Patrick Daniel Piceno

Patrick Daniel Piceno, a 21-year-old McDonald’s employee, didn’t have a very good night at all.

His co-worker Nick had taken him out for a night of drinking and picking up women.

Unfortunately, in California, McDonald’s employees aren’t considered hot prospects by most females, so the pair’s drive for sexual satisfaction was unsatisfied at the end of the night when Patrick Piceno drove Nick home.

Patrick Piceno was still really, really horny though, so he drove to an adult bookstore and looked at all the videos – which just made him hornier, so he left the shop.

Of course his car was gone when he came out of the store, so he called police. They told him it had been towed.

So now, broke, drunk, horny and carless, Patrick Piceno had to walk home.

Patrick passed some prostitutes and thought about picking one up for a while, but he didn’t have any cash so that was out.

Then, at about 3:30 in the morning, he saw a woman, walking alone, who turned off the main sidewalk and went into an area concealed by dumpsters.

I’m sure his first thought was, “Jackpot!”

So this modern-day Don Juan followed her.

What happened next I’ll give to you in his own words.

I followed her in there, and I, uh, she turned around, and I punched her in the head and face maybe three or four times and knocked her out. I saw blood, and it scared me.

The woman that Patrick Piceno hit fell down, unconscious, right in the middle of some garbage. Flies were flitting around, there was a disgusting stench from the dumpsters that were inches away – this was quite the erotic spot.

Later, after the woman was seen by doctors who held her in intensive care for eight days, they claimed that her face had the appearance of something put through a meat grinder and that because of her small size and advanced age, the beating Patrick Piceno had given her could easily have been fatal.

She had a rainbow of colors etched on her face – black, blue, purple and red. Her eyes were swollen shut. Her eardrum had been ruptured. Her vagina had been torn up. Three of her ribs were broken. Her brain was bleeding badly, and she had blood in her lungs, stomach and urine.

The blood and the garbage and the horrible smells didn’t deter Patrick Piceno from his mission, so he pulled off the 73-year-old grandmother’s shoes, pants and underwear and raped her.


Oh yeah, Patrick Daniel Piceno had beaten up and raped a 73-year-old vietnamese grandmother who was out looking for recyclable cans. Then, when he was done, he left her for dead in the middle of a pile of garbage.

Two hours later, the woman was found by a garbage collector, who called police and paramedics.

Patrick Piceno was found guilty. He is scheduled to be sentenced in the middle of July and he faces a possible life sentence.

Jurors often have interesting ideas. One of the more interesting thoughts I found was shared by 65-year-old juror Sheri May who said, after the trial, “When he hit her and saw how old she was, he should have just stopped.”

Oh, right. Because if she was 20, it would have been OK if he’d kept hitting her.

Our legal system, folks.


Now 23-year-old Patrick Daniel Piceno was given consecutive sentences of 15 years to life and eight years in state prison by an Orange County Superior Court judge.

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