Peter Whitmore – Part Two

This is a continuation of a previous article on Peter Whitmore here on People You’ll See In Hell.

So Peter had a problem.

He was a serial child molester who liked what he was doing and had no intention of ever stopping.

But he had a job as a construction worker and was making friends.

One of his new friends, in fact, invited him to stay at his place while Peter got on his feet.

Peter Whitmore was calling himself Robert Summers at the time.

After he moved into his co-worker’s place, Peter offered to take his 14-year-old son camping “to get him away from the bad influences.”


A few days later, Peter Whitmore was able to talk the co-worker into driving Peter into a nearby town to buy a new car. Peter told the guy that he’d get Peter’s van if he helped him out. They set off, taking the 14-year-old with them.

Halfway through their trip, Peter said the van was having mechanical problems and that he had left a bag with $2000 at home. He convinced the co-worker to take a bus back home to get the money, explaining that Peter and the co-worker’s teenage boy would be able to get the van running by the time he got back.

Well, it worked. There was no money and the guy left his son with a serial pedophile rapist, who promptly took off the the boy in a van that was working just fine.

Over the next few days, Peter Whitmore took the 14-year-old to an old abandoned farmhouse, secured the doors with deadbolts that he’s brought along and forced the teen to satisfy Whitmore’s sexual fantasies. Peter showed off his man-boy gay porn collection, and threatened to kill the boy’s family if he didn’t perform sexually.

Later, when asked by police how many times he had been violated by Peter Whitmore, the boy could only say, “Lots.”

On July 23rd, Peter and the captured boy approached a house nearby to try to sell a DVD player to a woman with a 10-year-old son.

On July 30th, the two returned and, with the teen’s help and a pair of walkie-talkies to help coordinate, they lured the 10-year-old to another abandoned farmhouse, where Whitmore grabbed him and kept him for two hellish days of non-stop sexual perversion.

The child was sexually tortured, forced to walk naked around the house while calling Whitmore “master.” If the kid didn’t do exactly what he was ordered, Whitmore would punch him and threaten to cut his skin off with a knife.

Fortunately, on the second day, a neighbor noticed the fresh tracks at what should have been an abandoned house and called the police.

After a 10-hour standoff, police talked Peter Whitmore out of the house and arrested him.

He was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison, which probably won’t really be life, because Peter will be eligible for parole in seven years.

Here are some heartbreaking statements made by the victims that were released after Peter Whitmore’s trial.

From Peter Whitmore’s 10-year-old Saskatchewan victim:

I don’t remember a lot about what happened. I don’t want to remember. I was scared and mad when he stole me – when he took me away from my family. I was scared. I did not feel safe. I did not know what was going on. I was scared that he would kill me. When he took me I was quiet and confused. I didn’t not talk to him because I was mad and afraid he was going to hurt me. I was unable to sleep when I was away. I was worried about dying.

My room at home looks much like the room I was kept in. This made me feel I was uncomfortable . I slept downstairs until I got the new futon in my room. My pet mice keep me company in my room. They make me feel more comfortable so I am sleeping in my room again.

I did not do as well at school this year. Most of the kids at school are good, but want to know what happened. Every time there is something in the media, the kids at school start to ask questions again and I do not feel that great. There is a bully at school that calls me names. My Mom is going to home school me next year.

Sometimes what happened is on my mind. I am trying to forget what happened. I have a counsellor. She is helping me. I can talk to her. I wrote a story for her about what happened to me. It is three pages long.

I feel kinda safe now unless it storms. I had to take this really gross medicine. I am not sure what the medicine is for. Medicine is from a doctor in Regina. I was mad when he stole me. I was mad at (the 14-year-old Winnipeg victim) because he tricked me. I thought he was my friend, but he wasn’t.

We went on a bike ride to the neighbours and that’s when he took he me. I was not given much food, just crackers and water and dog food stuff one day. I just about threw up. My tummy felt upset, like there were frogs in my tummy. I felt pretty shaky while I was gone.

When I came home I felt kinda better because I wasn’t alone. I felt kinda safe with my family. I felt relieved because the police had got him. I did not have to look at him all the time.

I feel kinda good now. If I have to go to court it makes me feel good and bad. I want to see him sentenced for life. I feel nervous about going to court.

My family is different now. My Mom does not want me to go out by myself anymore. He threatened to take (his younger sister) if I tried to run away

I had marks on my leg. I told my sisters that I had fallen in a gopher hole. The truth is that I was chained to the bed. I did not feel good. I had to pee in a bucket. I heard sounds at night. There were mice in the walls. I like mice so I shared my food with the mice.

From Peter Whitmore’s 14-year-old victim:

In the past year Iâ’ve been feeling afraid and always looking over my shoulder. I don’t trust anyone I don’t know. And I don’t like going outside alone. I’m always home or at my friend’s.

The past year has been really hard. When I first got back I couldn’t sleep, I was having nightmares. And I would cry inside every time I thought about it or I would wait till there was no one around.

Ever since I’ve been back I sleep in the living room. I don’t know why but I feel really safe in the living room. Anytime I leave this city I feel like I’m going there again. I wish none of this ever happened then I would still be me.

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