Robert Bridges

If it wasn’t for Robert Bridges, the 27th of August in the year 2006 would have been a nice night for one 38-year-old woman.

She was walking her dog, a black lab, through the park, not knowing that her life would change forever in a matter of minutes.

Robert Bridges saw her walking through the park.

He followed her.

He had a knife.

When the moment was ripe, like the predator he is, he attacked the lone woman.

He forced her to perform sexually, threatening her with his knife at her throat the entire time.

When he was done, she tried to run off.

That was when Robert Bridges slashed her throat with the knife.

She collapsed to the ground and, using the knife again, he cut off all her clothes.

As she lay there, choking and gagging, he raped her again.

When he finished, the woman had the good sense to pretend that she was dead until Robert Bridges was convinced he hadn’t left a witness and left the scene. Once he was gone, she was able to run, naked, to a nearby road and flag down a passing car.

Another centimeter or so with that knife would have severed an artery and Robert Bridges might have gone free.

He was identified by the woman two weeks later in a police lineup.

Robert Bridges pled guilty to two counts of rape and one count of attempted murder along with two counts of sexual assault. He’s going to be in jail for a while. The 47-year-old won’t even be considered for parole for a nice, long, 17 years.

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