Peter Voisey

On the 20th of October, 2006, Peter Voisey, a 35-year-old registered sex offender, borrowed his friend’s dark Vauxhall Astra and went out for a drive at about six in the evening.

At about the same time, a little 6-year-old girl was taking a bath in her parent’s home, playing with her toys the way a 6-year-old will at bath time. Her mother left the bathroom for a little while, convinced that her daughter was safe.

While in the living room, the mother heard her little girl say, in a calm voice, “What are you doing here?”

Shortly after, she heard the screech of car tires outside the house.

With a sinking feeling in her gut, she called out to her little girl.

There was no reply.

Twenty minutes later, a neighbor found the little girl, naked, bleeding and crying for her mother in a snow-covered alley about 300 yards from her house. He carried her home to her mother.

After questioning, the little girl revealed that a man had entered the bathroom and told her to be quiet or he’d hurt her and her mother. If she made a sound, he said, she would never see her family again.

He put his hand over her mouth, lifted her out of the bath and carried her to his waiting car.

Then he drove off.

After a while, the man stopped and touched her, with the girl describing what could only be called a sexual assault. The man repeated this a few minutes later.

The man told her that because she was good, he would let her go. He drove her to an alley, pushed her, still naked, out of the car and told her to face the wall.

Then he drove off.

Peter Voisey was immediately considered a person of interest in the abduction, being the convicted sexual predator and registered sexual offender that he was.

He had, in fact, been convicted of molesting a 12-year-old girl in the changing room of the Macclesfield Leisure Centre in 2001.

Despite repeated denials of any involvement, Peter Voisey’s home was searched. A diary was found with the entry on the day of the abduction reading; “Phew, it’s over, chill now.”

Peter Voisey claimed he was referring to Christmas.


A footprint was left on the bathroom floor which matched a pair of tennis shoes belonging to Peter Voisey.

Police also discovered the remains of clothing that Peter had burned but that still matched the clothing the little girl had described her attacker wearing.

After his trial, Peter Voisey was given three life sentences.

Somehow I think society will manage without him.

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