to anyone.

Sean Jennings then told her that he was sorry.

It was all better and they lived happily ever after.

No wait, it wasn’t, and they didn’t.

Sean attempted to cover up his crime by making his wife put aloe vera on the rope burns and having her wear a neck brace to hide the marks.

Although she was terrified of what he would do, on Tuesday, the 9th of October, 2007, Sean Jennings’ wife summoned her courage and called police from a public phone at the local Wal-Mart.

She told the authorities what her husband had done to her. The officers took pictures of her neck injury and the bruises on her hands and wrists.

Jennings was arrested that night, denying his wife’s accusations to the last despite the discovery of the handcuffs, rope, ladder, and bandanna that had been serving as her blindfold.

He has been charged with attempted first-degree murder.


On the 5th of September, 2008, Sean Allen Jennings was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Sean Jennings pled guilty to second-degree attempted murder in exchange for a reduction in the severity of charges. Sean Jennings originally was charged with first-degree attempted murder.

Amon Paul Carlock

Have I mentioned that I hate clowns?

57-year-old Amon Paul Carlock, or “Klutzo the Clown” as he likes to be called, is a perfect example of why.

We’ll be the first to admit that he’s had an interesting life.

Amon Paul Carlock has worked for over 20 years in law enforcement.

He’s been a participant in the Big Brother program. He’s a member of the local Lion’s Club.

He’s been a clown, a magician, a youth counselor and a minister.

Most recently he’s been a pedophile and a child pornographer.

In this eerily prophetic photograph, Klutzo the Clown was “incarcerated” to help the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
Klutzo goes behind bars

On a little clowning trip to the Philippines, Amon Paul Carlock visited an orphanage that he had been to some years before – the House of Joy orphanage in San Isidro. He visited orphanages in other countries on a regular basis often, like the Mexican orphanage he visited in 2002.

Upon his return in the San Francisco Airport on the 12th of June, 2007, because he was coming from a country known for its sexual exploitation of children and because he had gone to places in that country where he had access to young children, customs agents decided to search through his bags – specifically his electronic devices.

Klutzo the clownOn Amon Carlock’s computer and digital camera, officials discovered a number of digital photographs of naked boys. Some were playing, some were showering. Some were just sitting there without their pants on. Some of the boys knew they were having their pictures taken, others didn’t look like they knew what was going on.

Amon Paul Carlock explained the photos as natural photos that showed how the children lived. He explained that the pictures were going to show Americans that some children in other countries are too poor to afford clothes. He explained that he was going to edit them so that they would be more appropriate to share with others in his ministry.

He explained that the program called Evidence Eliminator was suggested by a friend and was really just there to get rid of old files that he didn’t need anymore.

The thing that he couldn’t really explain was why the only editing that had been done so far was to digitally enlarge the parts of the photos with the boys’ genitalia, though. That one stumped him.

Klutzo scaring little girlArrested? Nope. Investigated? Yes.

Investigators went to the House of Joy. They asked the boys there if Amon Paul Carlock had done anything weird.

Three boys said that they woke up to Mr. Carlock playing with their genitalia, and that it was pretty weird.

That was enough to get a search warrant for Amon Paul Carlock’s home, which was executed on the 28th of September, 2007. During that raid, authorities found over 21 movies of child pornography on six DVD discs.

After Amon Paul Carlock’s wife mentioned that he was involved in the local Big Brother program, police interviewed the 6-year-old boy who had been meeting with Mr. Carlock for two months. The boy mentioned that Amon Paul Carlock had given him two DVD discs. One of the DVDs had pictures of the boy and Mr. Carlock fishing. The other disc had pictures of naked Filipino children. Both DVDs were recovered by police.

On the ninth of October, Amon Paul Carlock was arrested, charged with possessing child pornography and sex tourism, and taken to court.

While there, he announced that his wife had filed for divorce on the 4th of October.

County records verified that she did, citing Amon Carlock’s “extreme and repeated mental cruelty.”

Amon Paul Carlock has (had) quite the Internet presence:

Here’s another website of his featuring Klutzo and his wife, “Smiley the Clown” :

Back in December of 1986, Amon Paul Carlock wrote a letter to the local newspaper decrying the content of a cartoon that had been printed in that newspaper.

I am not in favor of censorship, but do feel that far too much ‘smut’ has been poured into the minds of Americans by all forms of media.

I have spent the past 16 years in law enforcement and related professions. I have spoken with victims and offenders and have read many case histories in which pornographic materials played an overwhelming role in the events that have left lives shattered and homes broken.

Why is it so unreasonable to assume the government has the right to protect the public from the harmful effects of pornography, especially in light of the vast amounts of evidence to support this claim?

That’s one eloquent pedophile, right there, yes sir.

Danny Thomas Goldston

49-year-old Danny Thomas Goldston is a bad, bad man.

Men who abduct, beat on and rape women usually are.

A resident of a men’s shelter, Danny Thomas Goldston came across two people sleeping on the front steps of a church on the night of the 15th of September, 2007. One was a homeless man.

The other was a homeless woman that he’d had a relationship with and still wanted a piece of.

What else is a lonely homeless guy to do?

The homeless man that was sleeping beside the woman woke up to find Danny Thomas Goldston feeling a little stabby. Before he was able to get away, he had been stabbed near the center of his chest, cut on the chin and been slashed on the forehead and all over his right arm.

We don’t know what Danny Goldston said during the attack, but considering the types of things homeless people usually say to me, it probably went something along the line of, “I want my pickle! Gimme the pickle! French cheese! Catty-fish-pickle!”

Quite the surreal experience for the rudely-woken homeless guy, I’m sure.

The homeless guy was able to get away and find a friend, and together they called the police. One dialed the odd numbers and the other dialed the even ones. The police were told that there had been a female homeless person sleeping on the steps, but now there was not, and they didn’t know what happened to her. It was possible that a guy named “Danny” had taken her.

Take her Danny did. Danny Goldston took her to a wooded area near an Amtrak station just after midnight, and feeling the romance of the scene had just about climaxed, raped the poor woman at knifepoint for the next two days.

Evidently feeling that rape just wasn’t enough fun for him, Danny Goldston also beat his captive. He beat her so badly that when she was found at about 7 in the morning on the 17th of September, 2007, her teeth were shattered.

This isn’t the first time Danny Goldston had assaulted women, as he has a number of arrests on his record for that, as well as possession of stolen goods, breaking and entering, and probation violations. While he’d be completely qualified for the Mayor of Washington D.C., a law-abiding taxpayer he is not.

The woman was treated at a local hospital and a rape kit was completed.

Danny Thomas Goldston was found, identified by both the man who was stabbed and the woman who was raped.

A rape kit was completed on him, with samples of DNA taken from him for comparison with the DNA taken from the woman.

Danny Goldston was charged with five counts of first-degree rape, two counts of first-degree sex offense and one count of first-degree kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon and assault inflicting serious injury.

His bail is three million dollars, so if you’re so inclined – get that second mortgage on your house and free Danny Goldston!

Glen Edward Sutton

Take a good long look at what 53-year-old Glen Edward Sutton used to look like.

Right now, compared to that picture, he’s a little paler, a little bloodier, and has a hole in his head.

Glen Sutton, a level-3 sex offender who lived in Bennet, Nebraska, was working at Kabredlos, a convenience store on the northwest side of Lincoln.

On Saturday, the sixth of October, 2007, at about two in the afternoon, Glen Sutton let his sexual urges take control and, while he was supposed to be working, molested a 10-year-old boy who had come into the store.

The boy reported the incident to his mother as soon as he got home. His mother, in turn, contacted the police, who opened an investigation.

A Lincoln police officer went to the store at about 10 in the evening to pick up the surveillance tape for the investigation. Because the police officer was a former state correctional officer, he recognized Glen Sutton from the prison and talked to him for a bit.

After a while, the officer told Glen Sutton that he needed to pick up the surveilance tape that showed the day’s activity for the store. Glen went to the back, got the tape, came back and gave it to the officer, who went outside and called the detective in charge of the investigation.

As the officer was outside, Glen Sutton went into the back room, grabbed a gun and shot himself.

Glen Sutton hadn’t been notified that he was under investigation for anything.

But he knew what he did. He knew it was wrong.

There’s really only one thing that I can think of that Nebraska (and the world) would want to thank Glen Edward Sutton for.

He saved us all some trouble.

No expensive trial, no long investigation that traumatizes the boy victim. No long-term feeding costs and medical care costs for a non-rehabilitated, aging sexual offender who doesn’t care to change.

Now if he had only felt the same impulse before he decided to molest the boy…but then this wouldn’t be much of a blog now, would it?

Alicia Visscher

Ok, so you’re going to Disneyland.

Change of clothes? Check!

Credit cards? Check!

Park passes? Check!

Family pets?

Whoops, forgot something there.

30-year-old Alicia Visscher, a healthy eater, left her three dalmatians tied up in her backyard while she went on a three-day trip to Disneyland.

One must wonder what was going on inside her head as she was wandering around Disneyland.

“Hmmm, did I leave the oven on? Noo…that couldn’t have been it. Maybe I didn’t take out the trash? No, I know I took out the trash. Did I leave the water running in the sink? No….hmmm….think think think…..oh look! A fried twinkies on a stick kiosk!”

Neighbors complained to police about the constant barking that was coming from Alicia Visscher’s property. Police arrived, checked out the property and discovered that there was no food or water anywhere for the animals, who were in bad shape.

The 13-year-old dalmatian “Alex” was covered with ticks and open, infected sores and had to be euthanized.

4-year-old “Freckles” had severe skin problems and showed obvious signs of neglect.

2-year-old “Sam” was evaluated and deemed to be ok.

The two surviving dogs were taken in by animal services and are being treated until they can be adopted out to someone who knows how to take care of their animals.

Alicia Visscher was arrested and charged with one count of felony animal cruelty and two counts of improper confinement of animals.

She was released on bond.

Horrible people. Terrible things.

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