Rachel Anderson and Mitch Laputka

Ah, the joys of young love.

21-year-old Rachel C. Anderson and the love of her life, 21-year-old Mitch D. Laputka met in Utah. They found that they had a lot in common. They both liked to drink, they both liked to have sex, and they loved to go out and party.

After Rachel Anderson found herself pregnant, the parties ended for a little while and the happy couple decided to move back to Glendale, Wisconsin to be closer to Rachel’s family.

They both got a job at Glendale’s local Pizza Hut franchise.

Rachel Anderson gave birth to a boy in July of 2006. They named him Gabriel.

Life was good.

For them.

For Rachel Anderson’s son, Gabriel, life wasn’t so hot.

Apparently, Rachel Anderson’s maternal instinct never kicked in and she found that having a baby around seriously cut into her and Mitch’s party time.

Most of the money that they earned from their jobs at Pizza Hut ended up going into the “party fund,” which was used to buy alcohol.

Food for Gabriel wasn’t as high on their list of priorities.

When he went for his 6-month checkup in January, Gabriel was at the 30th percentile on the weight chart for babies his age – not too bad, but on the small side.

On the 12th of September, Gabriel Anderson was at the first percentile on the weight chart.

That was the day that the little 14-month-old guy was taken to the hospital by paramedics, who found the tyke in Rachel Anderson’s garbage-strewn apartment.

Paramedics described the apartment as “filthy” with trash scattered everywhere and dirty diapers and clothes thrown all over. According to the paramedics, they couldn’t set foot in the apartment without stepping on something.

Martha Stewart she isn’t, folks.

Gabriel Anderson had been left alone overnight, strapped into a stroller in a room with open windows and an outside overnight temperature hitting the low 40’s.

Think about that for a second, folks. A 14-month-old baby, strapped to a stroller, sitting in a dirty diaper, and crying all night, wondering when “mommy” and “daddy” are going to come rescue him and hold him and make him warm and possibly feed him.

And where were “mommy” and “daddy” while their child was slowly dying?

Mitch Laputka and Rachel Anderson were out partying, drinking and having a good time.

When the paramedics arrived and initiated medical assistance, they found Gabriel’s temperature was an incredibly low 84 degrees – 12 degrees below normal. The little boy was unresponsive and not breathing. He was covered with severe rashes.

Through the efforts of well-trained medical personnel, Gabriel came back to the land of the living after 21 minutes of CPR.

Mitch Laputka and Rachel Anderson were arrested and charged with first-degree reckless injury and child neglect.

Their interviews with police were interesting.

Mitch Laputka announced that he “didn’t do diapers” because it was Rachel’s job.

I don’t do the changing and Rachel’s one of those persons who will blow their nose and throw the tissue on the ground.

Rachel Anderson told authorities that she really didn’t like to change Gabriel’s diapers and didn’t change diapers more than once a day, sometimes less. Considering the pair fed the child what little leftover pizza, carrots and other food was left over from that day at work, I’m surprised he was able to poop more than once a week.

According to Rachel Anderson, strapping her baby to a stroller and leaving him there while she and Mitch were at work, or putting Gabriel in a playpen overnight while they went out to party wasn’t unusual. They did it all the time. Pizza Hut doesn’t allow kids behind the counter, and she didn’t think babies are much fun at parties.

We wanted to party, have a good time, go out and do things we wanted to do.

Rachel Anderson and Mitch Laputka each face a possible sentence of 25 years and nine months in prison.


Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Jeffrey A. Wagner sentenced 21-year-old Rachel Anderson to prison for three years and 21-year-old Mitch Laputka to prison for five years.

After calling the situation horrific three times and lambasting the couple for jeopardizing the little boy’s life in a Glendale apartment where dirty diapers and garbage were piled in mounds, Judge Wagner stated:

You just kind of pushed this little guy aside, to that child’s detriment, who didn’t have a chance to fight back.

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  1. should’ve gotten way more time in my opinion.
    why did he get more time than her? they seem pretty equally culpable unless there’s some evidence im not factoring in..

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